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Grow your business at a scale with Dynamics NAV - a complete ERP solution from Microsoft that caters to the needs of SMBs and small to mid-sized businesses ranging from financial, supply chain, manufacturing, and project management to service management.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

What Is Microsoft
Dynamics NAV?

Dynamics NAV, also known as Navision or NAV (now known as Business Central), is a unique ERP software that simplifies an organization/s basic to complex needs. Microsoft developed NAV to help small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) and local subsidiaries of large international groups to seamlessly manage their finances, sales, warehousing and supply chain operations, accounting, stocks, and customers.

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Key Benefits of Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP

Over 400K companies uses Dynamics NAV which possesses robust digital functionalities that are rarest to find with other ERP solutions available today, some of them include:

Everyone needs support when life take turns, and so do organizations. They need software that regularly monitors different business aspects of their company with the lowest chances of error and minimum data redundancy. NAV's finance and account management module does exactly that! Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP assists businesses in smoothly managing financial operations by taking care of banking, cash flow, analytical accounting, asset management, allocations, and related tasks.

Manufacturers seek swift ways to manufacture their products, bring the finished product to the market at full tilt, and continuously run the supply chain. Dynamics NAV better supervises the smooth transformation of raw materials into finished products and facilitates distribution and the supply chain. With NAV ERP, merchants and business owners can easily track and manage their production status and orders, maintain proper inventory, evaluate and finalize business with vendors, and maintain a vendor directory.

The innovative and effective tools of NAV ERP allow your sales and marketing people to build strong relationships with their customers by accessing accurate, real-time, and updated insights to manage contacts and networks, seize opportunities, organize and execute target campaigns, promote sales, and close deals faster. Dynamics NAV ERP is best for nurturing sales from lead to order, tracking accounts and contacts, and creating sales collateral.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP is an excellent tool that makes project tracking easy. Using the Capacity Management feature, users can create proper estimates, manage capacity and capabilities, and track the projects and their progress down the line. NAV efficiently undertakes project management with the updated data of costs, time, budget, and required resources to complete a project successfully. Supervising the delivery time along with proper quality checks, assigning, transferring, and combining projects to suit the business requirements is easy with NAV.

With the native integration of Power BI, Excel, and Office 365 to Dynamics NAV ERP at no additional costs, companies can have enhanced business visualization and the visibility to instantly make critical & informed decisions to streamline their processes. Contextually relevant Power BI reports/analytics and visualizations on dashboards about contacts, vendors, customers, and invoices help employees track almost all performance and view business processes conveniently, providing a holistic approach to streamline operations immediately.

NAV offers seamless multi-currency support and makes service operations management possible with optimum efficiency, helping you maintain long-term relationships with your customers. For organizations seeking to expand their business to a global level, Dynamics NAV can help you organize all the service requests, service-contract management, and equipment tracking, maintain stringent currency requirements, and provide support for multiple languages and regional specifications to scale business operations beyond geographical borders.

Pricing and licensing for Dynamics NAV

NAV comes with a variety of capabilities for managing business processes and operations. With 400K+ customers, Dynamics NAV consists of some advanced and unique functions that no other ERP solution provider in the market provides. Some capabilities of Dynamics NAV are listed below with the relevant subscription pack.

Starter Pack


Starter packs provide functionalities related to financial and trade operations for the three users of the organization. Besides managing finances, you can also manage supply chains, sales, and projects. Additionally, users can get insights into the product's processes and operations.

Extended Pack


You should consider the Extended Pack if you are a growing organization with complex and advanced business requirements. As an add-on to the starter pack, it also lets you manage manufacturing and warehouses. Further customizations can be requested from the vendor partner if necessary.

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Yes, Microsoft Dynamics is the same as Navision and is built on the same codebase, offering the same functionalities and was first introduced in 1984 as a simple tool with limited capabilities by Microsoft to cater for the needs of managing finance, accounts, warehouse, and debt management. From 1984 to 2017, NAV received several updates with lots of features. However, in 2018, Microsoft renamed Dynamics Navision as Dynamics 365 Business Central — an all-in-one cloud-based ERP software to manage your overall business by helping you make smarter business decisions.

It is difficult for anyone to estimate the Dynamics NAV implementation costs since no such available data can be validated as fixed pricing. Every business owner has different requirements and needs Dynamics NAV functionalities accordingly. For example, company size, industry type, number of users, active discounts and offers, and the storage required are the deciding factors for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation pricing. However, for your ease of understanding and to provide you with an idea, the pricing of the Dynamics NAV cloud begins at £180 a user/month.

Note : Selecting your plan (Starter Pack or Extended Pack) and the customizations will decide the ultimate price. The users can pay their Dynamics NAV support partner the total fee or a per month/use fee.

With Dynamics NAV, we support SMBs in planning, controlling, and optimizing business processes with the help of efficient, transparent, automated, and reliable NAV ERP solutions. We offer the best Dynamics NAV support solutions on the market, so your business gains transparency and you gain more control over business processes, allowing your organization to grow over time.

Dynamics NAV is mainly for SMBs in various sectors, but the most common industries are manufacturing (20.3%), distribution (16.2%), and professional services (15.7%).

Yes. NAV is available on the cloud. It is hosted on the Microsoft Azure hosting platform, allowing users with remote access to NAV's full functionalities via Terminal Services or via an HTML5 web client.

Dynamics NAV Features:

  • Single dashboard to help manage business operations, aid employees to be more productive and efficient, and assist the entire business to grow at scale.
  • Permits smoother communication and data transfer, allowing you and your employees to work collaboratively to achieve the same goal.
  • Excellent drill-down capability in terms of its integration with Excel, making it' easy to export or copy data to Excel and vice versa.
  • The general ledger feature makes NAV ERP application more flexible and adaptable.

Since Microsoft designed it, NAV runs on Windows-based client operating systems. But you can access the web client on any device regardless of OS, provided the device has a supported browser and an Internet connection.

NAV does not support Mac native client applications. You must set up Mac workstations for Terminal Services/Windows virtualization to run it. Also, Mac users have the option of running NAV using a browser-based web client.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we not only offer you tech support in multiple service level offerings but also provide you with an extensive network of authorized Dynamics NAV services along with in-depth implementation and solution consulting from our highly trained and experienced team of consultants.

Yes. Users can have a variety of default user configurations and a full range of functional capabilities. You only need to purchase the Application Builder and Solution Developer (available as a la carte). Connect with us; we're all ears for all your solution customization needs.

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