Dynamics NAV To Business Central Upgrade

Are you clueless about the perfect strategy for upgrading the Dynamics NAV to Business Central without any error? Let Dynamics Square help you upgrade NAV with a smoother and stress-free process.


Why should you Upgrade Dynamics NAV to Business Central?

If you are using the 2018 NAV version, you might be confused about whether to upgrade to Business Central or not. You must be looking for the answers to the various question about the process, cost, and implementation of the upgrade.

The most straightforward answer would be to upgrade to Business Central. It will simplify and automate your current business processes and make them adaptable for growth and scalability. It is one of the best ERP software solutions for small, mid-sized, or global organizations, and it will let you manage the processes of all departments altogether.

With the power of cloud deployment, the Dynamics 365 Business Central will let you manage the business processes run smoothly from anywhere and anytime. With the help of Business Intelligence, it will help you make real-time informed decisions for any process or operation whenever needed.

The data sharing and reporting become effortless with Business Central as it provides the flexibility to integrate with Microsoft apps. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central comes with features, functionality, and customizations to help users customize or modify the process as per the requirements to increase productivity and efficiency.

When is the right time to upgrade to Business Central?

If you are going through the below phases, this is the right time to upgrade from Dynamics NAV to Business Central:

  • You are using an outdated Dynamics NAV version whose updates and customizations have been stopped by Microsoft.
  • Your current NAV starts to lag even for processing simple tasks.
  • Your Dynamics NAV versions have outdated and useless features with no use in modern business.
  • The users face issues while collaborating to accomplish a task for overall growth.
  • You don't have any support to resolve the errors of your current NAV version.
  • You want to customize the NAV to optimize and process new operations.
  • Your NAV version doesn't support scaling and managing the entire business from a single dashboard.
  • You want to connect your existing ERP solution with the cloud to control everything remotely.

Benefits of Upgrading from NAV to Business Central

If you are a current user of Dynamics NAV, there are various benefits of upgrading to Business Central to streamline the business process. Business Central can help you manage the entire business using integrations and customizations irrespective of your industry type. With a simple user interface, advanced features, and rich functionalities, Business Central is capable of enhancing your efficiency and overall growth.

Due to its cloud and hybrid deployment options, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available to operate from anywhere and anytime. Microsoft allows the users of Business Central to connect with the system using any device, whether mobile, tablet or web. This makes the users connect with the business and make informed decisions in real-time, 24X7.

Generally, when a business expands, it becomes difficult to manage the business processes with an outdated version of the ERP software solution. Similarly, if you are using the Dynamics NAV, you might face issues dealing with current business processes and optimizing them for better performance. There can be various reasons for lagging ERP software solution systems, like limited features and capabilities of NAV, no customizations, no integration, and no scalability. But Business Central got you covered with the best and updated features in terms of capabilities, customizations, and integrations to empower the current business processes. A Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner or Business Central Partner can help an organization update, add or build the specific customizations per specific requirements. Such customizations will help the business to perform complex tasks in simple ways.

With the Cloud deployment option of Business Central, you don't need to worry about the update or system upgrade manually. Because Microsoft automatically updates the whole system without bothering the user with the release of the new update. This makes the organizations run efficiently without hampering the working process for a smoother and more efficient workflow.

In the case of On-Premises deployment options, you need to be a little dependable on your ERP vendor partner. As Microsoft doesn't sell its services to the end customer, the certified vendor partner of NAV or Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, like Dynamics Square, comes into the role to provide any support services to the end users.

Microsoft 365 Business Central works on a subscription model where an organization has to pay a licensing fee based on its resources. The fee includes business management along with several features, apps, integrations, customizations, and other tools. Users can access the cloud deployment option by paying every month per user basis. It has a simplified pricing model based on tools and services: Team Member Plan, Essential Plan, and Premium Plan.

Dynamics NAV comes with limited capabilities and features per modern ERP software business solutions. With the increasing workload of processes and operations, you need to increase the hardware of NAV, which is a costly task. It requires a lot of resources, manpower, and effort to upgrade the system. But with Dynamics 365 Business Central, the organization can upgrade the system with the help of vendor partners, like Dynamics Square, on the same day with minimal effort and resources. Business Central is for modern businesses who want a flexible system to upgrade the capabilities of a system easily. This helps you focus on growing the business rather than upgrading the resources.

In terms of integrations, Dynamics 365 Business Central is more flexible in integrating with other Microsoft apps and tools like Office, Excel, Power BI, Microsoft Azure, etc., in making the processes smoother. On-premises deployment option comes with limited modification and integration, but it performs limitless with cloud deployment. The native and third-party integrations make the whole system seamless and provide a workable user experience. There are several third-party apps applicable for integrations like Salesforces, Google Analytics, and more using APIs.

How to Upgrade from Dynamics NAV to Business Central?

If you are reading this, it means you are interested in upgrading your Dynamics NAV to Business Central and might be looking for a vendor partner. If yes, you can book a call with the team of Dynamics Square and leave everything to the experts.

Once you call us, our team will analyze your existing version of Dynamics NAV, business requirements, industry type, operations, and a few more parameters before giving you the best quote.

After this, you would have two options, either transfer your entire data on servers and customize your existing system for seamless performance or transfer only a portion of data and customize the system as per your requirements.

Once everything is finalized, we will provide you a quote of the required time and cost for the full upgradation of your ERP software. Everything will be fine as we have been working in this industry for quite a few years and the team of Dynamics Square knows how to be effortlessly perfect in upgradation and implementation.

Types of Dynamics NAV to Business Central Upgrade

As per the industry standards and business requirements, there are two ways you can upgrade to Business Central:

Most businesses have a ton of complex and unused data but want to transfer only some of it while upgrading to Business Central to carry out the important work. The standard upgrade is for such businesses. Not only the unused data, but such businesses can also eliminate the customized functions from transferring to the new servers of Business Central. This makes the whole system affordable, consuming less time, effort, and resources.

If you want to transfer the entire data of the organization to the new servers of Business Central, this type of upgrade is for you. This is for the established organizations who not only want to transfer the entire data but also want to transfer the existing customizations and modifications. The customized upgrade works best for the business that wants to enjoy the new features and functionalities but with the old data and style. It is a costly, bulky, and time-consuming process.

Want to Upgrade only a Feature of NAV?

Maybe, you want to upgrade only a feature of your existing NAV version rather than upgrading the whole system. If so, you can easily upgrade the feature, whether it belongs to the financial capabilities or the integrations. In such a case, you can contact the Business Central Implementation partner, like Dynamics Square, to upgrade a feature of your current version of Dynamics NAV.

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