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Dynamics Square’s experts diagnose your current system needs and ensure a seamless upgrade from Dynamics NAV to Business Central.

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Why You Need Dynamics NAV to Business Central Upgrade?

When it comes to improving your system capabilities or ensuring Dynamics NAV to Business Central Upgrade, various things come ahead. Enterprises are required to perform a lot of backend preparation before coming up with a final decision of upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Business Central Upgrade.

When the term upgrade starts to roll out in your mind, there is a possibility that your system is comprising a huge database. Since your data is crucial for you, making a sudden decision couldn’t be a fruitful deal for your business.

Before reaching any sort of system upgrade decision, enterprises are required to execute effective strategies while considering in-depth analysis, planning, and final implementation.

Since you could have a large or vital database involving your concurrent processes, thereby, making a decision requires end-to-end analysis, proper planning, and final implementation. To ensure whether your system requires end-to-end Dynamics NAV to Business Central Upgrade or just a bit of customization to support your current processes, selecting the right upgrading partner can truly help.

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, Dynamics Square can help to improve your functional capabilities addressing your core business needs and supporting your continuous expansion. Our team can analyze your current system needs as well as your futuristic process flow and suggest the best possible solution for your business.


Dynamics NAV To Business Central Upgrade Services ​

With time, your process starts multiplying, you strategize expansion plans, and you ensure your efforts toward maximizing your outcomes. Our upgrade services let you know how all your plans and strategies can be executed all through improving your system or via Upgrade to Business Central.

When it comes to upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central, enterprises are required to consider several things to ensure a strategic and efficient system upgrade. Before finalizing upgrading needs, businesses need to understand their ongoing process flow along with their growing business needs and how an upgrade to Business Central can help to manage their continuously growing needs.

If you need experts’ advice to come up with your decision whether your system needs an upgrade or not, we are here to help.

When is the right time to Upgrade from Dynamics NAV to Business Central?

  • When your system stops supporting your growing process flow.
  • When over functionality is lying in your system and required ones are lacking.
  • Your team is lacking to connect and ensure collaborative efforts in need.
  • If you are concerned about your data privacy in the lack of hybrid data storage efficiency.
  • When your end-users start complaining about smoother data navigation.
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Connect to Our Experts

Willing to improve your system’s functional navigation, connect with us to get expert advice.

Get Free System Health Check

A regular system health check is required in a timely manner since your processes get maximized, functional requirement gets changed, and scaling needs get generated.

System Health Check is carried out to diagnose your current system needs, how compatible your processes are with your current business processes, whether your system needs upgrading, etc.

If your system is lacking with required things, you may face various interruptions like system failure, process interruption, etc. Enterprises may suffer system incompatibility as well even afterward the successful implementation due to choosing either a wrong implementation partner or wrong support provider.

Dynamics Square acts as a trustworthy implementation, upgrade, and support partner that provides free system health check wherein we identify your current system lacks, come up with unused overloaded functionality, and reveal your actual system needs so that you can improve your current workflow as well as support your future expansion strategies.

After performing a successful free system health check, we can reveal whether your system needs to be customized, requires integration, needs quality support services, or demands version upgrade. We believe in letting you know your actual system requirements and suggesting to you the best potential solution to enlarge your business flow and support your business continuity for now and for the long run.

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Book Free Consultation

Start with booking a free consultation to know how well your system is performing. Once you connect with us, our team will review your system in terms of:

We map your current system with your defined business processes to come up with whether your system requires additional functionality to smoother your current practices as well as anything that just lying as a burden in your system.

We review all your business areas or departments to reveal your pain areas and considering the same, we suggest the optimum solution addressing your current flow as well as your continuously growing business flow. If your system requires to upgrade from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central, we can help to ensure a successful upgrade.

If your support service is ensuring a successful contribution to improve your current process flow or support continuity in your business, we can help through our highly uplifted and dedicated support services whether for your NAV account or Business Central.

Potential Ways of Dynamics NAV to Business Central Upgrade

When you finally decide, you are left with two potential ways of upgrading to Business Central considering your customized processes, data-driven need, and upgrading budget:

One is when you ask your provider to carry all your data and customizations while implementing your Business Central.

Another one is when you ask your upgrading partner to ensure a fresh start wherein merely the essential data will be carried out while implementing.

Thus, you are required to choose one out of the above-given options supporting your strategic flow for now and later. If you think making a decision is difficult for you, simply leave this decision on your upgrading partner, let your partner come up with the right solution for your business.

We have certified Microsoft Dynamics experts with hardcore industry exposure to analyze and reveal the best-in-class deal for you suited to your customized business context.

Connect to Get Expert Advice Today

Connect with our industry experts to know optimum upgrading needs for your business.

Potential Ways of Upgrading Your System

Enterprises can choose out of the available ways to upgrade their Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central:

Start from Standard

If you do not need to carry forward your data to your newly upgraded system, you are suggested to go with the Standard approach. If you are involved in a large database, selecting a standard plan may not work for you.

If unused data is lying in your system and you are not required to carry forward your customizations or modifications, deciding on a standard concept could be a smarter choice for your business.

If you are seeking to review your processes and are willing to undertake challenges, selecting a standard upgrade could be a proven decision for your business.

Start from Customized

If you are willing to migrate not merely your data but even all your customization or modifications lying in your existing system, you can always start leveraging a customized plan.

A customized plan could be a proven solution for those businesses willing to move their existing modifications to their new system along with adopting the new business system or process capabilities.


Again, if deciding between these two is quite difficult for you, you can also leave this decision to your upgrade partner. We have industry experts who can reveal the best upgrade plan for your business by reviewing your system and how compatible processes are with your current system. We can also deploy your domain-specific solution, for instance, if you need to upgrade your supply chain capabilities only leveraging Dynamics 365, we can do according to your circumstance, business needs, and budget.

Seeking to Bridge the Gap

If you believe in the step-by-step upgrade and want to review your system after every chunk of upgrade to know whether the specific functionality is simplifying your business processes or not. You can also choose a gradual flow so that your current process shouldn’t be affected during your new system upgrade, and this will also ensure seamless user adaption in your organization.

Upgrading Experts at Dynamics Square

Selecting the right Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner could be a proven milestone for your business. Dynamics Square with a certified industry-experienced team can help to deploy your project with full dedication with quality assurance. So far, we have ensured countless delivery of upgrading projects as our upgrading team ensures seamless and quality assured delivery wrapped with a high-end support model.

Since we are comprising an optimum level of proficiency while dealing with every sort or every level of complexity that can assure you hiring the right upgrading partner for your project.

Undertaking a different set of requirements, Dynamics Square’s experts can ensure anticipated project delivery. Before we start, we consider all the facts from functionality lacks to process interruption to futuristic flow. To implement accordingly, we initiate while following the standard upgrading steps and agile working methodology to ensure project success.


Pricing Model

Dynamics Square believes in high-end and quality assured delivery at reasonable pricing. Businesses seeking to upgrade to Business Central can avail of our highly competitive rates of up to 40%. If you have finalized upgrading your system, connect with Dynamics Square to get your quote today.


Seeking to upgrade your business capabilities by upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central, connect and talk to us, we are here to reveal your requirement and serve you accordingly.

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