Azure IoT Hub

With Azure IoT Hub, deploy your IoT applications enabling two-way communication embedded with high-end security and capability to monitor & control your IoT workspace with a 360-degree view.


What is Azure IoT Hub?

Azure IoT Hub is referred to as a scalable managed service embedded with a bidirectional messaging hub hosted on the cloud. It allows you to build highly secure and reliable communication between hosted IoT applications and configured equipment. Enterprises can connect millions of devices configured with specific solutions to monitor devices and represent device performance reading on the app dashboard.

Enable seamless connection, securely host your IoT devices, and enable two-way communication between your IoT-hosted devices and Azure cloud. By Deploying Azure IoT Hub, start monitoring your devices, for instance, how they perform, control them by leveraging real-time notifications from the cloud to your IoT connected equipment or devices, etc.

  • Seamlessly configure your existing system or devices with Azure cloud to enjoy smoother flow across your IoT hub.
  • Streamline your process flow, enable real-time monitoring, and proactively manage your equipment when configured with Azure services.
  • Stay updated with your device information as every IoT hub is configured with the ability of an identity registry to store your device information and permitted modules.
  • To ensure secured and reliable authentication between your IoT Hub and connected devices, businesses can opt whether for SAS-based authentication or X.509 certification authentication.

Azure IoT Hub Features

How building Own IoT Hub Can Improve Your IoT connected experience?

Connect Millions
IoT Devices

Leveraging Azure IoT Hub, enterprises can connect their millions of IoT devices to support their millions of business events that happen every second to impact and effectively manage their entire IoT workload.

Vast Messaging

Effortlessly control your IoT devices over the cloud and enable your system to leverage diverse messaging patterns whether device-to-cloud telemetry, data uploading from devices, or request-reply method.

Seamless Configuration &

Boost your system capabilities by seamlessly integrating your IoT apps with Azure services. Such services include Azure Event Grid, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure Stream analytics.

Real-Time Device

Track and monitor your devices and stay updated with real-time status starting from the device creations to connections to device failure to bring and drive smoother IoT workflow.

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Azure IoT Hub is referred to as a cloud-managed service designed to drive centralized messaging between your IoT-connected equipment and IoT applications. Azure IoT Hub allows you to create a connection for millions of devices altogether over a secured and reliable network. With Azure IoT solutions, you can connect, monitor, and control your devices in real-time and provide an early solution to either prevent downtime or to provide early maintenance before any sort of downtime. To know more, contact us today, we can help you serve the right information and implement the right solution configured for your business.

Azure IoT hub is referred to as an IoT solution that enables organizations to connect and monitor millions of devices parallelly. This PaaS-based solution is designed to drive bi-directional communication between your IoT configured devices and the Microsoft Azure cloud.

On the other hand, Azure IoT Central is equipped with a SaaS (software-as-a-service) configuration that enables you to create multiple custom IoT applications leveraging its in-built standard templates.

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For limited usage, you can utilize the free edition of the IoT hub whereby you can register and connect up to 500 devices to ensure transmitting 8000 messages or notifications/per day. To carry out the requirement above this, you are suggested to go with the premium plan. For further information or know your Azure IoT investment as per your customized needs, contact us today, we can offer your highly cost-effective solution for your business.

SLA (Service Level Agreement) is designed and available for Microsoft online services. It comprises huge information related to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, for instance, Microsoft's commitment to its services, provisioning service, device registration, and more. For in-depth information, contact Dynamics Square Team, we can help with the required information.

Considering your specific domain practices and process optimization, your IoT solution requirement could be different. So, let's understand which one could be a suitable subscription plan for your business:

If you are setting up your IoT environment for the very first time, you can implement IoT Hub Basic Tier.

If you require advanced configuration in-built with bi-directional communication, high-end security, and per-device authentication, you are required to implement IoT Hub Standard.

If your requirement reaches to manage big data or web data indigestion, Azure event hubs could be a fruitful IoT solution for your organization.

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