Microsoft Dynamics 365
Customer Engagement

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What Is Dynamics 365
Customer Engagement?

Dynamics 365 customer engagement (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM) is a single cloud-based and analytics-driven customer engagement platform. It helps organizations of different sizes orchestrate their customer interactions and provide them with what they are looking for. Dynamics 365 CE collects first-party data from various channels to help you with cross-channel tracking and attribution. This single platform can manage the entire customer journey and lifecycle.

D365 CE is a robust customer engagement platform that uniquely brings CRM (customer relationship management), CDP (customer data platforms), and CXM (customer experience management) into one entity. This customer engagement power pack can maximize return on investment and drive efficiency by effectively supporting all your end-to-end customer-related practices.

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Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE comes with flexible deployment options; on-premises, on-cloud, or Hybrid implementation. Enterprises can extend their business capabilities, drive customer-oriented practices, and ensure improved agility to drive growth and scalability in the long run by deploying Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

How can Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement app help you strengthen your customer relationships?

Microsoft Dynamics D365 CE is one of the most popular and effective CRM solutions in the market. This AI-driven cloud-based CRM application can seamlessly centralize multiple interactions with clients and provide them with unique customer experiences, including:

  • Providing customer service from any location and on any device.
  • Strengthening relationships with customers via social analytics.
  • Visualizing data and utilizing configurable dashboards within D365 CRM to gain actionable insights.
  • Boosting sales by creating positive, customized interactions with your customers.
  • Encouraging collaboration and teamwork among the sales team members to for common goal.
  • Leveraging easy-to-design processes to close more deals.

Why choose Dynamics Square as your Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Implementation Partner?

Dynamics Square is your trusted and certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner with years of industry experience. We have a team of Dynamics 365 professionals who can help you level up your customer engagement, enhance your sales & marketing capabilities, and drive highly productive and efficient results with a simplified, stress-free, and exceptionally customized Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Implementation solution and additional support.


Authorized Microsoft
Gold Partner

Our company is an authorized Gold Microsoft Partner, offering business-specific solutions based on a standard approach, agile practices, and integrated technology.



With years of experience implementing different Dynamics 365 modules, we are a group of strikingly skilled, experienced, Microsoft certified consultants you can rely on.



We provide our clients with a dedicated support model that extends from planning & analysis to training and post-implementation.


Lower Implementation
Cost & Exclusive Offers

Our high-end and custom-configured implementations come with a 40% discount compared to other Microsoft implementation partners.


Highly Customized

Given the current business goals and process flow of your company, we can provide you with domain-specific solutions that can support revenue-generating campaigns.



Based on our understanding of your time constraint, we ensure that your project gets delivered within the agreed timeframe.

Planning to implement Dynamics 365 CE or is your current CRM partner not responding?

Discuss your problems with our experts and get sure help in knowing how they can assist you in the customer-driven implementation of a modern CRM solution.

Dynamics 365 Customer
Engagement Apps

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement applications can optimize your business processes for better results and help you achieve tremendous success by simplifying your sales practices, enhancing customer experience, generating efficient marketing campaigns, boosting field service levels, and automating project services.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales

Connect your sales representatives deeply to your business system with Dynamics 365 Sales and provide your customers with an omnichannel experience - an integrated and cohesive customer experience no matter how or where a customer reaches out. You can significantly maximize your revenue by understanding your customers using in-depth AI-based sales analytics in D365 Sales.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Engage and serve customers in real-time, acquire more customer base, and provide AI-based personalized experience to your customers using the intuitive interface of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement - a unified and quickly adaptable user platform under the Dynamics 365 Marketing Module.

Dynamics 365 Marketing
Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Increase customer engagement by providing self-service choices, empowering support agents to swiftly answer customer concerns using AI-powered insights, optimizing service operations, and proactively monitoring and fixing device faults by merging them with IoT solutions.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Using the Dynamics 365 Field Service module, you can provide a highly connected service experience, increase your staff's performance, and enhance the efficiency of your service operations.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

How Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
Apps Can Further Boost Your Customer Engagement


Understand Your Customer & Build Long-Term Relationships

Get to know your customers by accessing, storing, and streamlining the customers' data using Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Know and understand what's happening in your sales, marketing, services, and project operations in real-time to make informed decisions and help your customers before they could even meet the real issue. Hence, improved customer relationships so that you can drive growth and efficiency.


Drive Predictive Approach & Remain Productive

Analyze your customer data through built-in data analytics capabilities in Microsoft business apps to predict how to serve your customers better. Harness predictive sales & marketing insights to optimize resources, drive project service automation, and ensure successful client or customer delivery as anticipated using the best CRM solutions in the market.


Remain Proactive and Drive Personalized Experiences

To understand your customers more, you need proactive CRM software that can provide you with real-time info in order to drive personalized experiences. You can ensure a seamless user experience for your customers using the built-in business intelligence in Microsoft's customer engagement apps. Start providing out-of-the-box customer support, quick solutions, and drive successful customer-driven campaigns.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365
Customer Engagement?

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Engaging your customers efficiently is an important part of optimizing your business. Businesses benefit from it by optimizing their marketing, bringing in more sales, and providing better customer service.

A key element of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is that it automates and optimizes Sales, Marketing, Field Service, and Customer Service.

Customers could be managed through customer relationship management (CRM) solution available in the market, but unlike CRM, the Customer Engagement platform helps you automate the process of tracking and engaging customers so that you can drive more sales, increase efficiency, and provide better customer service.

You can manage your customers efficiently using the following Customer Engagement business applications:

Our expert team will follow a simple 5-step process to ensure the implementation is successful. There are five phases to this process: Discovery, Planning, Deploying, Migrating, and Configuring.

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