Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management: What Is It?

“If you’re looking for a centralized approach to managing your supply chain, you need Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (or D365 SCM). It is an integrated supply chain ERP solution. D365 SCM makes your supply chain more intelligent and helps you overcome current and future challenges with ease. Explore this blog for more.”

Your business is growing like never before, but your operational efficiency is not as you expected. Why? Maybe you lack an adequate system, support, or functional capability that can do magic.

Or maybe you’ve outgrown your current ERP system and you have no idea that it needs an upgrade.

Today, businesses need highly connected business applications like Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (formerly, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations).

For growing businesses, it is essential to have real-time visibility to optimize their end-to-end processes and resources to drive profitability at scale. Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management comes with built-in business intelligence (BI) and process automation capability. It helps enterprises to optimize their process flow and resource utilization.

To support an organization’s business continuity, this supply chain solution from Microsoft could be a proven, efficient deal. This robust solution enables businesses to drive operational success and bring agility into their manufacturing & distribution processes.

Further, it empowers your employees to quickly solve customer issues and ensure satisfactory customer fulfillment by bringing transparency into the warehousing and service department.

If you’re a business that caters to thousands of transactions per day and involves complex operations to handle, this blog is worth a read. Let’s get to the bottom of what Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management really is!

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management or D365 SCM (formerly Dynamics AX) is a cloud-based, enterprise-scale supply chain solution. With its help, operations leaders can transform the ways of managing their manufacturing and supply chain processes.

This supply chain ERP acts as a single source of information that uses AI-driven predictive insights and the Internet of Things (IoT) across planning, production, stock, warehouse, and transportation management. If you’re looking to maximize operational efficiency, product quality, and profitability for your business, Dynamics 365 SCM can be the answer to your quest.

What are the Capabilities of Dynamics 365 SCM?

Dynamics 365 SCM is the successor to both Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 F&O. Thus, it is more powerful than its predecessors, and other similar ERP solutions in the market.

Here are the core functions and capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management:

Maximized Asset Uptime and Accelerate Time to Market: With Dynamics 365 SCM, you can bring the power of AI and IoT intelligence to automate your manufacturing processes, reduce machine downtime, and accelerate the time to market your products. You can perform production planning in real-time with the Planning Optimization Preview feature in D365 SCM.

Enhanced warehouse management: Supply Chain Management isn’t merely about inventory and logistics. You need solutions to go beyond that. Use machine learning models to quickly figure out out-of-stock or overstock situations to effectively manage stock management.

AI-Embedded Manufacturing for Optimized Production Performance: Using the IoT Intelligence Preview feature in D365 SCM, manufacturers can identify potential machine issues, prevent machine downtime, and enhance product quality.

Increase the lifespan of Your Assets: Maximize equipment lifespan and enhance performance by utilizing Asset Management Preview, which employs IoT and mixed reality to predict, schedule and conduct maintenance.

Employ Automation for Simplified Supply Chain: With predictive analytics features, businesses can enhance their supply chain at par. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management can automate core SCM tasks such as fulfillment, material sourcing, logistics processes, and more. It ultimately leads to optimized planning and product delivery.

On-the-go Business Management with Cloud Services: Access real-time information on any device, simplify business process changes, streamline integration with legacy systems, ensure global compliance, easily scale up or down as needed, and manage your business on-the-go.

Pricing and Licensing Options for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Microsoft cares for every business out there and has come up with industry-specific licensing options.

Here is the per user/per app or per business process pricing model for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management:

Get in touch with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner like Dynamics Square for more information regarding the pricing and licensing of Dynamics 365.

What are the Next Steps?

When it comes to managing your continuously growing supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing & distribution practices, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Solution could be the best investment – not for today but for tomorrow too.

If you want your supply chain the way you have imagined, D365 SCM can be a highly productive solution for your business to support your current market adoption and globally expand your business capabilities with seamlessness, reliability, and agility.

Curious to see this next-gen SCM ERP application in action? Connect with our Dynamics 365 Experts to schedule a FREE demo.

Note: If you’re using Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, but need the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, you can attach a license for $30 per user/month.

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