Microsoft Dynamics 365
Customer Service

Uplift Your Customer Experience And Strengthen Your Workforce Capability With Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

What is dynamics 365
Customer Service?

Optimize services, serve personalized customer service, boost your workforce productivity, and make smarter decisions by implementing Dynamics 365 customer service capabilities. With Microsoft's customer service solution, it can be configured suited to specific customer management needs with the scope of integrating it with your existing apps or system configuration to bring and drive an efficient approach.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Features

Manage & Drive Efficient Customer-Driven Approach with Dynamics 365 Customer Service


With a Customer Service solution, uncover hidden potential to support and improve your process flow. Start driving simplified and streamlined practices to level up your customer experience.


Utilize AI insights and data analytics in terms of overall customer behavior including recent interactions, their requested requirements, and more to predict and serve accordingly.


AI insights can help to dive deeply into your customer requirements and deliver them their specific solution. Leverage AI-powered virtual support, track and resolve your customer issues in real-time.


With Dynamics 365 Customer Service Capabilities, serve customer-specific solutions when and wherever they are in need impacting and ensuring customer satisfaction for the long run.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Enable personalized customer service with a 360-degree customer view.



Modernize your customer service and boost your customer experience by implementing Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Customer Service Capabilities.

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Prepare your system to overcome business complexities and drive challenges through a Customer Service Automation upgrade.



Boost customer experience, drive customer retention, and ensure a sustainable customer relationship with seamless support services.

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Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service is referred to as the high-end solution that helps to connect, engage, and drive potential customers as well as enables them to resolve their issues in real-time. This CRM Engagement solution by Microsoft helps to automate your customer data and enables you to serve them with omnichannel facilitation. Microsoft's CRM solution is designed to automate customer service processes, streamline customer data, and serve them the timely solution they anticipate.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service insights help businesses to keep their eyes on every customer-related practice in real-time, track & monitor their customer behavior to respond and resolve accordingly. These AI-based customer service insights and other key customer data analytics enable and empower the support executive in your organization to leverage the actionable data to make informed decisions to support and satisfy your customer base and eventually maximize enterprise profitability.

To install Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you are required to install it manually using your instance. Also, make sure to assign user roles before your users start using the newly installed and configured system.

Here are the steps to be followed while installing Dynamics 365 Customer Service:

  • Administrators need to sign in Power Platform Administration Center.
  • In the next step, drop-down the list of 'Resources' and then, select Dynamics 365 Apps.
  • Now, select and install 'Customer Service Team Member'.
  • After choosing the 'Customer Service Team Member' panel, the next step is to select an environment leveraging the list.
  • Select 'Terms of Service' and then click to 'install'.
  • Assign required user roles using the Customer Service App.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service is configured and facilitated with several key features to ensure a seamless customer service experience. Here is a glimpse of a few widely used yet vital features of Microsoft's Customers Service solution:

  • Monitoring and controlling customer issues and ensuring case management.
  • Recording customer interactions addressing the particular or related case.
  • Sharing required information using the knowledge database.
  • Creating queues and routing cases.
  • Creating and monitoring customer service levels.
  • Leveraging entitlements, defining applicable service terms.
  • Tracking performance utilizing reports and dashboards in real-time.
  • Creating, managing, and scheduling required customer services.
  • Participating in chats and other conversations.
  • Monitoring and managing conversations through all the channels configured.

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