What is Microsoft Build? Everything you need to know about

Microsoft organizes the annual developer conference known as Microsoft Build (often seen as //build/). During this event, Microsoft announces updates for services and platforms for office 365, Windows 11, and Azure cloud platforms. Earlier Microsoft Build was live in Seattle, but from 2020 onwards, it became a virtual event due to the pandemic. Microsoft Build was held on the 24th - 26th May 2022.

This article covers the information presented by Satya Nadella during his keynote speech on the first day of the Microsoft Build event.

What is Microsoft Build?

Microsoft Build is an annual conference event held by Microsoft, enabling the community of developers and software engineers to discover the latest innovations in code and application.

Every year, Microsoft brings software engineers, developers, and IT professionals to the annual developer conference. Microsoft Build happened in May; on the first day, it is live-streamed and features the most consumer-facing announcements, while the remaining developers take training sessions and can view this training session online. For the last couple of years, Build has been conducted virtually, and similarly, in 2022, it happened as a virtual event.

Here's a short video summarizing Satya Nadella's 2022 Build Keynote:

What are the 10 key features of Microsoft Build 2022?

Microsoft Build does not have any registration fees. Earlier, there was an entry fee, but now MS Build is free.

Since the pandemic started, most technological events began online, and the benefits of an online event are that you can attend from anywhere in the World.

Please have a look at takeaways from Microsoft Build highlights. On day one of Microsoft Build, Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft, delivered a keynote speech, and he shared 10 key technologies coming together as a powerful platform for developers to help build what’s next.

  • Developer Flow 
  • Cloud Ubiquity
  • App Ubiquity
  • Cloud-native
  • Unified data
  • Models as platforms
  • Hybrid AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Low code / no-code
  • Collaborative Apps
  • Metaverse

Let's deep dive into Microsoft Build Key Feartures

1. Developer flow

The basic flow chart for the transformation is as follows, and this can be set up complaints, secured, and up to date dev box to resolve a bug in any existing complex projects or start a new project. 

The primary developer flow is – Idea > Code > Cloud > World

GitHub Codespaces was introduced in 2021. To develop applications for PC, mobile, embedded devices, and consoles, Microsoft announced Microsoft Dev Box built on Windows 365 for a compliant and secured environment. It is compatible with Azure game development VMs.

It is assumed that by this summer, for general use, GitHub copilot, an AI pair programmer, is expected to be available; GitHub copilot was introduced as a preview version in 2021.

2. Cloud ubiquity

Azure is the World's computer and delivers fast tracks. Microsoft's CEO also informs the use of Azure Machine Learning by evaluating the flaws in astronauts' gloves at NASA. Nadella said that for the general availability (public use), Azure Arc-enabled SQL managed instances business-critical are now available. In preview mode, Azure Arc-enabled app services are available.

3. App ubiquity

Microsoft CEO announces the Microsoft Store ads. You can choose to use a commerce engine with industry-leading revenue share or bring your commerce engine to your apps and keep 100% of your revenue. He further added that if you are targeting Windows, you are effectively targeting any device. Microsoft Store ads help maximize an app's reach to the target audience. 

You can access your windows application on any device with Windows 365 and Azure computing. Microsoft integrates Windows 365 with Windows 11 to allow the user to switch in just one click between a local PC and a cloud PC.

4. Cloud-native

Microservices help the team build, deliver, and scale applications faster than traditional architecture. For developing cloud-native applications, the microservices consider a baby step. 

Azure container apps are available for general use; this is a serverless container for microservices and can manage to deploy and build modern apps. It allows:

  • Build modern apps on open source
  • Focus on apps, not infrastructure
  • Scale dynamically based on events

5. Unified data

The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform was introduced to fill the gap between Data Governance, Analytics, and Operational databases. It accelerates innovation, achieves agility, builds on a trusted platform, and based on users' interests; it can provide customized product recommendations in an e-commerce application.

It integrates all data services with Microsoft Purview unified data governance. It creates a unified map of your data across hybrid sources, discovers data that powers business insights, and gains insight into sensitive data across your organization.

6. Models as Platform

Azure is useful for building powerful supercomputers in the World and training oversized state-of-the-art AI models; large AI models are becoming a powerful platform. Models constructed by Microsoft are:

  • Turing: Rich language understanding.
  • Z-code: Language translation.
  • Florence: Breakthrough visual recognition.

Open AI trains:

  • GPT: Human-like language generation.
  • DALL-E: Realistic image generation.
  • Codex Advanced code generation.

Azure Cognitive Services:

  • Vision Service
  • Speech Service
  • Language Service
  • Decision Service

Azure Translator:

  • Documentation Translation
  • Azure Applied AI Services:
  • Cognitive Search
  • Form Recognizer
  • Immersive Read
  • Bot Service
  • Video Analyzer

7. Hybrid AI

The next-generation Windows computer uses the combination power –

  • CPU
  • GPU
  • NPU
  • Azure compute

Hybrid Loop Development pattern announcing Project Volterra; it is a powerful cross-platform development platform for building AI experiences. This pattern allows making late binding runtime decisions.

8. Low code/no-code

Express design in power apps allows to convert the hand-drawn sketches, PDF, or PowerPoint into applications; can customize it such as adding more screens. It does not require writing even a single code, this productivity in the application. 

Power Pages allow to make websites faster; they can be built without boundaries, able to share and snap-in new capabilities.

9. Collaborative apps

Using Microsoft Graph, which is also a part of Microsoft 365, the development of collaborative applications is possible. This graph gives information about people, relationships, and artifacts, and it can use for a live share in Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and many more.

10. Metaverse

Metaverse is a diverse set of platforms, useful for developers to build rich applications that excel in business and can extend across all platforms. Industrial metaverse solutions are used to replicate digital twins, automate and control, integrate data & AI, and visualize with immersivity.

Final Words

The first day of the Microsoft Build 2022 conference gave us complete information about various technologies of Microsoft. At the end of the keynote speech, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Microsoft would announce many updates and products. The following essential points explained such as –

  • Rapidly code, test, and ship from secure cloud developer environments
  • Scale cloud-native apps and accelerate app modernization
  • Accelerate innovation and achieve agility with a trusted integrated data platform
  • Create next-gen experiences at scale with Windows
  • Innovate with collaborative apps and low code

Thank you for reading. After Microsoft Build 2022, everyone is excited to know and learn more.

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