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Streamline across your business practices to maximize growth potential, drive sustainability, and improve outcomes by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution for SMBs enabling them to optimize sales, finance, services, operations, human resources, and more. Business Central helps automate, accelerate, and simplify your process and optimize operations to ensure maximized revenue outcomes and scalability.

Enhance your finance capabilities with Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation. With Business Central, enterprises can improve their financial visibility, accelerate their decision-making process, and faster their operational flow while maximizing their profitability and reducing financial risks. Seamlessly-Manage-Your-Financials
With a 360-degree view into your entire supply chain practices, enterprises can optimize their inventory levels, analyze & fulfill demand, and faster time to market. D365 Business central allows enterprises to utilize advanced analytics to proactively plan and schedule production. Automate-Streamline-Supply-Chain
Improve and enlarge your customer services with AI-embedded solutions that encourage and help to boost your sales. Dynamics 365 Business Central equips you with connected services that helps to improve your customer experience and generate trust for the long run. Sell-Smarter-with-Improved-Customer-Service
Enlarge your business capabilities and support your business potentials with simplified practices, real-time visibility, and seamless team collaboration through implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central. With Business Central, optimize operations, identify scope, and track your process accuracy in real-time. Optimize-Accelerate-Operations
Streamline your project cycle from price quoting to forecasting, estimating costing to identifying scope, and more. D365 Business Central enables you to have a real-time view into your project management, end-to-end project automation while ensuring timely project delivery followed with global compliance. Streamline Projects & Under Budget
Unlock your manufacturing potential by implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central. Predict demand, improve capacity, and streamline your distribution model to maximize your sales and impact your revenue output while reducing operational costs and minimizing risks or uncertainties. business central cash flow dashboard


Reasons for Moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?


An Integrated Business Approach

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete business solution package that helps enterprises seamlessly connect & operate processes while optimizing growth and scalability.


Sound Customer Experience

D365 Business Central comes with customer-driven features whereby you can connect & engage potential customers in real-time while providing flexibility to remain connected using cross-devices.


Simplified Reporting & Analytics

Leveraging inbuilt reporting and analytics capabilities, enable your workforce to make instant yet productive decisions. To enrich reporting with visuals, integrate your Business Central with Power BI.


Customization & Integration

Business Central comes with easy-to-customize capabilities addressing your specific business needs. Enterprises can also utilize seamless integration with existing systems as well as Microsoft’s products.

Deep-dive into Dynamics 365 Business Central Features


Deploy Microsoft D365 Business Central in the cloud or on-premises – on any device, anywhere.
Enrich your system with Business Central implementation to support your continuously growing practices.


Upgrade your system to upgrade your business capabilities and carry out your potentials.


Ensure your business is growing at its peak with no interruptions through our Fully-equipped support.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central Pricing & Licensing

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Dynamics 365 Business Central


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Premium Features

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Why choose D365 Business Central over an Accounting Software?


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Business Central FAQ's​

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete business solution package that comes with both on-cloud and on-premised facilitation and is designed to support and drive entire enterprise practices. Business Central is simple to use as comprising excel-like functionality, thereby, advanced excel users can instantly start leveraging the Business Central capabilities. It empowers enterprises to streamline and automate their tasks and processes by enabling connected and collaborated experience. With Business Central, enterprises can manage their end-to-end process flow from finance and supply chain to sales, warehousing, project management, manufacturing & distribution to project automation, reporting & analytics, and more.

Dynamics NAV is a former version of Business Central embraced with enhanced features and modernized business management capabilities while comprising the core features of Dynamics NAV. To implement Business Central or upgrade your NAV to Business Central, connect with our experts today.

If you are willing to upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics Square can implement a highly configured solution for your business. Upgrading to Dynamics 365 either from NAV or other existing systems requires experts’ practices and years of proficiency. Team at Dynamics Square comprises all the required skill sets and years of expertise to implement a solution fulfilling your customized business needs.

For more clarification or avail of our free system health check, call us today, we can help.

Business Central is designed and configured to support all the industries from E-commerce to food & beverages, Manufacturing & Distribution, Professional Services to Non-Profit. Business Central could be a quite effective deal for Startups too if you are willing to jumpstart your business and start simplifying and enabling automation in your practices from the very initial.

To know more about how Business Central can be implemented for your specific industry to drive an effective and efficient approach throughout your business premises, connect to our professionals today.

When you plan for Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation, your pricing may vary depending on your process requirement and the complexity of your business flow. Here are the standard options available for buying Business Central:

Essential– You will be charged $70 per user/per month for the Business Central essential plan.

Premium– Premium plan will ask you to pay $100 per user/per month.

To know which plan would be a cost-effective and process-efficient deal for your business, just call our experts, we are here to help.

Dynamics Square has a highly embedded support system to provide timely, efficient, and flexible support to our clients. Whether your requirement goes for end-user training, prepaid hour support, or ad-hoc support, we believe in a flexible support model suited to your specific requirement and budget.

To know more about how our support model works and which support plan could be a vital one for your business, connect to our experts today.

Business Central is an all-in-one solution for all your business requirements. With D365 Business Central, enterprises can manage their entire practices including sales, finance, customers, manufacturing, supply chain, project operations, human resources, and reporting & analytics.

Since Business Central is quite flexible and thereby, can be integrated with any of Microsoft’s applications as well as with your existing system configurations. Thus, if your requirement goes for advanced reporting capabilities, then Power BI is the high-end solution to drive so. Enterprises can integrate their Business Central with Power BI to drive effective reporting strategies and avail of required key analytics to strengthen their decision-making.

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