Azure IoT Edge

Enable cloud intelligence locally on IoT edge devices to remotely monitor devices and manage cloud-native workloads. Optimize cloud investment, faster your devices' performance on local change, and bring an offline operational efficiency.


What is Azure IoT Edge?

Azure IoT Edge is referred to as a cloud AI solution remotely configured on-premises to securely deploy and manage your cloud-native workloads on your locally implemented IoT Edge. Deployment of IoT Edge devices enables enterprises to optimize the locally connected environment, track equipment performance while preventing system failure, and reduce equipment downtime.

Azure IoT Edge Benefits

Streamline and manage your operational data deployed locally on Azure cloud. Manage your remotely configured and cloud-native workloads efficiently and enable execution directly on your locally hosted IoT Edge devices. Azure IoT Edge enables enterprises to measure and optimize device equipment and prevent system downtime while strengthening your device performance to respond faster when any sort of local change is applied along with maximized potentials and efficiency of the operating device.

Develop and deploy cloud AI models securely and remotely, run them on-premises to optimize and predict device performance, measure cloud spending, and ensure improved data intelligence.

Empower your devices to respond quickly in real-time when deployed locally on your devices. Azure IoT Edge enables businesses to get notified and receive messages in real-time and data processing using on-premises systems.

Remotely monitor and control your IoT Edge devices when integrated with a tool like 'Azure Monitor tool'. Leverage in-built metrics and visual analytics to ensure seamless tracking for equipment and IoT Edge application performance.

Ensure maximized efficiency of your Edge devices even while being in offline mode. Deploying Azure IoT Edge enables your devices with seamless data automation and synchronization with real-time operational efficiency.

Azure IoT Edge Features

How Deploying Azure IoT Edge Can Help Manage Your Cloud Workload?

Standard Hardware

Azure IoT Edge is configured with certified and standard quality hardware that ensures seamless compatibility with Windows and Linux devices. Such compatibility helps to support container engines.


Since Azure IoT Edge is a built-in free and open-source coded platform and is available under MIT license. Thereby, it allows developers to have more control in terms of customization and configuration.


Leveraging Docker-compatible containers enabled by Microsoft Azure Services, you can write and implement your own business logic supporting your standard yet customized process modules.


With easy-to-use and seamless interface navigation, create, manage, and control your cloud-based workloads remotely to ensure effortless process optimization, production control, and more.

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