Microsoft Azure Sphere

Deploy high-end security enabled IoT infrastructure protecting your data, physical equipment, and privacy. Optimize operations and bring a smoother workflow by deploying Azure Sphere Security Services.


What is Microsoft Azure Sphere?

Azure Sphere is designed as an integrated solution to secure your IoT devices, data, and your entire IoT infrastructure. It helps to protect your billions of IoT devices connected to Azure Cloud. Enterprises can secure their collection of devices by leveraging wireless network connectivity, Ethernet connectivity, Bluetooth LE connectivity, and more.

Azure Sphere Benefits

Deploy a highly secured IoT model by protecting your data, privacy, and connected equipment with Microsoft Azure Sphere. Businesses can accelerate their process execution, boost their equipment performance, and prevent device failure or proactively ensure equipment maintenance by leveraging real-time monitoring and controlling. As Azure Sphere comes with its own operating system, it ensures additional security layers to your IoT infrastructure.

Comes with optimal security to secure your IoT devices as Azure Sphere is configured with standard chips from trusted hardware vendors.

Azure Sphere is configured with its own operating system, and this enhances the security part of your IoT-connected environment.

With threat detection feature, Azure Sphere enables trusted communication between devices and Azure cloud to ensure high-end security for your IoT-connected infrastructure.

Azure Sphere empowers manufacturers to build highly secured IoT equipment or devices as well as enables developers to integrate the security layers to ensure an uplifted security enabled IoT experience.

Azure Sphere Features

Elevate your IoT Experience with High-End Security Layers Wrapped with Azure IoT Sphere

Secure &

Azure Sphere comes with additional security layers that create a protected environment for your IoT equipment or devices and save your devices from possible threats.


Due to its high level of security features, it enables businesses to not merely secure their existing devices even create a protection shield for the new IoT experience.


Comes with integrated flexibility that enables enterprises to instantly and effortlessly add the newly updated features to impact the equipment performance and across the IoT infrastructure.


Azure Sphere security services allow enterprises to become aware of possible security threats and enable your system with automated security updates.

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