Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

(Formerly Dynamics 365 Retail)

Drive Agile And Integrated Experience In Your Commerce Practices With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce


What is Dynamics 365 Commerce?

Deliver personalized customer experience, boost your outcomes, maximize your employee productivity, and optimize your operational flow with efficient supply chain practices while minimizing costs and impacting the overall efficiency.

Deliver a highly engaging and reliable experience to your customers with omnichannel efficiency. Allow your customers to enjoy cross channel experience wherein they can buy from anywhere using any device with no time restrictions. With Dynamics 365 Commerce, enterprises can gain customer loyalty and ensure long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Boost your end-user experience with a highly integrated and advanced POS system, e-commerce storefront, and more to centralize data and processes from sales to inventory to order fulfillment, etc.

Accelerate your back-office practices from effective supply chain to improved finance management, and efficient human resource practices to customer fulfillment by implementing Dynamics 365 Commerce.

Seamlessly manage your content part, e-commerce storefront, digital assets, etc. with the help of a highly configured e-commerce system integrated with your existing system to drive profitable results.

Secure and prevent your data from unauthorized access with the help of Dynamics 365 Fraud protection. Take advantage of real-time customer insights to roll out a centralized approach.

Dynamics 365 Commerce Features

Enlarge Your Commerce Capabilities with Dynamics 365 Commerce


Enable your customers to enjoy their buying experience from placing an order to the delivery stage. For instance, buying from anywhere, at any time, using any device, etc. with flexible payments methods.


Connect your workforce, drive data automation, streamline practices, and uplift your productivity level by upgrading your system capabilities with Dynamics 365 Commerce Applications.

Integrated Data

By taking advantage of built-in AI and ML concepts, enterprises can optimize their processes in real-time and can allow their workforce to make instant decisions to support the process flow.

AI & Analytics

With the help of AI insights, data analytics, and key reporting capabilities, enterprises can make real-time decisions, bring a smoother continuous flow, and drive continuity in their processes.

Ecommerce side

Dynamics 365 Commerce Services

Strategically Work Towards Fulfilling Your Commerce Services.



Drive unified, effective, and efficient commerce strategies once you implement Dynamics 365 Commerce.

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Roll out your productive approach by upgrading your system capabilities with Dynamics 36 Commerce



Improve your process flow and support continuity with our high-end Dynamics 365 upgrade services.

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If you are seeking to improve your commerce operating capabilities, let us explore your scaling opportunities with Microsoft’s digital commerce solution.

Dynamics 365 Commerce pricing

Dynamics 365 Commerce

  • Includes core capabilities to manage omnichannel retail operations.

E-Commerce Add-In for Dynamics 365 Commerce

  • Includes e-commerce management for Dynamics 365 Commerce.
  • Requires Dynamics 365 Commerce

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to monitor and manage your entire commerce practices from back-office operations to in-store to digital practices. This commerce solution allows you seamlessly optimize your process flow, help you to improve your workforce performance, maximize your customer engagement, and more while minimizing costs and manpower efforts. Enterprises can bring efficiency and transparency in their end-to-end processes to drive intended growth at scale.

Dynamics 365 Commerce is a single integrated commerce solution to monitor, manage, and drive your entire operational flow. To drive a multi-solution approach, it can be configured seamlessly with your existing system as well as can be integrated with other than Microsoft applications to drive all your integrated applications simultaneously using a single unified interface. To know more about key features of Dynamics 365 commerce, connect with our experts today. Listening to your key processes, we will reveal all those features suited to your specific or customized flow.

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