What's New in Microsoft Teams

With the safety and well-being of individuals being of primary importance, schools and businesses across the globe have prioritised remote working. Staying connected via video meetings, calls, and chats is the new normal. While several applications offer these facilities and make our lives easier, Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular ones, owing to the uber experience it offers to the users.

Microsoft continuously works to improve their applications. The same is the case with Microsoft Teams. The experts at Microsoft regularly introduce new meetings capabilities to augment the experience of their users. Here are some of the interesting new features that augment the experience of online meetings.


More Simultaneous Videos in Meetings

With virtual team video meetings being the new normal, it feels more important than ever to feel connected with those you are meeting. Microsoft Teams understands this need of its users and thus, has increased the number of participants that you can simultaneously view on the screen from 4 to 9. The new feature optimises the experience for participants who have enabled video and positions the remaining audio-only participants below the meeting stage. Not just that, the layout will adapt to the users’ bandwidth and alter the number of visible participants on the screen to provide the best meeting experience.


Raise Hands

Participating in large virtual meetings can be challenging. Thanks to Microsoft Teams, we now have a ‘raise hands’ feature to notify attendees that we want to participate or speak. Whenever a user clicks the icon, all the attendees get a visual cue and can give the user room to participate in the conversation at hand.


Background Effects

Since we all are working from home, our backgrounds will differ and sometimes may distract other participants. Microsoft Teams is empowering us to keep the focus on you during the meeting and not what’s behind us. This feature is known as background effects and it allows all the attendees to customize their video background from a list of pre-selected images or use custom images.


Background Blur (iOS)

Just like the background effects on the desktop, Microsoft Teams is offering us the option to blur the background on our mobile device. However, the feature is currently limited to iPhones and iPads users.


Live Captions

Sound can become a cause of concern in virtual meetings because of many reasons – users are connected from a loud location, different levels of language proficiency, slow internet, hard of hearing, signal delay, etc. Microsoft Teams helps overcome these difficulties with its live captions feature. It enables the attendees to follow along and read what is said during Teams meetings. The feature is live on iOS and Android mobile devices and currently only supports English.

Increase Limit of Microsoft 365 Live Event

The rapidly evolving communication needs require modern solutions. Thus, to help its customer, Microsoft is temporarily raising default limits until July 1, 2020, for live events hosted in Teams, Stream, and Yammer.

  • Events can now support up to 20,000 attendees
  • 50 events can be hosted simultaneously across a tenant
  • The event length has been increased to 16 hours per broadcast

Share System Audio during Live Events

Microsoft Teams now allows presenters and producers joining from the Windows desktop Teams client to share system audio in live events. Your participants can hear the audio of the audio or video content you are sharing on the screen. The feature is similar to share system audio in Teams meetings. It is bound to augment the overall experience of the participants.


End the Meeting for All Participants

Another important feature added by Microsoft to the Teams application is giving the power to meeting organizers to end the meeting for all the participants with a push of a button. Throughout the meeting, only meeting organizers will see an item that says “end meeting” on the meeting control bar. A highly relevant use case is in education, where class meetings should not continue after the class is over, as there’s no teacher to supervise.


Ending Note

Virtual meetings are here to stay and big players are leaving no stone unturned in making them smooth for their users. Through these slew of new, innovative and interesting features Microsoft has raised the benchmark for the virtual meetings application providers.

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