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Streamline Your Supply Chain, Avoid Production Delays and Equipment Downtime, Ensure Quality Delivery, and Remotely Monitor Your Devices & Service Equipment All Through by Implementing IoT Intelligence in Your Business.

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Connect, monitor, and control your devices when configured with a cloud-hosted IoT application. With Microsoft 365 IoT connector, streamline your data over a secured Azure cloud model and bring efficiency in your operations and field service. Internet of Things for Dynamics 365 can help enterprises to bring efficiency and continuity in their business.

Dynamics 365 IoT connector for D365 supply chain can help improve the operational flow by reducing production delays, equipment downtime, and keeping control on production level and quality standards. business central cash flow dashboard
Dynamics 365 Field Service IoT configuration enables organizations to proactively track, troubleshoot, and control the issues remotely that helps to reduce downtime, improve customer service in real-time. business central cash flow dashboard

Growth Hacking Reasons

How can IoT Implementation help to improve your operational flow?


Optimize Supply Chain

Optimize your supply chain by monitoring and regulating in real-time. Stay updated with inventory levels, warehousing flow, product delivery, and more to ensure continuity.


Improve Production Flow

Get notified whenever there is a moisture or temperature imbalance, so that you can intervene in production to maintain product quality standards while minimizing waste.


Reduce Equipment Downtime

With Dynamics 365 and Azure IoT, get notified whenever outage threshold gets exceeded so that to drive production rescheduling or equipment can be sent for maintenance.


Reduce Production Delays

Compare actual production cycle time with the planned one. With Microsoft IoT Suite, get notified when your production is on schedule and when you need to interrupt production.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 IoT Service

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Discuss with our experts, we can suggest a best-in-class IoT solution for your business.

connect and talk to expert

Discuss with our experts, we can suggest a best-in-class IoT solution for your business.


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Frequently Answered Questions

IoT defines the network of physical objects or things embedded with software, sensors, and supportive technologies to connect with other devices to exchange data, track device performance, and reduce equipment downtime. IoT helps to connect, monitor, and control the IoT assets to drive consistency and continuity across the organizational flow. Microsoft IoT is a collection of Microsoft-managed cloud services that connect with one or more IoT devices to track, manage, and control backend services hosted in the cloud.

Azure IoT enables enterprises to extend their service levels and business capabilities that can be fulfilled from anywhere and at any time by combining edge computing and cloud efficiency. Microsoft’s Azure IoT works through connecting physical objects that could be devices, equipment, or sensors connected to the cloud.

Once this connection gets established, it can be leveraged to collect information by the things. Further, this information can be analyzed by people or can be converted using AI (Artificial Intelligence). Now, this information can be utilized to serve various business purposes from making informed decisions to monitor & control the devices, tracking process performance to rescue the system downtime.

To know more about how Azure IoT works, contact Dynamics Square, we can help.

Often, enterprises seem confused about when is the right time to upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central. If the same question is rolling out in your mind, contact Dynamics Square. We provide free-system health-check to identify your system lacks and upgrading needs considering your current business practices. Our experts can let you know whether you are in need to upgrade your current system or not.

To know more about Why move to Dynamics 365 Business Central? contact Dynamics Square, we can help you with all your questions. For instance, when you need to upgrade, what are possible personalized options for you? What sort of implementation practices do we follow while upgrading your existing business solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Azure IoT Central allows builders to seamlessly configure an Internet of Things for dynamics 365 as it requires no in-depth coding expertise or cloud development skills to launch an IoT solution.

Azure IoT Central enables developers for direct integration of Dynamics 365 and Azure IoT – a fully managed IoT SaaS (Software as a Service Solution). It allows developers to configure rules and actions that help to create IoT alerts in Connected Field Service.

Azure IT hub enables a highly secure and reliable connection between your IoT applications and connected devices. It provides a cloud-hosted solution that helps to virtually connect any device with IoT configured apps.

Azure IT Hub is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) managed service that is hosted on the cloud. It works as a center of communication or messaging hub to ensure bi-directional communication between your IoT configured apps and connected IoT devices.

If you are keen interested to know further, talk to our experts, we are here to assist you.

With actionable insights in every supply chain process, IoT helps organizations to simplify and streamline their operations while enabling agility and eliminating downtime. With IoT, people involved in the supply chain and operations can have access to real-time data from inventory, warehousing, cash flow to delivery status, etc.

With real-time data insights and IoT integrated devices, organizations can make informed decisions, they can monitor and control their devices in real-time that eventually helps them continuously scale and remain competitive.

Enterprises seeking to enhance their business capabilities and service part or willing to support their growing business practices can start with either Basic Tier IoT Hub or Standard Tier IoT Hub depending on the communication level through their IoT devices they drive across their organization. To know more or to implement Dynamics 365 configured with Internet of things connector for enhanced business processes, connect with us today, we can suggest the best possible solution suited to your customized IoT configuration needs.
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