Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Streamline your supply chain with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to ensure process acceleration and drive innovation.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

What Is Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?

Accelerate process execution, continuously monitor your end-to-end supply chain practices from inventory, warehousing to distribution along with forecasting data and revealing analytics instantly to make strategic and timely decisions. When you implement Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management solution in your system, it helps optimize supply chain practices, automate tasks, and improves efficiency across supply chain pipeline.

Enterprises can boost their supply chain capabilities in terms of streamlining order management, monitoring and resolving quality issues, and accelerating time to market to efficiently drive customers.

Automate your demand planning & distribution practices, forecast demand leveraging data intelligence. Drive proactive resource allocation, streamline sales, and automate your production line with D365 Supply Chain Management.

Simplify your inventory data with real-time access, bring automation in your logistics and warehousing practices, drive effortless procurement management, and accurately estimate your logistics costs.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain is highly configured with AI and IoT capabilities to streamline manufacturing & distribution processes while enabling remote process handling and reducing error potentials.

Enable automated resource scheduling, prevent machine downtime, and efficiently manage end-to-end Supply Chain Operations with applied predictive maintenance and maximized equipment efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Features

Strengthen your supply chain operations by implementing Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Connected Operations

Unify your supply chain operations from inventory and warehousing to logistics and drive an integrated approach in your supply chain pipeline to quickly respond to customers and ensure collaborative efforts.

Maximize Growth
& Scalability

Microsoft's Supply Chain solution helps enterprises to optimize their supply chain performance, supports to maintain the right production flow, and enables them to acquire growth & maximize scalability.

Ensure Strategic

With Dynamics Supply Chain module solution, enable a smoother flow in your logistics and warehousing data, leverage data to analyze & forecast, and strategize planning to uplift your profitability level.

Optimize Resources

Keep tracking your inventory levels, improve cost management, predict customer demand, and enable better resource and inventory planning to drive productivity while reducing downtime and eliminating repetitive tasks.

Supply Chain Management Service

Supply Chain Management Services

Drive Productive Growth with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Solutions



Enable your business to start achieving new milestones with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

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Support your continuously upgrading practices with our Supply Chain Operations upgrade solutions.



Drive agile flow and support your business continuity with our Supply Chain upgrade services.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Pricing

Build a consistent and flexible supply chain by our Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Packages

Dynamics 365
Supply Chain Management

  • Scalable, composable, secure, and streamlined solution for an intelligent supply chain.

Create an intelligent and adaptable supply chain

Discuss your business requirement with us, we can suggest a highly customized solution for your Business.

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questions about D365 Supply Chain Management?

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Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is an all-in-one package to simplify and transform the supply chain practices for small to medium scale businesses. Dynamics Supply Chain module empowers your supply chain workforce with not just planning and logistics capabilities, even it enables to gain predictive insights and other real-time connectivity across supply chain operations including production, planning, warehousing, and transportation management to boost operational efficiency while maximizing profitability and scalability.

To know more about how D365 Supply Chain Management solutions can help to improve and maximize your supply chain efficiency, Dynamics Square can help.

Once your business starts growing, manufacturers are needed to support their ongoing as well as continuously growing processes to ensure no process abundance is taking place. With cloud-embedded Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management, enterprises can automate their processes while maximizing customer demand, adapting industrial changes, and simplifying the process flow.

Since Dynamics 365 Supply Chain is configured with AI and IoT capabilities that enable you to gain in-depth analytics in real-time to make instant decisions. Enterprises can also predict equipment downtime whereby they can plan and manage their production or process flow in advance that drives smoother flow across their organization and ensures scalable growth.

Leveraging Dynamics 365 Supply Chain, modern enterprises can manage their entire supply chain workflow with real-time tracking and process monitoring capability. It enables you to stay updated with actual inventory flow, ease procurement process, and helps to optimize your logistics operations.

Utilizing cloud-data efficiency, you can streamline and automate your data to ensure informed decisions supporting your concurrent business processes as well as enabling you to handle sudden process changes in your organization.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management comes with several business-driven features that help to manage the entire supply chain practices with real-time data-driven capability. Here is the list of D365 Supply Chain Management features:

  • Asset Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Cost Management
  • Inventory Management
  • IoT Intelligence
  • Master Planning
  • Procurement & Sourcing
  • Product Information Management
  • Production Control
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Service Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Warehouse Management

All the above features can be configured fully or can be customized as per your specific or customized business needs. Experts at Dynamics Square can implement the highly customized Supply Chain solution demonstrating your enterprise needs.

With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain, you can automate your data and stay updated with every process flow from actual inventory level to warehousing practices, logistics needs, procurement to transportation management, and more. Connect with Dynamics Square to know how Supply Chain solutions can impact your overall Supply Chain pipeline and enable growth while reducing investment costs.

For the very first time, your initial license cost would be $180 per user/per month. For subsequent app users, you are required to pay $30 per user/month. So, your total cost can be calculated depending on the number of user licenses you avail of.

Yes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain is highly flexible and configurable according to your business needs. It's designed with several vital modules supporting your supply chain operational flow. Addressing your distinct supply chain needs and operational flow, you can ask your implementation provider whether to implement all the available modules or implement the required ones only.

Further, it can be integrated with either your existing system or with any of Microsoft's applications to enable your system to work parallel while ensuring a smoother flow in your operational environment. At Dynamics Square, we have experts to configure, customize, and implement a solution matching your specific supply chain operation needs.

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