Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Wave 1

Business Central 2022 Wave 1: Revealing Planned & New Features Enhancements 

Microsoft has officially revealed to come up with a new set of features and functional capabilities with Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Wave 1 starting from April 2022 through September 2022. So, through this blog, let’s unfold and understand what’s new in Business Central 2022? 

Since Microsoft comes up with two Business Central releases every year in the form of Business Central Wave1 and Business Central Wave 2. For now, Microsoft is ready to launch its Wave 1 embedded with more than hundreds of feature enhancements and functional upgrades in different areas. Business Central Wave 1 is expected to be released by April 2022. 

Business Central users can enjoy so much enthralling features addition, enhancement in existing functionality, and improvement in different functional areas with this Business Central 2022 release Wave 1. So, this blog is curated to know what new and planned features users can expect through Business Central 2022 release 1. 

Microsoft has covered hundreds of functionalities to support businesses improve their business areas including supply chain, reporting, onboarding, integration enhancement, and more. 

Now, it’s time to reveal what is new and planned via this Business Central Wave 1 release. So, here is an overview of Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Wave 1. 

So, What’s New in Business Central 2022? 

Since Microsoft discovers and releases Business Central features and upgrades to enable seamless and productive experience for their clients worldwide and like every year, Microsoft is ready to release something new, upgraded, and enhanced capabilities via Business Central 2022 Wave 1. 

The wave 1 release contains features, functional capabilities, and advanced navigation to improve or boost your business practices. Business Central users seeking to improve their functional flow can take recourse to various features and improvements made in different areas. Now, let’s start uncovering the feature additions, enhancements, or improvements that are planned and about being released from April 2022 through September 2022. 

1. Application Area 

To improve the finance and supply chain area, Microsoft has a strategic plan with its new feature addition and upgrade through this release. If we add the entire features list, it will be a scrolling-down experience. However, we can still disclose a few feature enhancements to give you an idea. 

Such features contain blocking deletion of G/L accounts, automated transactions for intercompany journals, bank account statement reports, payment reconciliation journal, changing default company bank account and default currency on sales & service documents, consolidating customer & vendor balances, block VAT & General Posting Setups, ensuring fixed quantity in product BOM (Bills of Materials), and so on. 

2. Improved Compatibility with Microsoft 365 

With its vast list of products and services and continuous improvement, Microsoft is already on the path of improving its users’ experience. Business Central Wave 1 release will enable improved integration with the Excel database and Microsoft Teams. More additions include Outlook Add-in to attach Business Central records, popout windows enhancements, and more to add to this list. 

3. Country & Regional Scope 

Business Central is already serving global expansion and support features to their clients. With Business Central’s Wave release, this year, users will be able to leverage scalable capabilities as more countries are added to it. Enterprises will be able to deal seamlessly in more than 70 countries. 

4. For Development 

Business Central Wave 1 release this year will also strengthen developers’ capability as they will be able to leverage more advanced AL language. Moreover, they will be equipped with feature settings such as permission settings, exporting the report database to the XML, controlling user flow capture, database monitoring, and an option for snapshot downloading. These are just a glimpse of upgrades for the development term as the list continues. 

5. Governance & Administration 

With this upgrade, administrators will also be able to leverage something in terms of improvement. They can now set permissions for different users or groups as per different product licenses or plans. Apart from this, security users will be able to set assignments for individual users or user groups at the time they sign up. 

Again, the above-mentioned ones are the vital features only chosen from the long list of upgraded features list. There is a lot to be added further and to be made available for public review. Microsoft is in the plan of concluding further till this September. 

6. Improved Scope for Power Platform 

Users will also enjoy the improvement in the integration and configuration area as well wherein they will be able to ensure seamless integration with Dataverse and Power Platform. Users can now gain improvement in Power Automate and Power Apps Connector. Being a Business Central user, you will be capable of setting up improved workflows and procedures addressing your core business needs. 

When this much has been considered, how could Power BI have remained back? So, there is an upgrade for Power BI as well. Users will now be able to leverage improved reporting and analytics capabilities 

7. Modern Clients Improvement 

This year's Wave 1 release will also ensure improvement and advancement in client portfolios. This will help businesses to gain better accessibility, usability, and stability. Moreover, this update also comprises a copy link from the Share Menu. 

Further, the new PWA application will be replacing the Windows Desktop and ensures improvement for usability while introducing new resiliency controls to omit the effect of features that do not function properly. Again, this doesn’t cover the entire functionality, a few of the functionality in the list is still awaited from the Microsoft end. 

8. Better Onboarding Capability 

After including the improvement scope for application area, development term, region capability, integration part, and more; Microsoft has upgraded the onboarding experience as well. So, this feature enhancement will help enterprises to quickly and effortlessly onboard new customers or workforce in their organizational space. 

To ensure so, the new version will be equipped with context-aware links from Microsoft & Partners all through the help pane. Further, the added guided tour will assist the Business Central users to gain the required information, setting, and personalization tools. 

9. Improved Reporting Capabilities 

Reporting is the prime task for every organization. This upgrade will embed the users to leverage and drive newly added yet advanced financial capabilities wrapped with account schedules. In addition, users will also get the scope in terms of new pages to carry out report layout administration. 

Using Excel designs and layouts in reports and analytics will be possible now to accomplish interactive and intuitive reports encouraging a seamless user experience. All this will be possible through this Business Central 2022 Wave 1 release. 

10. Service & Platform 

When it comes to the Service & Platform part, users can anticipate a multitude of new functional enhancements. This release will enable the developers and administrators with improved visibility in performance-related insights into the applicable database. They will also be enabled with visibility in database wait statistics. 

Wrapping Up! 

Thus, this blog will satisfy all the readers who have questions such as What’s new in Business Central 2022? What is the latest version of Business Central? Or likewise. 

As per Microsoft’s plan with Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Wave 1, there is something already in the pipeline and so much is on the awaited list. The announced features and functional navigation will be available in upcoming days through September. However, users can still have a glimpse through the available public preview for the planned features upgrades. Further, general availability is expected by April month.

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