Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a business friendly enterprise resource planning system with industry specific features that helps companies streamline their operational and administrative processes. It offers support for manufacturing, service, retail and the public sector industries and some of its capabilities include finance, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, project management, accounting, retail, reporting and business intelligence.

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Grow Business At A Faster Pace

MS Dynamics AX has a user interface that reminds of Microsoft Office applications we all have worked on in the past. The popular Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides access to real-time insights on all kinds of devices so that business goes on as usual and that decisions can be taken instantly.

Make Prompt Decision

The easy to use interface facilitates access to real-time business data to decide effectively and save time.

Optimize Business Processes

The ERP helps you plan better for the future and execute smartly in order to achieve fruitful results.

Grow Your Business Exponentially

MS Axapta is available on cloud. This means you get to scale globally. Moreover, you set your own pace.

Finance Capabilities

Perform Beyond Expectations

Being a Finance Manager means you are always busy in calculating numbers. You need a clear view of the company’s financials in order to plan for the future. Microsoft Axapta ERP helps you take informed decisions by giving access to the right data. You get proper business insights to analyze which help accurately forecast customer demands.

Track Business Performance

Powerful dashboards with advanced functionalities help retrieve easy to understand performance reports.

Manage All Your Risks

Microsoft Dynamics Axapta helps to know the risks involved in business. It also assists in finding a way to tackle them.

Strategize Confidently To Fuel Growth

Microsoft Dynamics AX on cloud means you are free to work from anywhere. You get to think freely and know what works best.


Meeting Customer Expectation Perfectly

Customers are smart. They have become demanding too. Unless given good service, they are happy to move on. Microsoft Axapta helps understand their buying patterns, interests, likes and dislikes. Retailers will find this information useful while handling them.

Grow At A Rapid Speed

Availability on cloud helps you grow your business in the way you are most comfortable in, even if it means pursuing opportunities overseas.

Optimize Procurement To Sales Process

Ensure that all stages are predefined, from product to procurement and sale to reorder. This helps save time, money and effort.


Integrated Operations Result in Smoother Work

Business models change every now and then meaning managers have to constantly be flexible in their approach. AX helps connect all aspects of the company’s operations in order to deal better with these changes. Companies get to introduce products faster and enable intelligent manufacturing and supply chain.

Improve Product Integration Process

MS Axapta helps test new product ideas and find out the risks involved successfully. Fast testing and modifications help launch the product faster.

Intelligently Processing Order

Use MS Dynamics Axapta’s powerful and intelligent tools to raise the global visibility of your inventory, supply chain and manufacturing.

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