Microsoft Power Automate

Seamless Integration, Effortless Automation

Incorporate cloud technology, make automated workflows, and build your solution using no-code techniques with Microsoft Power Automate.

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Power Automate is an end-to-end automation solution that lets users automate processes using workflows without writing code. It solves the complex business challenges of establishing a connection between different solutions to automate the data flow.

Power Automate is one of the essential solutions available under the Microsoft Power Platform. All such solutions, like Power BI and Power pages, reduce operational costs and enable users to drive innovation in business processes with a low-code approach.

Power Automate Microsoft empowers users to:

Build applications, forms and workflow
Connect different complicated processes
Perform task with a pre-built templates

Note: It was previously known as Microsoft Flow, but on November 4, 2019, Microsoft rebranded it as Microsoft Power Automate; one of the applications of the Microsoft Power Platform.

Most business owners, consultants, and Dynamics professionals still call it Flow.

Power Automate: Types of Flow to Suit all Needs

Microsoft Power Automate comes with three major flows to automate tasks and increase efficiency.

Cloud Flows

Build an automation flow that can be triggered in three ways: instantly, automatically, and by scheduling.

Desktop Flows

Build an automation flow to automate tasks on the desktop or the web.

Business Process Flows

Build an automation flow to enable users to track their work during a business process while guiding them throughout the process until the work is complete.


Supercharge Productivity: Free Your Employees to Do What They Do Best

Microsoft 365 Power Automate is a very powerful solution that lets you automate workflows connecting different applications, sync data between apps or services, and send notifications to the user in real-time.

Also, it eliminates recurring and manual tasks, like approvals, data entry, generating reports, data transfer, and more, through automation capabilities, leading to enhanced efficiency.

You can automate the process of generating and sending invoices to the concerned person to save time and boost team productivity.

Connect different applications
Eliminate recurring and manual tasks
Automate generating and sending invoices

Improve Accuracy and Reduce Errors: Get Accurate Data on the Go

By automating workflows and business activities, you can reduce human intervention, which leads to fewer errors and enhanced data accuracy.

You can eliminate typos, miscalculations, and other errors with MS Power Automate to make the system smoother and more stable.

With this solution, you can easily automate the process of getting notifications in real-time, ensuring accurate data collection on time and making you aware of everything happening in your business.

Reduce human intervention
Enhanced data accuracy
Centralized data access

Happy Customers, Happy Business: Power Up Your Customer Experience

Offer an exceptional level of customer satisfaction with Microsoft Power Automate. It lets you automate essential customer support services that include shipping, order confirmations, and personalized communications.

You can even set up an automated, tailored customer service experience using emails whenever a customer with a specific set of parameters approaches your business.

Power Automate boost issue resolution of standard queries to offer a better customer satisfaction.

Offer good customer satisfaction
Streamline customer support services
Give tailored customer service experiences

Scale with Confidence: Automate for Growth, Not for Growth Pains

Expand your business capabilities with the growth of your business operations. Reduce manual tasks to accelerate scalability and achieve targets.

Power Automate enables businesses to scale various tasks without hampering their existing performance.

You can manage inventory, track resources, analyze data, build reports, and set up different forms of automation to meet fluctuating market demands.

Accelerate scalability and achieve targets
Enhance system performance
Manage inventory and track resources

Microsoft Power Automate Features: Automate Your Business - like a Pro!

Microsoft Power Automation allows you to connect hundreds of and make your business invulnerable to increasing business complexities with changing market demands. Along with these basic features, Power Automate Microsoft has a lot for your business.


Find Growth Opportunities

Optimize existing business processes and find more growth opportunities through automation and data mining.


Automate with Ease

Connect your system, services, and applications using workflows, apps, and websites with robotic process automation (RPA).


Total Visibility Across Business

Get a 360-degree view of your business with the embedded data security functionalities of Microsoft Power Automate.


Integration Made Simple

Integrate with other solutions in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem and Power Platform with just a click, without writing code.


Leverage AI Capabilities

Utilize AI, BI, Microsoft Copilot, and embedded ChatGPT to get recommendations, automate repetitive tasks, and turn raw data into useful content.


Inbuilt RPA

Get a modern user interface for your legacy system with robotic process automation and scale or optimize resources in case of business loads.


Comes with DPA

Utilize digital process automation (DPA) to automate services or apps running on the cloud while collaborating with Microsoft Copilot.


Simplify Data Reporting and Analysis

Use pre-built templates to access data, eliminate business challenges, perform data analysis, and build reports with Power BI integration.


Save Time and Automate Business with Microsoft Power Automate

Streamline business processes, connect different solutions, set up workflows to get notifications, and build solutions to enhance productivity with low-code or no-code deployment.

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How Power Automate can help your Business?

There are numerous ways Microsoft 365 Power Automate can support your business, which are:

  • Stay on top of issues: Get instant Teams alerts when new ones pop up in Jira, Trello, Slack, and more.
  • Unify your ecosystem: Seamlessly connect Power Automate with Dynamics 365 solutions like Sales, Business Central, and Customer Service.
  • Connect anything, automate everything: Integrate hundreds of apps like SQL Server and SharePoint with MS Power Automate.
  • Simplify approvals: Automate approvals across processes and departments, saving time and effort.
  • Never miss a priority: Get notified instantly about high-priority tasks with custom workflows.
  • Leads never slip through: Automatically notify key personnel about new sales leads.
  • Break down data silos: Collect and share process data effortlessly with your team members.
  • Effortless document collaboration: Automatically copy Dropbox files to SharePoint for team-wide access.
  • Social media watch: Stay in the loop whenever someone mentions your brand with specific hashtags on social media.

Based on research: The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Power Platform Premium Capabilities published by Forrester Consulting.

Power Automate can help your Business

Microsoft Power Automate Pricing

Check out the most reliable and cost-effective pricing of Power Automate.

Power Automate Free

$0 30 Days
  • Access features of Power Automate premium for 30 Days.

Power Automate Premium

$15 per user/month
  • Automate cloud application using API
  • Automate legacy application using UI connectivity
  • Unlimited cloud flows (DPA) and desktop flows (RPA) in attended mode
  • 50 MB process mining data storage
  • 5,000 AI Builder credits
  • 250 MB database for Dataverse and 2GB File

Power Automate Process

$150 per bot/month6
  • Licensed per single bot accessed by unlimited users
  • Unlimited cloud flows (DPA) and desktop flows (RPA) in unattended mode
  • 50 MB database for Dataverse and 200 MB File

For personalized and detailed Power Automate pricing structure, feel free to contact our experts.

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