Dynamics 365 Business Central Advantages & Capabilities

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a tool that has been used by small to medium businesses from all over the world for the proper management and operations of different organizations. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can ensure that your company is benefited in the best way.


Dynamics 365 Business Central Advantages

Without Silos

It helps in connecting different businesses while providing a boost to efficiency with the help of automated tasks as well as workflows in the best way. The interface of Microsoft is associated with the software along with other integrations such as Outlook, Excel, and Word.

Actionable Insights

You can now get a full view of your business with properly connected data as well as business analytics along with Microsoft's guidance.

Evolved Solutions

Now you can get started with adapting and growing the business in real-time with the help of a properly flexible platform that can help in extending the company and meeting the needs that it has.

Why Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed for SMBs and can be the perfect choice if you're looking for an all-in-one solution.

    • Ledger Creation You can create a ledger for the company and start the posting process. You can also include different features such as general journals, recurring journals, VAT facilities, accounts charts, as well as source codes.
    • Budgets You get to work with different budgets related to the ledger accounts.
    • Deferrals Easy to set up templates available for deferrals which you can easily automate in order to find the process of deferring revenues along with the right schedule.
    • Fixed Assets You can now keep track of related transactions as well as certain fixed assets such as depreciation, acquisitions, disposals, appreciations, write-downs, and much more.
    • Audit Trails Your software will assign certain audit trails automatically as well as post descriptions of every single transaction that you make. There are reason codes provided for complementary trails.
    • Management of Bank Accounts You can easily manage, create, as well as operate different bank accounts in order to cater to the needs of the business.
    • Reconciliation This is your chance to reconcile different bank statements and data automatically to the ledger that you have created.
    • Currencies It is easy to manage different currencies throughout different systems that include receivables and payables, resources, inventories, and much more.
    • Dimensions You can easily add different dimensions to the ledger in order to analyze advanced transactions.

  • Production Orders It is easy to manage after creating different production orders as well as outputs of such orders.
  • Version Management Manage after creating different versions of the material bill versions as well as routings.
  • Supply Planning You can plan for different requirements of materials on the basis of the demand as well as achieve support for the scheduling and planning.
  • Agile Manufacturing You are able to plan different rush hours, make certain exceptions as well as handle different changes made last minute to the planning and processes.
  • Demand Forecasting Create and plan different purchase and production orders, after taking the demand forecast into consideration along with the inventory availability as well as planning.
  • Capacity Planning Add certain capacities to the process of manufacturing. You can create routings and use them for production orders.
  • Machine Centers Capacity can be managed on different levels with the help of machine centers.
  • Finite Loading Take certain constraints of capacity into consideration so that work is properly assigned to different work centers within the given period of time.

  • Campaigns Easy to create different campaigns on the basis of the contacts that you have in the company.
  • Contacts Maintain a particular overview of different contacts and easily record different pieces of information for your business contacts and relationships.
  • Opportunity Management You can keep a track of different sales opportunities and create processes that will help in the proper management of these.
  • Sales Integration Dynamics 365 has integrations for Sales companies in order to properly synchronize all the data such as measurable units, sales orders, availability of items, and much more.

  • Management of Sales Orders You will easily be able to manage different sales orders, processes, and others.
  • Receivables The transactions taking place post-sales in the journals can be managed easily as receivables.
  • Management of Purchase Order Manage all the orders of purchases and processes.
  • Locations Inventory can be managed easily in different locations that can properly be represented with a center of the distribution, production plant, retail outlet, showroom, and warehouse.
  • Item Transfers You can track the inventory as it can be moved from one particular location to another and then account for the entire value of your inventory in transit for different locations.
  • Warehousing Manage your warehouse in the best way with Business Central.

  • Resources Easy to sell and register different resources, create combinations with related resources as well as track the different resources.
  • Estimates Monitor the usage of resources in order to get a proper view of the capacity of the company.
  • Jobs Keep a watchful eye on the data related to jobs or the invoicing of the customer. You will be able to properly manage all kinds of jobs.
  • Time Sheets These are pretty flexible and simple in nature for the registration of time.

  • Price Management Monitor, maintain, and set up the prices of the services.
  • Service Orders Service requests, service orders, dues, and requests for repair.
  • Item Management Keep a track of all the related items of services such as contract information, BOM reference, component management as well as warranty information.
  • Contract Management Keep a record of certain details related to service levels, discount levels, and response times.
  • Planning You can assign the personnel to different log details and work orders.
  • Dispatching You can also manage the information related to the field technician and service personnel according to the skills, stock items, and availability.

  • Multiple Languages Talk to different clients in different languages with a long list of available languages in the software.
  • Reason Codes Create particular reason codes for assigning to different individual transactions in the best way.
  • Extended Texts Create different lines for providing a description of resources, inventory items, as well as accounts of the general ledger.
  • Intrastat Reporting Retrieve data automatically for reporting Intrastat information to authorities in the statistics department.
  • Outlook Integration You can now easily synchronize all the to-do items on the meetings, contacts, and tasks as well as something else. See Also - Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation

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