Dynamics 365 Telecommunication Accelerator: A Powerful Solution for the Telecom Industry

The Dynamics 365 Telecommunications Accelerator is an extension of Microsoft's Dynamics 365 and Power Platform that caters particularly to the telecommunications industry.

It provides a Common Data Model extension that allows network operators and their partners to develop solutions for effectively managing subscribers, services, and network operations.

The accelerator allows telecom providers to strategize, monitor, and document regular maintenance operations within their networks which leads to improving network efficiency.

According to a report by Grand View Research, the global digital transformation market is expected to reach USD 4,617.78 billion by 2030, with a projected CAGR of 27.6% from 2024 to 2030.

This implies that every business will be affected by this influence, and that includes the telecommunications industry.

Telecommunications Data Model Entities

The Dynamics 365 Telecommunications Accelerator extends the Common Data Model to offer an expedited process for developing solutions in the telecommunications industry. Let’s explore the primary entities that this accelerator includes:

1. Geographic Address: A postal address formatted according to the conventions of a particular worldwide region, such as North America, the United Kingdom, or Australia. The data contains geographical coordinates and locality details that determine the governing legislative authority.

2. Geographic Location: It provides a description of a specific location by utilizing coordinates, points, lines, or spaces. Attributes include geometry type, accuracy, spatial references, encoded points, metadata, grid numbers, and center.

3. Geographic Place: It represents either a geographical address or geographical location using geospatial coordinates. It serves as a parent entity for Local Place.

4. Geographic Point: It contains geospatial coordinates (Latitude, Longitude) forming a point within a Geographic Location.

5. Geographic Sub Address: This entity provides additional details for Geographic Address, such as private street names, building names, levels, and subunit numbers.

6. External System: It represents a third-party system, app, or data source from which data is imported or integrated

These entities help manage subscribers, services, and network operations solutions. If you’re working in the telecom industry, this accelerator can be a valuable starting point!

To obtain additional information, please refer to the official documentation on the Dynamics 365 Telecommunications Accelerator.

Telco Sales Solutions

The Telco Sales solution in Dynamics 365 is developed to cater to the telecommunications industry's requirements. It extends the standard Dynamics 365 Sales application by incorporating unique features specifically designed for telecom operations. Here are some key aspects of the Telco Sales solution:

1. Lead Management

The solution improves and optimizes lead management with the help of automation. It features built-in service availability checks, resource and network mapping, and address lookups.

2. Customized Features

  • Service Address Tracking: It allows tracking of service addresses.
  • Street Address Normalization: It ensures consistent and accurate street address formats.
  • Lead Qualification: It streamlines lead qualification processes that are specific to telecom operators.
  • Integration with Dynamics 365 Sales: The Telco Sales solution integrates with the out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales application which enhances it with telco-specific entities.

3. Sample Apps

The solution includes two model-driven sample apps:

  • Place Management: It is a standalone app for address and network management.
  • Telco Sales: It is an integrated app that expands Dynamics 365 for Sales with telco entities.

In summary, the Telco Sales solution allows telecom operators to efficiently manage leads, track service addresses, and enhance their sales processes with the help of Dynamics 365.

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Plant Maintenance Solution

The Plant Maintenance solution in the Dynamics 365 Telecommunications Accelerator lets plant operators easily plan repeated maintenance activities. This optimization of operations helps operators respond to audit and liability questions by tracking maintenance activities.

The accelerator expands the Common Data Model by introducing entities related to telecommunications, like Geographic Address, Geographic Location, and Geographic Place. These additions are crucial for handling tasks related to physical locations, service territories, network assets, and addresses of customers.

In Dynamics 365 Telecommunications, the Plant Maintenance module includes several key features:

1. Maintenance Types

You can define different maintenance types, such as warranty, contractual, and compliance. These types can be aligned with specific maintenance plans.

2. Network Resources

Operators can define various types of network resources, including optical network units, antennas, and switches. This helps track where these resources are deployed, which accounts they serve, and their manufacturers.

3. Maintenance Scheduling

The newest version of the telecommunications accelerator lets plant operators quickly plan recurring maintenance tasks.

4. Repeatable Tasks

The most recent version lets operators quickly plan repeating maintenance activities. Along with simplifying processes, this facilitates audit and liability tracking.

5. Extended Data Model

The accelerator consists of an extended data model with entities and attributes specific to telcos. Operators can tie services and products and deploy network resources to geocoded locations, such as buildings or campuses.

Remember, Dynamics 365 Telecommunications guarantees network dependability and manages maintenance tasks to avoid downtime.

How can Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations be Helpful for the Telecommunications Industry?

Although Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365 F&O) isn't directly integrated into the Telecommunication Accelerator, it can be a great partner tool for telecom companies using the accelerator. Here's why:

  • D365 F&O provides a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, which can manage various back-office functions like inventory, financials, and project management. Telecom businesses can leverage this to manage their network infrastructure resources, track inventory of equipment (routers, cables, etc.), and streamline financial processes related to network operations.
  • Integration potential: Although not directly built-in, there's potential for custom integration between D365 Finance & Operations and the Telecommunication Accelerator. This could allow data exchange between the two platforms, for example, feeding network resource data from the accelerator into F&O for better inventory management.

Here's an example:

Imagine a situation where a technician uses the Telecommunication Accelerator app to schedule maintenance on a cell tower. This action could trigger an automatic update in D365 F&O, reserving the necessary spare parts required for the repair.

This integration would improve operational efficiency and ensure technicians have the right resources on hand.

Overall, Dynamics 365 F&O offers a broader enterprise resource planning solution that can complement the Telecommunication Accelerator's focus on subscriber management, service management, and network operations.

By potentially integrating the two, telecom businesses can gain a more holistic view of their operations and achieve greater efficiency.

How can Dynamics 365 Telecommunication Accelerator Impact Telecommunications Field Service?

The Dynamics 365 Telecommunications Accelerator is designed to enhance telecommunication field service by facilitating better management of services, products, and network resources. Here’s how it impacts the industry:

1. Place Management

The accelerator introduces a new Place entity, combining geographic address, location, and site information. This allows operators to relate services and resources to specific physical locations (e.g., buildings, campuses) within their service areas.

2. Telco Sales

By integrating with the Power Platform, the accelerator helps telcos streamline sales processes, improving visibility and workforce management.

3. Customization and Innovation

Telco-specific use cases can be customized and automated, driving innovation for network operators, internet service providers, and mobile carriers.

To get started, you can install the Dynamics 365 Telecommunications Accelerator from GitHub and follow the steps to enable Azure Maps, embedded canvas apps, and Power BI reports.

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