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The number of internet users has grown exponentially in the past decade. Consumers are utilising the electronic platform to become more productive, gain knowledge, and shop for their needs. By adapting to e-commerce, your business is able to find an extensive customer base not just in your locality but all over the world. When you manage business interactions and transactions online, you are creating a new mode of commerce with your customers and investors. E-commerce usually takes place over the internet but can also be conducted through the telephone and other electronic means.

Our experience in building e-commerce solutions spans numerous years and industries. We primarily deal with improving customer engagements for our clients using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We also help devise solutions which are in line with current market trends and technologies to improve customer experiences and provide our clients a competitive edge.

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E-commerce is a lucrative platform for both small and large organisations because it can be designed according to the company’s need. You may want to build a brand new site, want to add additional features such as a payment gateway or comments section to an existing site, or visually uplift your current site.

Whatever the need, we are here to fulfil it. We treat every business differently, which is why no two solutions are ever the same, and we have a diverse portfolio to back our claims. Our focus is based on your expectation and, thus, we dabble in solutions which can be visually appealing, solely focused on UX, or a mix of everything. Mobility is a key part of e-commerce and hence we ensure our solutions can be deployed on all devices and browsers. So, whether you are using a laptop, android phone, an iPad, or a tablet, your e-commerce interface functions accordingly and maintains the same appearance across all of them.

Enhanced User Experience

In this day and age, people hardly have the time to browse through numerous ads, pages, and lines of data just to access simple information. Keeping this in mind, we design e-commerce sites which are equipped with enhanced search features, are easy to navigate, and provide the right kind of information to your customers.

The e-commerce solutions we design for you provide customers a satisfying experience which makes them stay on your site for a longer time as well as increases their frequency of visit. This eventually leads to a higher rate of conversion which, in turn, leads to higher profits. Our e-commerce designs also ensure customers are able to provide feedback easily and can contact you with any query, guaranteeing a positive experience.

ERP Integration

Your business is able to run more efficiently by integrating e-commerce solutions with your ERP system. By integrating both, there is a minimal human interaction between data flows, leading to minimal errors. This reduces operating costs and improves your customers’ experiences.

Customers are able to view updated inventory and know if the product they are looking for is available or not. They can also track their orders and shipments easily. Customer details, purchase history, buying patterns, online orders, payment information, shipping details, inventory, invoices, and many such transactions can be managed flawlessly with our integrated e-commerce solutions. You receive real-time information which helps streamline your business processes and strategies to improve customer service.

Actionable Insights

Communicating with customers is vital to growing your business. You have to understand what they want before they come to you or demand a service. When you anticipate their needs and provide superior service, customers will not only come back for more, they will unquestioningly trust your brand and whatever you have to offer.

We analyse the relationship you have with your customers and build e-commerce solutions around them. Our primary goal is to increase traffic to your site and ensure maximum conversions. Through pay-per-clicks, affiliate marketing, web analytics, and other marketing techniques, we calculate your website’s traffic and assure you a lucrative return on investment.

Data Insights & Optimization

We consult retailers by using data in a certain way to help find out what their customers expect from them. We partner with them to find out the most effective way to communicate.

We make it a point to help them make the most out of their marketing investments and do business in a way in which customers are made to feel most important.

We help analyze buyer-subscriber relationships. We also consult in calculating click through s and conversions. Our actionable and in-depth insights help our clients deliver the best.

E-Commerce Integration with ERP Systems

Increase the efficiency of your business through E-Commerce Integration with ERP.

By connecting your ecommerce website and other online marketplace stores with your back office ERP system, you get to process your web sales channel’s information such as customers and orders in real-time through a highly secure data exchange facility.

The integration also helps transfer order, product and inventory updates from the ERP to the ecommerce website which eventually gets passed onto customers.

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