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Automate & Simplify Your Project Operations with Agility and Transparency with Dynamics 365 Project Operations.


What is dynamics 365 Project Operations?

Strengthen your team's capability, maximize your resource utilization, and faster your project delivery by implementing Dynamics 365 Project Operations.

Bring a smoother flow across your project operation practices from sales, resource optimization to project automation, and streamline the delivery part by upgrading your system functionality with Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Enterprises can seamlessly drive team collaboration, roll out a strategic approach in their operations, and can accelerate their project delivery within the desired budget.

Bring automation in your project execution and enable everyone working on the project to get real-time updates related to project planning, organizing, and execution to ensure productive flow.

Implement a strategic approach wherein involve the right people in the right project or task, maximize your resource utilization, and drive efficient results while ensuring on-time completion and delivery.

Accelerate your financial operations and bring seamless flow from project costing, budgeting, invoicing, revenue recognition to compliance management, and more with improved financial visibility.

Automate and transform your data flow with real-time accessibility by the people assigned for the specific project. With Dynamics Finance, faster project delivery with quality assurance practices.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations Features

Simplify & Accelerate Your Project Operations Flow with Dynamics 365 Project Operations.

Resource Utilization

From administration to operations to delivery part, ensure that you are assigning the right workforce to the right project at the right time with the help of D365 Project Operations.

Accelerate Project

Speed up your process flow by leveraging built-in functionalities of Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation including Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and many more.

Streamline Project

Automate your project financials including project accounting, budgeting, and global financial reporting compliances to drive scalability across global locations.

Time & Expense

Seamlessly manage and submit time, expenses, etc. and streamline your operational cycle while improving your process flow capabilities in terms of workflow submissions, approvals, and reporting efficiencies.


Dynamics 365 Project Operations Services

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Implementing Microsoft Project solutions can help to manage your project operations seamlessly.

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Drive a project-centric approach across your business by upgrading Dynamics 365 Project Operations.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations is designed to connect sales, optimize resources, manage projects, and simplify finances using a single unified application that helps to close deals faster and accelerate project delivery while maximizing the revenue outcomes.

When it comes to installing project operations in Dynamics 365, multiple deployment options come ahead. You can either install Project Operations:

  • To a new CDS environment
  • To an existing CDS environment

In the case of a new CDS environment, you need to have access to Global or Power Platform Administrator with licensing of Project Operations. Now, create a new CDS environment using the Power Platform admin center. The next step is to select Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations going through:

Dynamics 365 Apps- Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

In the case of an existing CDS environment, you are required to have access to Global or Power Platform Administrator with Project Operations licensing. Now, all you need to locate the environment by going through the Power Platform admin center. Here, you can install project operations.Here is the navigation:

Manage Dynamics 365 Apps-Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations is designed to fulfill a particular purpose. It comprises its sufficient capabilities to streamline and simplify project management. However, you can integrate your Project Operations not just with Business Central even with Microsoft's other products too.

In Microsoft Dynamics 365, each category works under the category group. Hence, you need to define the group categories first. Thereafter, you can create project categories under the specific group. Now, let's understand how to create a group category first.

To Create Group Category, navigate through:

Project Management and Accounting Setup Categories Category Groups

After reaching to Category Group, navigate through clicking 'New', then 'Category group' field, and then select & enter an identifier for the category group.

To Create a project category, navigate through:

Project Management and Accounting -> Setup -> Categories -> Project Categories

Now, click 'New' once you reach Project Categories.

The last step is to select the identifier of the project category.

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