Microsoft Dynamics GP

Streamline your finances, sales, service and operations by implementing Dynamics GP (Great Plains).


What is Dynamics GP?

Dynamics GP is a cloud accounting software designed for mid-market companies available On-Premise or in the Cloud. Dynamics GP seamlessly manages your operations, finances, and inventory at work. Dynamics GP works well in several industries, including hospitality, retail, automotive, Oil & Gas, non-profit, and more. Whether you are an existing brand or just growing, Dynamics GP is perfect for all.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Features

Dynamics GP Great is loaded with some exclusive features that make it absolutely perfect for your enterprise.

Financial Management

Financial Management

With analytics and security, Dynamics GP offers to be a great financial accounting solution as it aids in banking and managing your budgets, assets, and cash flow. This tool allows you in tracking your financial records and data without investing any extra effort or extra time on it.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

The BI system of the tool allows you to check out the reports of data that are pre-built on your dashboard so that you are able to make instant decisions that are intelligent as well as much efficient for your organization.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Being an accounting and ERP solution, Dynamics GP aids you in inventory management, where you can keep records of your returns, orders, and others. With the proper inventory management, you can meet the customer’s requirements on time and maintain the profit and reputation of your company.

Sales and Service

Sales and Service

Dynamics GP Implementation in your business operations ensures that you carry on your sales and service in an even better way. The tool offers functions and features such as automating your sales process so that you can provide an enhanced service to your customers. Also, this will help you control your invoicing well and minimize the costs for shipping and labor for the entire process.

Project Management

Project Management

Dynamics GP offers a tracking solution for the project that helps track all the financial transactions because of a particular project. It allows you to seamlessly integrate all financial elements such as accounts receivables, inventory, and other financials to ensure that all the accounting and billing are done accurately.

Human Resource Management

HR/Payroll Management

With Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains HR/Payroll Management Solution, you can optimize your employees' management and improve service to employees via accurate reporting and user query tools and customized lists that support better intelligence into different levels of employee data

Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 or 2021?

Using Dynamics GP 2013 or older? It's time to upgrade it to the latest version of Dynamics GP.


Get Dynamics GP Demo

It is always a great idea to understand a system first before investing in it. Hence, it is always a great idea to get a demo of Dynamics GP also to understand in detail the features, functions, and working of the tool.

The demo is absolutely free that you can check out instantly and can access it as many times as you like to know about the details in a transparent way. After you have understood the details and are convinced of the functions offered by the system, you can go on to the next stage of getting the tool for your organization.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Upgrade

We are upgrade experts for Microsoft Dynamics GP '2022'

There are a number of organizations that have been using Dynamics GP for a long time now and they have the version of 2013 or 2016. The latest update of Dynamics GP version 18.3 is even better with several new features and functions that are efficient at offering your organization even smoother operations.

Getting the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.3 will offer you new features over your existing package that will make your operations even smoother than before in different areas such as finances, human resources, inventory management, and many others.

You can take a free trial of the tool for a month before you invest in the package so that you can check out the features and functions well. After you have checked out the functioning of the tool for a month for free, and you are convinced with them, you can easily continue with the same by investing in any of the packages available according to your requirements.


Microsoft Dynamics GP Support

Get GP Support by our dedicated team for Great Plains Support.

Microsoft is known for its brand name and its reliability. Hence, when you are investing your hard-earned money in Dynamics GP, you can surely expect some excellent results according to your requirements. But a technical glitch can happen even with the best options available. But you do not have to worry much as we offer you the best Dynamics GP support too along with the support center of Microsoft.

Our support team ensures to offer a huge list of services such as consulting, licensing, upgrading your older version, implementation, integration, customization, and others.

While the system is user-friendly and may not require any expertise in understanding the features and starting with it, even if a certain amount of support is necessary, our Dynamics GP support team makes sure to offer you the right amount of help and maintenance.


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