Dynamics 365 Business Central: The Level-up Version of Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a powerful ERP solution that has been transformed into Dynamics 365 Business Central to meet modern business demands.

Microsoft ensures that Business Central retains the capabilities of Dynamics NAV and offers advanced tools to manage supply chain, finance, operations, sales, and customer service, more efficiently than ever.

In simple words, Business Central is everything Dynamics NAV but with several advanced tools that not only enhance the capabilities of the ERP but also push your business towards making it more modern.

Microsoft provides organizations with the right to choose between cloud-based and on-premises implementation options depending on their business model and requirements.

When you upgrade NAV to Business Central, it isn’t just a name change. With Dynamics Business Central, Microsoft enables you to leverage cloud technology, leaving on-premises systems behind, to achieve greater levels of growth, flexibility, and scalability.

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Why Upgrading NAV to Business Central is Essential?

Moving from Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Business Central is like upgrading an old & slow device with a fast & new one. Business Central comes with advanced tools and capabilities that Dynamics Navision lacks.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central empowers you to access cloud technology which means you can access it from anywhere, at any time. Besides, it offers seamless integration, high-end security, real-time data, and more limitless features. Most importantly, it is flexible and scalable, which allows you to scale the system's performance without any hassle whenever needed.

When you upgrade Dynamics NAV to Business Central, you sign up for:

Embedded cloud technology
Enhanced system capabilities
Improved scalability
One-click integration with extension technology
Maximized data security
Built-in automation tools for improved workflows

Do I Need to Upgrade to Business Central?

As we know, Microsoft has already ended the mainstream support for Dynamics NAV 2018 at the beginning of 2023. Right now, Dynamics NAV 2018 is eligible to receive only security updates until the end of the extended support period.

As a matter of course, there will be no mainstream or extended support for older versions than that of Dynamics NAV 2018.

Once the extended support is over, businesses running Dynamics NAV 2018 or older versions will no longer be getting any system or security updates to keep up with ever-evolving business demands. Using the outdated ERP system will ultimately impact the overall business performance.

However, upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is not mandatory but is highly recommended for growing businesses. If you are still using NAV, you may miss out on:

Latest security updates to eliminate any possibility of cyber attack
Advanced tools and capabilities for consistent growth
Cloud features to lower operational and maintenance costs
Seamless integration with the Dynamics 365 ecosystem

However, regardless of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV version you are using, we are here to offer unwavering support to resolve issues and help you grow continuously.


What is the Right Time to Move from NAV to BC?

There is no such thing as the right time to move from NAV to BC. However, you might be in a situation that is giving you the signal to upgrade to Business Central.

The mainstream support of your Dynamics NAV has ended
Extended support isn’t enough for your growing business demands
Unable to comply with changing regulatory compliances
Higher cost is restricting you to enhance system performance
Data security has become an important concern
System complexity is stopping you from integrating new solutions

These are some of the major concerns we hear from our existing customers when they are ready to upgrade. However, you might be dealing with some specific issues. In such a case, feel free to contact Business Central experts and get your growth back on track.

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Is Business Central Expensive?

You might find the initial implementation cost to be expensive, but in the long run, Dynamics 365 Business Central is expected to give 162% ROI as per Total Economic Impact from Forrester Consulting. This number is huge and lets the business invest the money in the right direction rather than maintaining an existing system.

This ROI fact is impressive and shows the potential of upgrading to Business Central from NAV. Besides, it is also a strong indicator for businesses to invest money in the right direction rather than maintaining an existing system.

Also, delaying the upgrade can increase the overall Dynamics 365 implementation cost by 15%, as Microsoft releases the updates twice a year, which makes the NAV to Business Central upgrade a bit complicated.

Once you upgrade to Dynamics Business Central, Microsoft will take care of all updates, upgrades, bug fixes, and patch installation automatically, without any cost.

If you have to upgrade tomorrow, why not start the process today? This smart decision will save a lot of money and resources that can be invested in business growth.


Sensitive Data? No Problem!
Secure Data Migration Solutions for All

Businesses are now more concerned about the safety of their data because it has become an asset, and there are numerous risks associated with transferring the data from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Such issues include:

Compatibility issues
Operational downtime
Potential Loss
Integration with other systems
Carryover customizations

Dynamics Square assures you of risk-free transfer of your data to the new system while keeping your entire information confidential and intact. Further, we will make sure not to disrupt your existing business operations.

Dynamics NAV is Working Fine!
Why should I Upgrade?

We understand that Dynamics NAV has been your partner in growth and has helped you achieve your business goals. But when it comes to keeping up with modern business challenges and dealing with ever-evolving demands, it is very likely that Dynamics Navision lags behind in terms of performance, which may cause you to lose a competitive edge.

You can continue working on NAV, but you will be lacking with:

Latest security updates 
Automation capabilities 
Seamless integration
Cloud data security
Easy scalability 
Centralized communication

This is the time you should accept cutting-edge technologies and accelerate your growth with Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Gain real-time insights and make data-driven decisions with Business Central

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Boost Efficiency and Empower Growth with Business Central Upgrade Benefits

There are several benefits of moving from Dynamics NAV to Business Central, among which some are discussed next:


Empower your Employees

Mobile Access

Access the sales data and track lead status using any device or browser.

Simplified Task

Leverage the embedded AI to automate repetitive tasks and simplify various complex tasks.

Data-Driven Discussion

Get real-time business insights to make actionable, data-driven decisions.

User-Friendly User Interface

Business Central offers a simple and intuitive user interface that’s easy to use.


Make your Customers Happy

Faster Order Processing

Minimize delays in order processing using automation and streamlined workflows.

Improved Accuracy

Reduce errors and automate processes by accessing real-time data on the entire inventory.

Personalized Services

Get customer insights to understand customer behavior and generate more revenue.

Seamless Reporting

Track the status of issues and share reports with customers in real time.


Business-Centric Advantage

Reduced Costs

Eliminate system complexity and minimize errors with automation to save time and money.


Business Central is a flexible solution that grows with your business growth.

Security and Compliance

With Microsoft’s robust infrastructure, your data is safe, and your business follows all tax norms.

One-click Integration

Avail of the BC extension technology to integrate or disintegrate any solution with a click.

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Avail Seamless Automation and Centralized Communication

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central adapts to changing business requirements, offering superior capabilities to get a competitive edge and maximize overall efficiency and revenue.

Save Cost with Qualifying Licenses!

Microsoft offers a cost-effective way to save a lot of money by attaching qualifying licenses. With a single Dynamics 365 full-user license, you can attach another license at a much lower cost. Check out the table.


As per the above table, you can attach Business Central Essentials licenses to avail of up to 60% off discount on licensing costs with a full user base license of Customer Service Enterprise (CS), Field Service, and Sales Enterprise.

Also, if you are planning to purchase the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM full user base license, you can easily attach Dynamics 365 Customer Service Pro or Sales Pro with it and save up to 65%.


on attach license

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