Microsoft Cloud
For NonProfit

Ensure Your Focus On Your Mission To Simplify Your Mission-Critical Practices To Drive Campaign Success With Microsoft Cloud Solution For NonProfit.


Drive Seamless Operations With Microsoft Cloud For NonProfit

Connect and engage your donors, manage your volunteers, take advantage of program impact dashboard, drive data centralization, ensure your data security, and seamlessly drive mission success with the help of Microsoft Cloud for NonProfits.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit can help to strategically drive mission-critical practices while securing donor data and ensuring assigning the right responsibility to the right volunteer. This cloud-based not-for-profit industry solution can be implemented with its standard essence or can be configured according to your customized movements. Microsoft Cloud solution enables nonprofit units to strategically support their different roles and to carry out day-to-day challenges.

Why Implement
Microsoft Cloud for NonProfits

Microsoft Cloud Solution for Nonprofits empowers the organizations to effectively manage their donors, supporters, volunteers, etc. to produce and drive effective results. With the help of this cloud solution, non-profit hubs can effectively manage donors, supporters, and drive a seamless constituent marketing journey.

It enables or maximizes the capability of managing volunteers, engaging donors, and ensuring seamless volunteer center management. Microsoft Cloud for Non-Profits enables to combine both the back office and frontend data to enable unified fundraising and drive centralized data-driven practices.

To support your unique organization flow and fulfill your mission-critical needs, non-profit business domains can get solutions configured and customized to serve their unique or personalized needs. With the help of constituents' analytics, proactively understand how likely the constituents are interested to engage, at what time constraints, and leveraging what sort of channels.


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Let's simplify your non-profit practices, extend your outreach, and ensure mission success with Microsoft Cloud for NonProfits.

7 Microsoft Cloud
For Nonprofit Features

icons-nonprofits_Constituent Management

Constituent Management

Effortlessly engage, manage, and retain your donors. Bring a centralized view of constituents' data to know your mission supporters, fundraisers, and actual donors.

icons_Personalized Engagement

Personalized Engagement

Leverage personalized engaging and impact your engaging movements. Connect and engage serious donors with the help of in-built engaging functionality.

icons_Constituent Analytics

Constituent Analytics

Cloud solutions for Non-profits enables the capability to know whether the supporter, donor, or constituents is interested to engage and join your mission.

icons-_centralised data

Unified Data

Centralize your fundraising and campaign data along with back office and front-line movements including programs, finances, and operations to achieve mission success.

icons-nonprofits_Awards Management

Donation & Award Management

Boost your donation and award management capabilities from payment processing to fund accounting and fundraising to award management all through Cloud Nonprofits.

icons-nonprofits_Constituent Management

Volunteer Management

Empower your volunteer coordinators to seamlessly match volunteer skills as per needs and enable both the volunteers and coordinators to ensure collaborative success.

icons-nonprofits_program delivery

Program Delivery

To accomplish mission success, Microsoft's non-profit solution enables charity organizations to design, deliver, and monitor current events or movements to level up the foundational success.

How to roll out effective and productive strategies across your Non-Profit Organization?

Since every foundation is initiated with different aims or objectives and thereby, there could be specific system configuration needs to support both their ongoing flow as well as futuristic activities. Understanding your unique non-profit flow, we can help to come up with the most reliable and productive solution for your non-profit organization.

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Learn How Microsoft Cloud Solution Can Ensure Success for Non-profits?

Here is how Microsoft's cloud solution can help to support your unique non-profit events or movements to connect and engage genuine donors, manage processes with streamlined data, analyze expected donor behavior, and ensure overall mission success.

Microsoft Cloud For Nonprofit Pricing

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Standard - Plan 1

$750Per Month
  • For Nonprofits
    1-250 Employees
  • Prerequisite licensing costs +

Standard - Plan 2

$2000Per Month
  • For Nonprofits And IGOs
    250+ Employees
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