Safely Migrate Your Dynamics GP Data to Dynamics 365 Business Central (Online)

Move your GP 2015 version or later data to the Business Central cloud with Microsoft's built-in migration tools. For earlier GP versions, upgrade your older version to GP 2015 and proceed, or choose full implementation instead.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Why Should You Migrate Your On-Premises GP Data to Business Central Cloud?

How people feel is evolving and changing work realities, plus business priorities have initiated interest in moving from legacy on-premises environments to Cloud solutions. These are the reasons for a Dynamics GP to Business Central (online) migration:

A cloud-based ERP solution like Dynamics 365 Business Central offers modern features and easy maintenance, upgrades, and integrations.

A modern, user-friendly interface with various customizable options, detailed reporting, and graphs, allowing improved productivity via role-based functionalities.

Dynamics GP is a batch processing system, while Business Central is an online data processing solution that prevents interruptions & allows for automatic system integrations.

Options to integrate with Office 365 enable features like email editing within Business Central and enhanced recipient searches.

Migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you easy access from different devices and operating systems like Windows, Apple, & Android.

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Roadmap to Migrate Microsoft Dynamics GP Data to Business Central

Microsoft has discontinued Dynamics GP! The company wants on-premises Dynamics GP users to shift to cloud-based unified solutions like Dynamics 365 Business Central for efficient business management at low costs. With our consultants and Microsoft's technology, we're ever ready to support your business (no matter what the size is!) for years to come and free up the burden from your shoulders to let you focus on running your company, and help you achieve more with less!

Key Benefits to Migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central

No Financial
Series Posts

Business Central's online data processing automatically integrates transactions into its General Ledger, helping you avoid the need for Series posts.


Leverage Dynamics 365 Business Central's analytics and reporting capabilities by storing data on the Cloud and integrating with Microsoft Power BI and Azure, making it a valuable investment for a sustainable future.


“Business Central + Power Platform” enhances Customer Engagement, and integration of Office 365 enhances overall business efficiency.

Business On
the Move

The ability to work from anywhere and on any device adds a new dimension to how you work and facilitates automatic upgrades.

Lower Maintenance

Business Central reduces infrastructure management and maintenance costs, as Microsoft manages upgrades, monitoring, and management as part of the subscription maintenance, including automatic upgrades with new features rolled out twice every year.


Factors to Consider for GP to Business Central Migration

Current Support: Yes, Microsoft will continue its Dynamics GP Support for the immediate future and commit to releasing three Dynamics GP updates each year until 2024 - comprising ongoing development, intelligent edge enhancements, and the top features based on popular demands from GP users.

Hosting: Businesses of all sizes can host data on-premises or in the Cloud with a hosting provider.

What Else? Hosting GP on the cloud does not make it a true cloud product, as it remains an on-premises product with limited integration and cloud capabilities. It cannot fully support modern tools and technology, making it a legacy product.

What is the GP to Business Central Migration Cost?

Migrating your GP license to Business Central is free and allows access to new Azure licenses for just $149 per user/month. Dynamics 365 Business Central is a SaaS model, like Office 365, which includes support and starts at $90 per user/month.

Migration Cost Table:

Type of Data MigrationCost
Financial Data Management$19,996
Supply Chain Management Data$28,997
Project Management Data $58,995
Professional Services Automation Data$58,995
Manufacturing Data$58,995

How can a Data Migration Partner assist you?

Streamline your migration with Dynamics Square's On-Demand Services (ODS), a flexible pay-as-you-use model that offers cost-effective cloud solutions tailored to your business needs. We are a true Microsoft Gold Partner with 11+ years of industry experience. Our team is ready to hear your problems and ensure a successful Dynamics GP to Business Central migration by partnering you with our right implementation and a trained team of experts across multiple industries for training and helping you adopt cloud-based solutions.

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