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What is Dynamics 365 Human Resources?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource is referred to as the high-end solution that helps to improve your workforce capability so that they can onboard the right people with the right skill set, retain their existing talent, and can provide a better workplace wherein everyone can ensure their dedicated and productive efforts. Microsoft's Human Resource solution (Formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent) is a modernized way to manage and drive human resourcing practices seamlessly and effectively.

Dynamics 365 Human Resource is a highly flexible HRM solution that helps to manage your end-to-end practices. Further, it can be integrated seamlessly whether with your existing system or Microsoft applications.

Enable connected human resourcing and recruitment practices to drive a transparent and parallel approach across your HRM practices from onboarding to compensation management, leaves & compliances management, payroll & employee performance management to training, and more.

With AI-insights and depth analytics, strengthen your HR persons to make proactive decisions in terms of monitoring workforce performance to support appraisal process, manage regulatory compliances, and more to maximize employee productivity as well as to support the overall organizational growth at scale.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources Features

Optimize your workforce, maximize resource utilization, and drive an agile approach across your organization.

By implementing Dynamics 365 Human Resources, enterprises can engage & onboard the right talent and can build a productive workspace by effectively utilizing AI insights.

Improve Employee

Strengthen your HRM by providing the right set of tools to support day-to-day HR practices. With D365 HRM solution, streamline your employee data, drive employee engagement and allow your workforce with self-servicing to boost employees' overall workspace experience.

Smoothen HR

With the help of AI, enterprises can boost their employees' productivity, implement required changes, and adapt the required process flow for smoother HR practices.


D365 Human Resource is designed and offered with the flexibility to be integrated with any partner solutions to introduce or maximize agility in your organization, automate your HR data, streamline your end-to-end HRM practices while ensuring data security and compliance.

Gain Workforce

Enterprises can centralize their HRM data, monitor employees' activities, and can improve their overall workplace experience with the help of real-time AI insights, key reporting capabilities, and more.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources Service

Dynamics 365 Human Resources Services

Manage your workforce, maximize resource utilization, bring organizational agility, engage and onboard the right talent, leverage valuable AI insights to craft a better workspace with Dynamics 365 Human Resources.



Improve and accelerate your human resource processes by implementing Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

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Configure your system with advanced human resource capabilities to upgrade your resource optimization.



Keep optimizing your resources and drive a smoother flow in your organization with our Dynamics 365 support services.

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Drive new business challenges by implementing Dynamics 365 Human Resources

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Dynamics 365 Human Resources

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Dynamics 365 Human Resources Self-Service

  • Employee and manager self-service capabilities

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