Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps help you quickly build low-code custom business apps to achieve agility in an increasingly digital world.


What Are Power Apps?

Microsoft designed Power Apps to help modern enterprises effortlessly develop and quickly launch apps via pre-built templates, drag and drop facility, and instant deployment for seizing new business opportunities and reshaping avenues for growth. It is a suite of connectors, services, apps, and data platforms (Microsoft Dataverse) for speedy app deployment.

Power Apps drive business transformations by offering you easy-to-use tools for custom business app development. Using prebuilt tools & templates, your employees can quickly build problem-specific apps.

Power Apps enable your employees to innovate quickly for faster results. With inbuilt AI components, your employees can develop well-featured apps with advanced functionalities, that is, apps that look and work like native apps or an app developed via a software developer/app developer.

Microsoft's Power Apps platform is a great place to help your employees ensure that they are free to develop apps for any purpose/automation-related task in the best possible way.

Responsive design makes Power Apps ensure that users get an incredible experience when operated from various platforms, browsers, and devices like mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

Business Apps developed via Power Apps use already available data on the data platform (Microsoft Dataverse) or in various online and on-premises data sources for analysis. The custom apps can also extract data from external sources and use them to get the desired result.

Reinvent Your Business with Microsoft Power Apps

Enable Your People
to Build Apps

Power apps help your business by bringing more efficiency and accuracy to solve business problems with pre-built templates, AI components, and a low code approach.

Develop smart

Automatically generate interactive, and responsive business apps using your data. You can customize business entities and tailor the user experience to specific roles using prebuilt designing tools.

Create modern apps
from your data

Leverage Power Apps canvas to begin your designing journey from scratch to professional. Customize every aspect of your business app and optimize it for specific tasks and functions.

Integrate and
extend your apps

Take advantage of more than 200 data connectors to integrate data and systems already in use. Extend Power Apps with custom connectors and logic like a professional developer.

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Microsoft Power Apps Services

Integrate a combination of accelerators, data platforms, and our strategic support to modernize your core business applications for advanced growth.



Implement business-specific PowerApps solutions by our experts to ensure your needs are met on time and within budget.



Get constant and seamless support from Dynamics Square to help you manage your web and mobile apps.

Microsoft Power Apps Pricing

Explore Power Apps Subscription Plans & Costs.

Subscription Plans

Best for businesses that want predictable user-based licensing - with the flexibility to license users to run one app at a time or run unlimited apps.


Run one app or portal per user, stacking licenses for access to each additional as their needs change.

  • Includes 250 AI Builder service credits per month.1
  • Requires access to the Microsoft 365 admin center with global administrator or billing administrator roles.

Subscription Plans

Best for businesses that want predictable user-based licensing with the flexibility to licence users to run one app at a time or run unlimited apps.


Run unlimited apps and portals per user for one flat monthly rate.

  • Includes 500 AI Builder service credits per month.1
  • Available to buy now with a credit card.
  • 40% discount available to eligible customers with 2,000+ licenses.3 Contact sales for details.

Pay-as-you-go plan

Best for businesses that want the agility to pay only when a user runs an app during a monthly period.

$10Per Active User/App/Month2

Use an Azure subscription to pay per user based on the number of unique apps or portals a user runs each month.

  • Requires an Azure subscription.

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Have you got questions
about Microsoft Power Apps?

Click through to our FAQ for the best answers!

One of the major limitations of Power Apps is that they are not open-source software like other app development platforms. Power Apps is a proprietary platform from Microsoft, meaning, that endless customization isn't possible. Also, the Power Apps are not compatible with external systems and run only on PowerApps App Player.

As a platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Power Apps provides a variety of business services. It enables you to build, run, and maintain apps without worrying about building and maintaining a complex infrastructure.

There is a limit of 15,000 rows in a table that Power Apps cannot read. Whenever you create an Excel table, give it a unique name. Install Power Apps Studio and add the Import from Excel data source option.

With a single app, you have the option of using multiple data sources.

PowerApps is an application development platform that is part of the broader Microsoft Power Platform, which is built on Azure cloud services. It includes native capabilities for Sales, Service, Field Service, Marketing, and Talent.

Through an Azure subscription, you can run Power Apps pay-as-you-go applications (1 app or 1 portal) without any licenses. You only pay according to how many users use the app in a month.

Using canvas apps, developers and makers can add data sets and test custom components with a public preview of the Power Apps component framework.

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