Dynamics 365 AI

Improve Your Customer's Experience And Your Organization Processes With Dynamics 365 AI (Artificial Intelligence)


What Is Dynamics 365 Ai?

Accelerate processes or promote change in your industry by making Artificial Intelligence accessible to all elements of your company. With Dynamics 365 AI you have the freedom to solve problems and make informed decisions, with the help of intelligent tools

Dynamics 365 Ai Features

Widen your experience by bringing Microsoft Dynamics AI together with your Virtual Agent's solutions for Customer Service, Customer Insights and Fraud Protection.

Implementing Artificial Intelligence will help you in streamlining your experiences by simplifying your intuitive interface, and other applications. It offers a detailed guidance about different processes to help you attain an enhanced performance.

As AI helps you in understanding your processes in a better way, integrating it in all the applications and systems will benefit you in a huge way. This will make your understanding of the business models for your clients even better and will help you in creating a better proposals for them.

The AI system makes use of the existing data in the system to come up with insights that are extremely beneficial for you to analyse a lot of things. This can be helpful for you in not just making decisions for your organization but also in understanding the behaviours and trends of your client to act accordingly in the future.

Today, it is extremely important to stay agile so that you can adapt to the changing market trends at the earliest. The AI systems helps you in alerting about the changing market trends at an initial stage so that you can make the necessary changes in your model and can come up with a new upgrade whenever required.

Maximize your business potentials

Microsoft Dynamics 365Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Microsoft Dynamics 365
AI Insights

Improve customer experience with AI and Microsoft solutions

The tool ensures to offer insights on sales to help boost up sales and grow in profitability.

  • Offers a detail on the type of effiective communication methods with the customers
  • Priorotizes the leads that are more likely to convert into potential customers
  • Real-time notifications
  • Provides a customer relationship health score to understand your customer service better

  • Helps you understand the customer suport score
  • Points out the problems areas and shows options to resolve them
  • Ensures a boost in customer satisacion by highlighting areas of improvement
  • Analyzes dashboards of customer satisfaction, resolutions, and cases
  • Offers a visual of the interaction pattern of the customers and the agents

  • Maintains customer data in a secured way to boost up the reliability of the customers
  • Integrates the Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI apps with other applications too to offer a detailed insight on the dashboard
  • Enables responding to the customers with a proper flow yet faster
  • Coming up with new customer segments and creating insights about them
  • Offering already existing templates

  • Apart from the insights related to customer support, the tool also offers insights related to products
  • Identifying problem areas and suggesting proactive repairs for the same
  • Maintains quality by offering regular scope for continuous improvement
  • Helps in product planning and analysis
  • Insights about the products that are more famous among customers and what are not

  • The need and demand among the customers
  • Detailed knowledge about the actions taken by the competitors
  • Track activities that are happening within the industry
  • Check out major events that are taking place

Once you check out the tool in detail, you can come across many other insights such as that of commerce, supply chain, human resources, and many others.

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