Azure IoT Central

Leverage Azure IoT Central -a SaaS-based solution embedded with standard yet industry-specific templates to connect your entire IoT devices over a high-end secured network to transmit your messages or device notifications.


What Is Azure IoT Central?

Azure IoT Central is configured with SaaS (Software-as-a-Services) environment that enables enterprises to seamlessly register and manage their devices utilizing a secure Azure cloud space. Azure Central enables businesses to receive messages, alerts, or notifications with real-time efficiency. Since it comes with pre-configured standard yet industry-specific templates to create your custom IoT apps, centralize connected devices, and manage the same at scale.

Azure IoT Central Benefits

Develop and deploy enterprise-grade IoT applications with Azure IoT Central while ensuring security, reliability, and scalability. Utilize the predefined standard templates to build your customized or domain-specific apps suited to your specific business needs. Leverage IoT Central to register, connect, and drive seamless communication between your devices and IoT applications.

Smoothly connect your IoT equipment and high-end configured apps developed leveraging standard yet easy-to-use templates for the specific industry.

Get notified about device performance, process flow, or related data in real-time to support your process continuation and to prevent device failure.

Deploy highly scalable and security-equipped IoT solutions to bring seamless device interactions with reduced time and effort.

Azure IoT Central enables to easily deploy industry-specific approach with highly process connected experience, for instance, seamless logistics, decision-making in-store analytics, and simplified warehousing.

Azure Iot Central Features

Build Highly Secure and Scalable Enterprise-Specific IoT Applications with IoT Central

Quick & Seamless

Build and ensure a seamless connection between your IoT connected devices and Microsoft Azure cloud to bring smoother messaging, instant notifications, and reliable data distribution.

Integrated Device

Enjoy centralized and managed device experience at scale with Azure IoT cloud solution. You can also reconfigure your IoT devices in real-time with centralized management.

Secure & Scalable
Device Interaction

Establish highly secure, reliable, and scalable device interaction to manage data flow, stay updated with a 360-degree view of your device performance, failure, or reconfiguration requirement.

Plug & Play
App Solution

Deploy highly scalable IoT apps with less coding efforts by leveraging 'plug & play app' to deploy cloud IoT solutions faster along with simplified device-to-device integration.

Consult with Industry Experts

Let's sit together and come up with your specific IoT app platform deployment requirement to implement a smarter IoT experience for your organization.

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Azure IoT Central is designed as an IoT app development platform. Leveraging this platform, users can deploy highly secure and reliable enterprise-level of IoT applications with reduced coding efforts, app investment, etc. It enables enterprises to register all their devices and quickly develop secure device connections. Further, these devices can be monitored and controlled as per the hourly need to ensure seamless and smoother operational flow.

SLA is referred to as Service Level Agreement used for Microsoft’s online services which is again a part of Microsoft volume licensing agreement. There are several terms included in the SLA agreement for Microsoft Azure Central. To know such SLA terms or have a query about IoT enterprise solutions, avail of our expert consultation, we are here to serve you the best potential solution for your business.

Azure IoT is an easy-to-access platform designed with cross-device compatibility as you can run it whether using desktops, mobiles, or tablet devices. If you want to know your system or device compatibility and how implementing Azure IoT Central can impact or improve your IoT workflow, connect with us, we are here to serve the best.

As per the data retention policy, you can retain your data for 30-days. If you need to retain data out of this period, you are required to export your data at a regular period. To export your data, there is an export feature that you make use of whether to carry out your data insights, analytics, and more.

If are willing to use the Azure IoT central for the very first time, you can enjoy 7-days of free trial that comes with the standard messaging size of 4KB. Later, you can continue using it by subscribing to its standard plans and that could be requirement specific. Out of the three available plans, you can continue your services either with Standard Tier 0, Standard Tier 1, or Standard Tier 2. Consult with our experts for plans and pricing suited to your exact IoT environmental needs. See Also - Azure IoT Edge

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