Advanced Warehouse Insight Add-On for D365 Business Central

Seamlessly streamline your Warehouse Operations with the Warehouse Insight Add-on from Insight Works that is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud or Dynamics NAV.

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Why Choose Warehouse Insight Add-On from Insight Works?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV allow businesses to manage warehouse operations. This Warehouse Insight Add-on Meets Your Needs when integrated with D365 Business Central. It is a way to effortlessly manage all your warehousing on a single dashboard.


How to get this add-on?

The Warehouse Insight Add-on from Insights Works seamlessly gets added to your cloud Implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Contact a trusted Dynamics 365 partner or Microsoft Gold Partner like Dynamics Square and avoid getting into inaccurate warehouse transactions and the hassle of manual tracking. Get started with Warehouse Insight for all your warehouse management.

What is included in this WMS add-on?

Warehouse Insight, built especially for Business Central and Dynamics NAV, is a Microsoft-certified Add-On. This warehouse management add-on meets Microsoft's stringent standards for Business Central and NAV add-ons.

This guarantees that Warehouse Insight will work smoothly with your NAV or Business Central, regardless of warehouse setup.

Warehouse Insight is a solution that allows you to manage your inventory and perform various operations using handheld devices. This includes capturing lots and serial numbers for transactions, thus increasing efficiency.

With Warehouse Insight, you have all the necessary information at your fingertips and can use a consistent user interface on the handheld device, regardless of location configuration. Additionally, you can scan directly to sales and purchase documents.

Streamline your warehouse operations by palletizing or packaging items with the help of a configurable add-on for handheld devices. Easily customize views and menus to suit your needs. This scalable and flexible solution is designed to support your business as it grows.

We, at Dynamics Square, provide you with full support, no matter how complicated your WMS requirements are. Get in touch with our team.

Are you prepared to advance your Warehouse Operations?

Let's schedule a friendly meeting to help you with a highly comprehensive warehouse management system which is a simple and flexible subscription-based model that makes it easy for you to start.

Explore The FAQs Resource for Your Queries!

Warehouse Insight by Insight Works for Dynamics 365 Business Central supports a wide range of smart electronic devices, including mobile computers - tablets, smartphones, wearables, and more.

This versatility of this software piece allows you to either utilize existing technology or customize your hardware choices to meet the unique requirements of your warehouse setting. Major leaders like Datalogic, Zebra, and Honeywell support this platform.

Yes. Data Matrix barcodes are popular for their small size and high data storage capacity. You can directly generate them from NAV with all relevant information, reducing the number of scans needed. The system can help you interpret various barcode formats and symbologies, including UPC/GS1, GTIN, and custom formats, through user-configured rules.

Warehouse Insight compliments Microsoft Business Central Cloud. The only potential costs are the additional user licenses you need for Business Central and an one-time implementation fee. Also, if you desire extra setup assistance, enhanced support plans are also available. Contact your Microsoft partner like Dynamics Square for support and implementation.

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Yes, you can. Uninstalling Warehouse Insight and installing WMS Express will allow you to downgrade.

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