What are the Benefits and Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Business leaders who use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales realize the potential of this powerful tool to transform their ways of doing business, connect departments, simplify data reporting, and automate sales processes that lead to growth and sustainability.  

"Utilize cloud computing for real-time data availability and intelligent decision-making with Dynamics 365 Sales." 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales: What Is It? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (formerly known as Dynamics CRM) helps organizations increase end-to-end sales practices, build better customer relationships, and close deals faster.  

With actionable sales insights configured for mobile devices, Dynamics 365 for sales helps to make instant productive decisions, engage customers, and drive effective sales strategy. 

Aside from simplifying sales, Microsoft is also looking to redefine the user experience. In addition, Microsoft developed a cloud-based software solution with the mixed capabilities of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM - Dynamics 365 Sales. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales features that empower sellers to: 

  • Seamlessly & effectively manage sales.  
  • Close sales deals faster. 
  • Drive personal engagement with customers. 
  • Use data to make data-driven decisions and communicate the actual data to sales teams. 
  • Take mature decisions to manage inventory & revamp manufacturing. 
  • Establish strong CRM, ERP, and more.  

Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is Microsoft Azure Cloud-based (a cloud computing service operated and managed by Microsoft) business application. It can connect all SaaS (Software as a Service) apps and services to transform how organizations and customers communicate.  

Dynamics 365 for Sales benefits 

Business Growth  

Increase revenue while reducing acquisition costs by leveraging intelligent insights and business processes. Before talking to a supplier, customers are 57% halfway through the buying process. 

Sales Focused 

Avoid distractions in a fast-paced sales environment. Approximately 70% of sales representatives consider their jobs highly complex. 

Faster Wins 

Collaboration and productivity in sales can help close deals faster and generate more revenue. Nearly 67% of sales reps' time goes on non-selling activities.  

Capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Sales  

Actionable Insights 

Make sense of big and complex data with the Dynamics 365 for Sales functionalities. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales application uses data intelligently and provides sellers with actionable contextual insights they can understand.  

Customer insights get converted into the context of customer relationships, so it's easy to focus on what's important and drive personal engagement. 

Prospect and Lead Prioritization 

The Versium Predict platform combines enterprise account and sales data with business and customer life data and machine learning, giving your sales teams the ability to:  

  • Deciding which leads are the most important to pursue. 
  • Identify and gather new prospects. 
  • Data accuracy and completeness are ensured for multichannel campaigns. 

Relationship Health 

Get smarter about selling with Dynamics 365 for Sales by revealing true relationship health and risk data and adopting the next-best actions while allowing the sales team to focus on the most important prospects and customers. 

Pre-built dashboards and reports from Power BI (Business Intelligence) provide drill-down, interactive, and visual capabilities to make actionable insights quickly accessible to sales teams. 

Social Media Tracking 

Make the most of social selling to spot buying signals, evaluate competitive threats, build social authority, stay up to date with changing market conditions, find quality leads, and more.  

Additionally, keep an eye on buzz volume and trends, and perform sentiment analysis using Dynamics 365 for Sales features.  

Customer Intelligence 

Build customer engagement more personal and effective using customer insights from Dynamics 365 Sales. A dedicated dashboard tailored for sales brings everyone in the organization to the same page. 

Relationship Management 

Build relationships with buyers by engaging them authentically and personally. By unifying the sales experience around relationships, sellers can deliver one of the most attentive customer experiences on the market today. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration 

Discover the power of LinkedIn's over 500 million professional members. Take advantage of colleagues' social networks to identify, understand, and connect with buyers.  

By continuously understanding and responding to customer needs, you can build trust. Manage relationships at scale with unified data and processes that make it easy to grow and expand relationships.  

Relationship Assistant 

The relationship health score provides a clearer picture of each customer relationship based on the wealth of data gathered from CRM, email, and social networks, including transactions, customer sentiment, emails, and content exchanged.  

Observe the strength and trend of each relationship to proactively focus on the relationships that need extra attention. 

Email Intelligence 

Get insights about your customers by analyzing their email interactions. Knowing which contacts are most receptive to engaging with you, you can figure out which emails are opened, replied to, or attached. 

Content Personalization 

 Make personalized sales documents faster and easier by searching for and creating them online. As you work on different projects, relevant content is sent to you.  

Create personalized content using familiar Office 365 tools. The opportunity you are working on should provide access to sales documents directly. 

Sales Productivity 

Automate sales processes using an intuitive interface and Microsoft Office integration for greater revenue, increased productivity, and lower costs. 

Sales Process 

Optimize the sales efforts by automating the sales process and implementing a guided sales process. Embedded business processes will help you close deals faster.  

Help and guidance across the web and mobile apps that are rich, context-sensitive, and easy to use can increase user adoption. 

Opportunity Management 

From smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs manage customers and deals wherever and however, you like. 

Salespeople can use familiar and preferred tools to carry out tasks in Dynamics 365 for Sales using Office 365 apps. See contextual sales data, including activities, cases, and opportunities, with incoming emails in Outlook and Outlook Web Access. 

When it's time to run a what-if analysis, open sales data in Excel, make changes and save them to Dynamics 365 for Sales.  

Lead qualification or prepared for customer meetings with accurate 3rd party firmographics, news, and exciting events embedded in your accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities. 

Sales Mobility 

It's smarter to sell anytime, anywhere, even offline. Get context-driven news, social data, and task flows for completing frequent tasks quickly with rich, modern mobile apps. Create records, schedule meetings, set reminders, and quickly find information with intuitive, natural voice commands.  

You can still get your work done even if your Internet connection is interrupted. Offline editing, updating, and deleting of records is possible. It is possible to synchronize local changes by automatically replaying offline actions. During connection and offline transitions, you'll experience seamless transitions. 

Partner Management 

Engage, enable, and activate your partner channel to recruit and onboard new partners.  

Develop a successful channel strategy by accelerating partnership revenue and meeting strategic goals.  

By providing partners with the dashboard, you can keep track of conversations across opportunities, cases, and other relevant information to which the vendor has granted access.  

Vendors have early pipeline visibility through deal registration and are authorized to offer additional discounts, rebates, and benefits to help them win deals. Maximize selling and implementation expertise by allowing multiple partners to collaborate on the same opportunity.  

Sales Performance 

Nurture success by creating a culture of success. With real-time analytics and predictive information, you can accelerate sales performance. Recruit, train, coach, and motivate your team with just a few clicks.  

Seller Onboarding 

Using business process management and interactive help and documentation, ease onboarding and align sales behavior with best practices.  

In addition to learning how to use the Sales application, it's a great resource. It's also ideal for determining your organization's specific sales processes and immediate priorities.  

Sales Effectiveness 

Providing feedback in real-time, monitoring results, and setting goals will help you achieve your numbers. Correct deviations from the plan with quota setting and analytical dashboards.  

Utilize immersive Excel and pre-built templates without leaving the Sales application. 

Reports and Dashboards 

Q&As in natural language help you find answers quickly. Analyze all data independently, without requiring technical assistance. Getting started is a breeze with pre-built Power BI sales templates.  

The at-a-glance dashboards, contextual charts, and graphs right inside Dynamics 365 for Sales helps sales managers get insights quickly about sales performance in addition to Power BI. It is also possible to create charts and graphs on the fly.  


Increase productivity, performance, and adoption of business applications. Involving employees in fun and engaging team-based competitions motivates employees and engages all employees. Ensure accountability by placing web, mobile, and TV monitors in high-traffic areas.  

Ready for the change? 

Get more information about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales by contacting Dynamics Square. Being Microsoft Gold Partner, we help businesses with a stress-free D365 Sales implementation, training and support.

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