Microsoft Dynamics AX

Organisations today are breaking boundaries and reaching out to customers and teams beyond borders. In order to keep up with the rising demands of customers, they have to work smart, with much more efficiency than before. Thus, they use a number of tools to record and monitor their business data.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software which provides an interactive and real-time connect with your business and customers. When used in conjunction with analytics, you are able to reduce risks as and when you encounter them.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX – Overview


Work Faster and Smarter

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides an intelligent interface to which you are already accustomed. It is built to support a hybrid cloud environment which finds applications not just in the present but also the future.

It provides a collaborative workspace where different teams and groups are able to connect seamlessly to brainstorm and generate ideas. Plus, with the software’s availability on the cloud, your business is able to grow at a flexible scale and speed.

Irrespective of the size of your business, it is absolutely vital to monitor and manage your business.

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Financial Management


Manage Finance & Operation

Business strategies are built to provide lucrative results for customers, investors, and other key stakeholders. To get ahead of the game, you have to analyse your business processes regularly.


The availability of data and reports on a single, user-friendly dashboard helps give a unified view of your business performance.


You are able to prevent check frauds and accounting discrepancies by using risk indicators. Risks that may emerge due to user error are also reduced due to the redesigning of the in-market version of the software.

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Customer Service


Interact With Customers Better

Customer demands are varied and change from time to time. By providing a personalised experience, you not only retain old customers but pave the way for new ones.


A successful business is one which knows its customers inside out. Microsoft Dynamics AX allows you to monitor customers’ buying patterns and interests, enabling you to anticipate their needs before a demand.


Every customer shops differently. To accommodate their chosen method of shopping, Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a host of scalable solutions on various platforms.

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Operation Management


Integrate Operations to Work Better

Business models evolve with changing market trends. A business should, thus, be flexible to adapt and integrate these changes seamlessly. Microsoft Dynamics AX encompasses a number of agile, intelligent, and smart features which can optimise business operations and help you gain a competitive advantage in the market.


Provide your teams with the right data involving inventory, manufacturing, and processes. They are able to streamline work orders and manage resources effortlessly.


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2016 offers greater support for BOMs, augments the control of warehouse procedures, enhances productivity, and helps manage your overall production line.

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