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An agile, powerful, and complete tool used as an ERP solution for the management of medium and large companies. Use Microsoft Dynamics AX now to ensure that your company flows and functions in the best way possible without any hindrance. Schedule a demo right now.


What Exactly is Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Dynamics AX or more commonly called Axapta can be described as a proper business management tool that can be used by the medium as well as large organizations that tend to work along with the software from Microsoft in order to improve the productivity of the staff.

Dynamics AX tends to properly standardize and consolidate the processes of the companies as well as improve the visibility across different organizations along with compliance simplicity. 

That means Microsoft Dynamics has a very important role to play in business management. Hence, it can be used for providing relevance to the different needs and requirements of the staff that you have along with the industry demands. 


Features of Dynamics AX

The 2012 version of Microsoft Dynamics AX or Axapta is basically a proper ERP solution that has been created for different companies that have certain needs related to operations management and financial management. Not to mention that this software also helps in providing integrated services to the sectors such as distribution, manufacturing, services, etc. 

  • Interesting features are included in the model of Dynamics AX. 
  • The software can be used on the cloud as well as on-premise. 
  • There is transparent pricing with the software. 
  • Software that can help in understanding the interface related to every single business. 
  • Superior business intelligence. 
  • Commitment and support related to the brand of Microsoft. 

Dynamics AX Capabilities

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, you will be able to better optimize the capabilities of the company and manage the collaterals in the best way, comply with certain legal obligations, change the demands of the customer, and provide continuous processes for the company. 

  • Bank Management
  • Compliance management
  • Budgetary control
  • General Ledger
  • Receivable and payable of account
  • Resource management
  • Management of shops and floors
  • Sequencing and scheduling of job
  • Planning of capacity and material
  • Product configuration
  • Order promising
  • Warehouse management on multiple sites
  • Quality management
  • Planning of distribution
  • Inventory management
  • Trade agreements
  • Analytical and standard reports with the help of Server Reporting services of Microsoft SQL
  • Viewing of performance indicators on the dashboard
  • Predefined data cubes
  • Expense management
  • Selection ad recruitment
  • Self-service portal for employees
  • Performance management including training and development
  • Workforce management for the organization
  • Dispatching and service calls
  • Repair management
  • Service subscription
  • Contracts and service orders
  • Cost control of the project
  • Breakdown structures of work
  • Interoperability with the projects run by Microsoft
  • Invoicing and accounting of project
  • Opportunity and lead management
  • Features for Sales Connector
  • Sales management
  • Marketing automation and salesforce

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Benefits Of Utilizing Dynamics AX

In case you are using Dynamics AX for a very long time, you should definitely not be left behind in the race. Complete the process of migration and then you will be able to properly accelerate different processes while making the risks minimum. 



Dynamics AX isn’t just an ordinary tool that can be used for customization but it is extremely flexible as well. The users don’t really have to ensure that they are an expert with the software in order to use it properly. With the help of videos as well as other important details, you will be able to make sense of the software pretty easily. Not to mention that you can gather important knowledge related to the features and functions of the software.



Customizing software isn’t always easy. Well, with Dynamics AX, users will easily be able to customize all the important specifications and functions that it has. This means the software will function exactly the way you want it to. Every single company will have its own requirements and needs. Hence, you can make the customizations according to your company’s demand.



With the help of Dynamics AX, users will also be able to properly integrate different software options and tools that are available for the efficient management of things.

User Interface

User Interface

The tool has a fantastic user interface that will be extremely clean as well as easily comprehensible. So, whether you have a mobile device or anything else, the software will be accessible easily.



There is no doubt that the pricing of Microsoft Dynamics AX has a very important role to play for the organization’s success. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, you will never be disappointed as well. The cost of the software is pretty low and hence you might be able to save some money as well.

Preferred Vendor

Preferred Vendor

Talking about the investments, the clients’ majority will be able to select something that is well-reputed as well as is known popularly in the industry. With the name of Microsoft behind the tool, you can definitely trust the software the best.

Dynamics AX Recent Update

When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics AX, there have been recent changes made in the software due to the very recent update. 

Considering the interface of the tool, it can be considered pretty simple and modern when compared to its other counterparts. Hence, more money, as well as time, is properly saved by the companies who don’t actually have to train their employees on how to use the software in the best way. With an easily comprehensible interface, employees will be able to simply use the software and understand what it entails. 

The updated software that is provided in the latest version will definitely integrate with other applications of Microsoft Office 365. Not to mention that it even has more productivity and options that can help in the operations of the company. 

With proper integration of the feature of Cortana, the tasks can be simplified in the best way. The users will be able to make use of different commands in order to get their jobs done. This will definitely allow different users to ensure that they are able to multitask in the best way. So, if you have been using the software, you can do different tasks and that too at the same time. This will save the effort that you put into the software. 


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