Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare: Simplify Healthcare Experiences

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is the present as well as the future of the healthcare industry, which can digitalize and simplify complex challenges with cutting-edge technologies. We are no longer able to manage a healthcare business following manual methods of business management.

If you are still doing it, you are losing automation capabilities, team collaboration, simplified business operations, and immense opportunities for growth. Before moving ahead with the Microsoft cloud healthcare system, let’s understand the need for business solutions in the healthcare industry.

Do you remember the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the healthcare systems of most countries failed and some were on the verge of failing?

The year 2020 was a challenge for global healthcare industries that caused a global crisis in health, medicines, and medical equipment. People understood the concepts of social distancing, being quarantined, monitoring health through video calls (virtually), impactful collaboration, and self-care.

After the pandemic, we built a system to deliberately deliver vaccines around the globe as soon as possible, eliminating the barriers. The healthcare industry have made constant changes to make the entire supply chain as efficient as possible.

However, COVID-19 is still in the world with mutated variants, but it isn’t the pandemic anymore. This has become a disease that can be cured with proper vaccination and patient care.

What if we had a solution that could track the performance of the healthcare system, mark areas for improvement, predict failure, give real-time patient data, track medicines from manufacturing companies to patients, and offer a sustainable source of communication?

If so, we would have controlled this pandemic much sooner.

This is the exact situation where Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare comes into play. It is a perfect solution that offers powerful capabilities to streamline the different complex operations of a healthcare business.

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What is Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare?

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Services is a powerful and flexible solution capable of managing a healthcare business from tracking medicines to offering a smooth patient care experience.

It comes with a list of robust capabilities that include streamlined collaboration of patients with healthcare experts, full patient data security, global compliance friendliness, and ease of coordination throughout the healthcare journey.

Microsoft cloud services for healthcare come with in-built AI and BI technologies to get real-time data insights and make actionable decisions to attain enhanced performance.

With cloud-based deployments, you can establish a sustainable communication channel between people, enable your workforce to leverage AI-enabled tools, and utilize data analytics at their best. These capabilities empower a business to achieve maximum efficiency, embrace productivity, and increase ROI.

Microsoft Cloud Service for Healthcare Providers

Microsoft Cloud Service for Healthcare Providers offers numerous capabilities, among which some are discussed below.

1. Clinical Documentation

Utilize clinical intelligence to establish communication with the patients and track their activities. Also, you can integrate the clinical speech recognition add-ons for ease of communication.

Even so, you can utilize Nuance Dragon Medical Advisor, a computer-operated physician documentation program, to receive reliable and relatable real-time support.

2. Enhance Team Productivity

Establish communication with the patient to transfer the right information to the right authority while maintaining a streamlined communication channel. Also, it lets you optimize team performance and find gaps in the treatment process.

3. Strong Diagnostic Capabilities

Collect and centralize the diagnostics of a patient to let the care team focus on critical measures. You can even upload or store the diagnostic reports so that anyone can access the data from anywhere and anytime, promoting a good patient experience.

4. Patient Health Data Management

Analyze the existing patient data to find new growth opportunities leveraging the functionalities of AI, actionable intelligence, and machine learning. With accurate clinical analytics, you can streamline financial operations, risk assessment processes, and data modeling capabilities.

5. Establishing Connection with Patient

Connect with patients anytime and anywhere with a responsive mobile application. It enables you to take care of your patients virtually and offers personalized experiences across the wellbeing journey. Also, you can integrate AI-enabled chatbots to schedule appointments and submit documents digitally.

What does Microsoft Cloud have for Patients?

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare connects patients with professionals to deliver an exceptional level of care. It optimizes the core processes, reduces overall costs, and ensures optimum quality with adequate coordination effectiveness.

Some of the core Microsoft Cloud for healthcare features are specifically built for patients.

1. Offer Great Patient Experience

Utilize cognitive AI capabilities to build a platform where a patient can talk to the expert whenever they want. Also, you can avail yourself of a 360-degree view of the activities and interactions that a healthcare executive is performing.

2. Digitalize Patient Operations

Collect and track all healthcare operations using digital means through a secure connection. This data will help you prevent disease and forecast critical illnesses. Based on data, you can build tailored patient care plans while offering a good executive experience.

3. Enhance Workforce Experience

Streamline processes through automation to set up a unified system for data exchange. It will promote you to boost productivity, enhance performance, and maximize patient experience. With real-time process transparency, you can take care of resources and executive management.

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4. Protection of Sensitive Data

Microsoft offers a totally secure platform where you can share and collect data without worrying about threats or data leaks. During the transfer, Microsoft encrypts the data to make it almost impossible to crack and read.

5. Compliance Friendly

International businesses have to follow different compliance and tax norms to perform smooth business across global boundaries. It leverages the latest technologies to automate the process of accepting different compliances while monitoring the complete process.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare – Check-out the Effective Pricing

Microsoft considers this an add-on and is available with a single licensing strategy.

Along with this monthly subscription fee, you need to pay for the subscription to Microsoft Azure based on your data servers.

What will you get with a single license?

  • Reliable healthcare connectors
  • Healthcare customizations and configurations
  • Attractive healthcare templates and effective workflows
  • Data model and API configurations

Also, you need to get some prerequisite licenses for different Microsoft products to avail of certain capabilities of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

As you can see in the above table, to avail yourself of Microsoft Healthcare, you need to purchase licenses of Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Azure.

How can Dynamics Square help you with Microsoft Healthcare Cloud?

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is a perfect solution for the growing healthcare industry. With leading tools and capabilities, it connects patients with healthcare executives, maximizes patient engagement, and protects sensitive data.

With years of experience, Dynamics Square is available to perform successful Dynamics 365 implementations of Microsoft Healthcare solutions. Our experienced consultants have the zeal to eliminate any complex issue with a reliable and sustainable Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM or ERP solution.

Being a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Dynamics Square is just a call away to supercharge your business and boost you towards the growth path.

In case of need, feel free to write us an email at or call us directly at +1 281 899 0865 to get instant support. 

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