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What Is Microsoft Power Automate?

Whether you want to call multiple data flows or reduce the need to duplicate work and effort or would like to send out total reports in time, you're looking for automation. With a no-code approach, you can create workflows and connect them to hundreds of popular apps and services.

Power Automate helps your team easily get started by enabling automation, creating useful apps, and building workflows with little effort, saving a lot of time and tons of development costs.

Power Automate Platform comes loaded with powerful features such as drag and drop, prebuilt connectors, and low-code development to quickly and securely create automated systems.

Record your processes from start to end and visualize and analyze the workflows to understand whether they will happen, reducing the guesswork while automating flow processes to finalize them for your data or system.

Power Automate is driven by Microsoft's AI technology. Artificial Intelligence not only makes automation easy and interesting but also assists users in several ways. Start creating new flows based on existing business models.

The Power Automate platform also helps you in analyzing and visualizing data using different innovative Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI tools.

The best part of this automation platform is that it's highly compatible with different devices and platforms. Meaning, apps developed using this platform are consistent (offering the same features and functionality) with web, desktop, smartphone/mobiles, or Microsoft Teams.

What are the features of Microsoft Power Automate?

Power Automate is available in four different versions. You can choose the one that is best for your needs.

Power Automate
for Desktop

Create automated flows or automate your Windows desktop to reduce repetitive tasks. With Power Automate, you have the power of UI-based Robotics Process Automation (RPA) to automate flows right from the menu of your Windows 11.

Power Automate
for Mobiles

Run and manage cloud flows on the go; that is, complete creating automated flows on your mobile phone itself from anywhere, any time at your convenience.

Power Automate
for Web

With a central portal like Power Automate for the web, you can create and save flows, check them later, and can do more from any device and web browser.

Power Automate
for Microsoft Teams

Power Automate for Microsoft Teams allows you to create flows in the Microsoft cloud for teamwork, allowing collaboration and enhancing productivity.

power automate-side

Power Automate Services

Transform the way business is done, streamline and digitize how you operate and manage your services.



Successfully implement Power Automate solutions with Dynamics Square. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and deliver innovative solutions on time, within the budget, without compromising.



Get constant and seamless support from the Dynamics Square team to ensure you have what you have been waiting for years.

Non-Scary Power Automate Pricing

Things with us are less spooky. Here are the plans that are best for businesses looking for predictable licensing by the user or by the flow.

License by user

Per user plan

Automate cloud apps, services, and data by using digital process automation (DPA). Users can create and run unlimited flows with this plan.

Includes the following:

  • Cloud flows (DPA)

License by user

Per user plan with attended RPA

Provides the same features as the base user plan, plus the ability to automate desktop legacy apps via robotic process automation (RPA).

Includes the following:

  • Cloud flows (DPA)
  • Desktop flows (RPA) in attended mode
  • 5,000 AI Builder credits/month

License by flow

Per-flow plan
$100Per Active User/App/Month minimum 5 flows(1,2)

Streamline digital process automation (DPA) for unlimited users within an organization.

Includes the following:

  • Cloud flows (DPA)

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