Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)

Enable Dynamics GP for optimized financial management, increased real-time financial visibility, and improved decision-making. Or upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central for a more robust business management experience.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

What is Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Streamline your operations and make decision-making better at each step!

GP offers comprehensive and scalable solutions to fit your unique business needs. Whether you're a popular brand or on a voyage to transform your small business into a full-fledged growing organization that houses hundreds of employees, Dynamics GP is the reliable and flexible solution. With this flexibly customizable business management solution you can easily take your inventory management, accounting, financials, and other core business operations to the next level.

Contact your trusted Dynamics GP Partner like Dynamics Square to help you locally install it on your server, or in a hosted environment (that is on the cloud). Or if you're looking for a more unified, and all-in-one cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, choose Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Features and Benefits of Dynamics GP That Speak Only Results

Trust Dynamics GP and rise in the eyes of satisfied customers in industries such as retail, hospitality, oil, automotive, and more.

Financial Visibility

Dynamics GP acts as a pillar of security and analytics, making it an excellent financial accounting tool, with features for managing assets, budgets, cash flow, and banking matters. Track financial records and access unlimited company data with ease.

Business Intelligence

Seamlessly take advantage of Power BI, embedded within the Dynamics GP ERP system to monitor visually appealing data reports on interactive dashboards. The combination of business intelligence features and decision-making capabilities leads to obtain the best results.

Inventory Management

As an ERP and accounting solution, Great Plains facilitates inventory management by enabling easy record-keeping of orders and returns. Meet your customers' expectations and increase your company's reputation on a scale.

Integrated Sales
and Services

Integrating GP into your business system can assist you in meeting sales expectations and providing exceptional services to your clients. The software offers various features, including sales automation, which can enhance your client services.

Project Management

Dynamics GP eases proper monitoring of financial transactions, enabling efficient integration of inventory, account receivables, and other elements of finance for effective and efficient project management.

HR/Payroll Management

Great Plains software optimizes employment management processes, enabling easy management of your employees' needs. Reporting tools, user queries, and customizable lists provide essential employee data to its users for flexible payroll and human resources management-related processes.

Looking for a partner to help you update your Dynamics GP with its latest feature updates?

If you're using Dynamics GP 2013, or its earlier versions, it's the right time to upgrade it to its latest version.


Want to see How Dynamics GP Works in Real? Book a FREE Demo

Exploring a free demo of Dynamics GP is an excellent way to gain a comprehensive understanding of its specific tools, features, and functions. A demo or app presentation helps you discover real-life usage scenarios of a product you're buying, making it an invaluable tool for assessing the product's suitability.

The demo is free and can be accessed multiple times, allowing for a transparent and thorough familiarization of Dynamics GP ERP. Contact us to learn more about the demo or continue to the next stage to discuss in detail how Dynamics GP can be a profitable choice for your organization.

Need Next-Level Business Management across your Enterprise?

Choose Business Central. Compare Business Central & Dynamics GP Here.

Migrate your data to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and avoid all your business management complexities. With Business Central's cloud power, you can access and monitor your business operations. Your business management is a few clicks away!


Microsoft Dynamics GP Upgrade: Version '2022'

As long-time users of the software, we understand the need for upgrades to meet evolving business requirements. Our upgrade services to version 18.3, or later for Dynamics GP, offer enhanced features for seamless operations management.

To ensure your satisfaction with the upgrade, we offer a free trial of the tool for a month. This allows you to test the software before making an investment, providing you with confidence in your decision.

Get in touch for support and start getting the benefits of its latest features and functionalities available in Microsoft Dynamics GP '2022'.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Support

Experience unparalleled GP support with Dynamics Square's expert team. As a trusted, reliable Microsoft Gold Partner, we can enable exceptional functionalities for Dynamics GP, and remove all software glitches that you may be experiencing. Our dedicated support helps you with the necessary assistance even in your challenging times.

Comprehensive GP support services are one touch away and extend beyond technical support to include licensing, customization, consultation, integration, and more. With a user-friendly system, Dynamics Square provides easily accessible GP support services.

Invest in Dynamics GP with us for the proper management and operation of your company. We will make sure you get the most out of Dynamics GP.


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