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Azure Digital Twins

Deploy highly embedded digital representation to optimize operations, costs, and resources. Impact and improve your customer experience through key analytics and insights.


What is Azure Digital Twins?

Azure Digital Twins is designed to develop a digital representation of your IoT environment. It enables businesses to model resources, people, and real-world objects. Further, these digital twins help to gain predictive insights and key business analytics to drive effective product strategy and improved customer experience.

What is Azure Digital Twins BENEFITS

Applying Digital Twins definition language, businesses can model real-world things, people, and processes. It allows crafting live graphical representation implementing live execution environment. Utilize your IoT environment by gaining simplified data analytics and key insights when configured with AI services, Azure Data, or likewise. With the help of such data insights, enterprises can forecast or predict the future possibilities for your IoT-connected infrastructure.
With Digital Twins, deploy digital representation of real-world things, resources, etc., to impact production line, improve & optimize operations, and drive breakthrough customer experience.
Azure Digital Twins helps to reveal data analytics and support to predict the concurrent as well as future potential for your connected IoT devices and entire IoT connected infrastructure.

With the help of gained insights, you can prevent or reduce system downtime across your IoT-connected work infrastructure. With Azure Digital solutions, you can predict equipment failure, machine downtime, or any sort of interruption spoiling the process flow.

Azure Digital Twins enables developing enterprise-grade IoT solutions comprising governance, compliance, and security terms. To enhance the security level, system configuration with Azure IoT Hub can boost the IoT environment security along with real-time device monitoring & controlling.

Azure Digital Twins FEATURES

Strategic Digital Twins Features Enabling Security, Reliability and to Ensure Productive IoT Environment


Deploy Custom Domain

With the help of Digital Twins Definition Language, empower your developers to deploy custom domain models to support any IoT-connected infrastructure.


Live Execution Environment

Leverage live graphical representation to enable live execution for your Digital Twins. This live execution can help you to get business analytics, process performance, equipment status with a 360-degree view.


Simplified Input Methodology

Attain seamless inputs from your connected devices enabling you to connect your IoT equipment, Logic Apps, Rest APIs, etc., and support your IoT infrastructure to predict equipment performance.


Result-Driven Outputs

Avail of in-depth analytics insights, storage potential, and more by using event routes that help to streamline and automate your data analytics services impacting data integration, big data analytics, etc.

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