Top Designer and Manufacturer of Ball Valves, Check Valves, Power Unit Accessories, and Custom Hydraulic Components.

DMIC Case Study

Streamline Manufacturing & Accounting with D365 Business Central On-Premise


Founded in 1992, DMIC (Delaware Manufacturing Industries Corporation) is an American company located near Niagara Falls. They are experts in designing and manufacturing of fluid handling components for aerospace and aviation applications. They manufacture most of the components required in-fluid handling industry, like check valve, ball valve, fluid control valves, hydraulic accessories, gauges, isolators, and power unit layout systems.

What are The
Business Challenges?


DMIC were using Dynamics NAV 2013 and unsatisfied with the performance. Their version of NAV was lacking in completing various tasks whether it is related to accounts or operations.

The company was scaling, and NAV 2013 was unable to deal with it. They are unable to expand the business operations. Due to the increasing number of processes and operations, NAV 2013 was unable to process them all.

The current NAV version lags in performing the accounting and manufacturing tasks, resulting in a decrease in overall efficiency.

They want to integrate other apps like Word and Excel, but they were facing difficulties in doing so.

Solution Delivered

Upgrading with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Dynamics Square upgraded the ERP of DMIC from NAV 2013 to D365 Business Central.


The newer Business Central can streamline the complicated tasks as well like reporting, user tasks, setup change, maintaining ledger, and more.


We have integrated Microsoft apps with Business Central to streamline the accounting and manufacturing process increasing the performance to meet the needs.


We helped DMIC to implement apps like Office 365 and Microsoft Excel with Business Central.


Dynamics Square helped DMIC to learn and understand the Business Intelligence to gain accurate insights about the business and make informed decisions in real-time.


The performance of DMIC has increased to process all the operations flawlessly. The upgrade made the business management seamless.

The client was able to complete the accounting task without any lag. After implementing Business Central, DMIC started to manage the entire business management process from a single dashboard.

With the help of Business Central, DMIC was able to integrate Microsoft apps like Word and Excel to make the data reporting, transfer, and share easy.

Microsoft D365 Business Central helped the DMIC to share real-time data with the concerned people to make the data processing simple.

As a dedicated Microsoft partner, Dynamics Square helped DMIC to scale and grow their business.


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