Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce empowers enterprises to boost their customer engagements by delivering meaningful shopping experiences.

Ultra-Connected Omni-Channel Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce implementation improves customer engagements, enhances workforce efficiencies, optimizes operations, and ultimately assures rewarding outcomes for businesses through smartly integrated digital, web, physical store, and back- office channels. Besides, enterprises can seamlessly transition to Dynamics 365 Commerce from existing Dynamics 365 Retail.

Comprehensive Digital Commerce Solution for Modern Stores

  • Embedded with advanced content and digital asset management features, Dynamics 365 Commerce allows enterprises to streamline their digital commerce functionalities and enhance operational excellence. While integrated robust web authoring capabilities assist developers in creating engaging and smart digital storefronts. Moreover, a connected marketing and commerce environment delivers seamless management of promotions, inventories, and financials across conventional and emerging channels.

Elevate Customer Engagements and Brand Loyalty

  • D365 Commerce comprises smart Clienteling tools that provide comprehensive insights into customers’ needs, based on their profile, purchase history, and preferences. Moreover, AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven recommendations along with loyalty capabilities, across physical and digital channels, help retailers in scaling up their brand appeal, delivering consistent experiences, and ensuring relevant responses at every phase of engagement.

Consistent, Flexible, and Innovative Cross Channel Experiences

  • Dynamics 365 Commerce integration enables retailers to deliver rewarding engagements consistently across physical and digital channels. D365 Commerce also allows customers to take relevant purchase decisions, select appropriate payment methods, choose to purchase online using any device, opt for in- store pick- ups, or at- home deliveries, among other unique capabilities.

Cloud Intelligence to Accelerate Business Growth

A future- ready cloud intelligence platform within Dynamics 365 Commerce supports retailers to generate meaningful business insights across all the business functionalities, including merchandising, inventory, pricing, marketing, customer service, and more. Besides, interactive analytics tools deliver informative facts that assist enterprises in maximizing overall operational efficiencies, accelerating growth prospects, and ensuring personalized commerce experiences.

Consistent, Scalable, Compliant, and Secure Solution

  • Through built- in flexible deployment options along with a configurable platform, Dynamics 365 Commerce assists retailers in understanding their precise business needs and upgrading the infrastructure. Backed by a robust SLA (Service Level Agreement) mechanism, the integrated tools support international compliance and security standards that empower enterprises to expand their business transactions consistently with large global organizations. Moreover, with embedded Commerce Cloud Scale Units, D365 Commerce seamlessly switches between online and offline channels and ensures more network tolerant operations.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

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