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Dynamics 365 Business Central vs SAP Business One

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If you’re looking to choose between Dynamics 365 Business Central and SAP Business One, it’s important to focus on the needs of your business.

Businesses looking to buy an ideal ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system are concerned about the total implementation cost (TCO), vendor reliability, usability features, product reliability, application updates, and user reviews, along with other aspects.

Dynamics 365 Business Central vs SAP Business One

Dynamics 365 Business Central and SAP Business One: Comparison

Small and Medium-size Businesses (SMBs) often struggle to maintain healthy margins while expanding and streamlining their operational functionalities. SMBs might have to deal with organization-wide communication issues, difficulties in responding to customers’ requirements; and complexities in monitoring and managing inventory.

Besides, most enterprises have to deploy and manage multiple software systems for seamlessly storing their digital data sources, installed across the departments. Emerging SMBs need smart business management applications, like ERP platforms, while executing their expansion strategies. Organizations aim to enhance customer engagements, improve workflows, and minimize the operating time of business processes.

Dynamics 365 Business Central vs SAP Business One: Difference 

Are you looking for the Right ERP Solution for your Enterprise, but not sure about choosing between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and SAP Business One?

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Team Dynamics Square has identified two ERP solutions for SMBs that are leading the market – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (or D365 BC), and SAP Business One (or SAP B1). The team explored a few noteworthy features of both these tools to assist enterprises in evaluating and selecting the most appropriate ERP solution for their business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV) is Microsoft’s recent launch as a cloud-first ERP application that focuses strongly on advanced UX (User Experience) / UI (User Interface). Businesses of every size, across a wide range of industries, prefer Dynamics 365 BC for its smart capabilities to support a broader array of enterprise models.
SAP Business One is an ERP solution designed and developed by SAP SE and comprises straightforward tools, interfaces, and features with a conventional appearance and feel. SAP B1 primarily targets small to medium-size enterprises, as its functionalities are tailor-made to accommodate the business needs of this business segment.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Vs  SAP Business One Comparative Chart


D365 BC


Ease of Use

Numerous flexible tools and features with user-friendly and web-based UI

Standardized and conventional features with comparatively complicated UI

Integration and Implementation

Seamlessly syncs with other Microsoft applications, and is also compatible with third-party solutions

Users need to rely primarily on third-party and SAP applications

Best For

All business sizes across multiple domains

Small and Medium-size Enterprises

Add-On Applications

More than 750

Just around 40

Customer Service

Complete support, including training

Support without training

Pricing Options

Monthly and one-time payment options, along with quote based costing

Primarily quote based pricing

Platform Support

Desktop, Mobile, Tablets, and Cloud

Desktop, Mobile, Tablets, and Cloud

Business Central and SAP Business One Features

Pros and Cons – Dynamics 365 BC


  • Comprises smart features geared towards scalability and customizations;
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies;
  • Includes web-based UI for user-friendly interfacing;
  • Compatible with a wide array of devices;
  • Numerous payment options as well as a quote-based pricing model;
  • Seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products ;
  • Smart features enable flawless integration with third-party apps.


  • Web-based UI may affect businesses operating in regions with weak  infrastructure;
  • It may be expensive for SMBs if they opt to use all the features;
  • Integrating non-Microsoft applications may be an issue due to limited options availability;

Pros and Cons – SAP B1


  • More appropriate for small and medium-sized enterprises that need standardized features;
  • Cost-effective variant for large businesses that require straightforward features without any need for future enhancements;
  • Includes basic applications with all the core ERP functionalities and easy to modify tools;
  • Comprises interactive dashboards along with other data storage and report writing tools;
  • Integrates seamlessly with most third-party applications;
  • Faster integration and implementation since features are standard.


  • Understanding SAP and all its functionalities may take longer;
  • Complicated UI is not intuitive and less engaging;
  • Effectively a costly tool with a lack of flexibility in features and minimal customizations;
  • Only quote-based pricing is available.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central outshines SAP Business One. Dynamics 365 BC ensures flexibility, and scalability, along with lower implementation and ownership costs, while extending various advantages to both SMBs and large size enterprises. Besides, Dynamics 365 BC enables easy access to a plethora of future-proof tools that allow enterprises to accomplish all their business aspiration. All these elements make D365 BC the best fit for most organizations.

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