Power Virtual Agents

Bring low-code and pro-code bot development into one canvas. Create and deploy intelligent conversational bots to rapidly respond to employee and customer needs - at scale - with Power Virtual Agents.


What Is Microsoft Power Virtual Agents?

If you're looking to find faster ways to engage with your employees and customers, Power Agents are here for you to end your pursuit. Power Agents, help you build ultra-modern, AI-powered bots, making human-tech interaction less complex.

In other words, Power Agents, with low-code approach/UI-based app development empower you to simplify or automate communication within the organization and with your customers. By creating this extra help, you can understand more about your employees as well as customers, and can easily resolve issues requiring complex conversations.

Enable faster and more powerful bots' development using automation, AI-Builder, and collaborative low-code graphical interface. No need for experience/training in coding. Make, test, and publish your intelligent bots now with ease.

Understand your customers and employees by communicating with them in multiple languages across websites, mobile apps, Facebook, Microsoft Teams, or any other channel supported by Azure Bot Framework.

Keep compliance and governance in check by deploying bots using central administration, built-in security roles, and simple management across environments.

With self-learning AI powered by natural language processing (NLP), you can track critical KPIs and identify potential bot topics automatically.

Why choose Power Virtual Agents?

With hundreds of pre-built connectors, numerous templates, and AI assistance, it's easy to automate repetitive tasks.


You can register, create the bot, and embed it on your website in just a few clicks. Neither complex systems nor infrastructure needs to be maintained.


Empower your team to build intelligent bots without the need for intermediaries, coding, or AI expertise. The power of bots can improve engagement, and hence the efficiency of the sales team.


A chatbot powered by Power Virtual Agent allows you to automate the most common queries.


Using personalized bot conversations, improve customer experience by enabling self-help for customers and quickly resolving their issues.


Power Virtual Agents Services

Power Agents automate repetitive tasks and business processes, allowing you to focus your energy on what's important.



Our experts successfully implement Power Virtual Agents solutions on time and within budget to ensure you have the right solution to answer your employees and customers.



Manage your smart bots with Dynamics Square's 24/7 support.

Power Virtual Agents Pricing

See Power Apps plans, pricing, and availability for your business.

Power Virtual Agents

$200Per month for 2,000 sessions(2)

Run intelligent chatbots across websites and other channels.

  • Requires access to the Microsoft 365 admin center with global administrator or billing administrator roles.

Session's add-on

$100Per month for 1,000 sessions(2)

Add additional sessions to your Power Virtual Agents plan.

  • Requires a Power Virtual Agents license.

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