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Discover how a nonprofit advisory organization boosted its productivity by 5X and slashed input costs by 78% through seamless management of finance and operations using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (now Dynamics 365 Finance).


NIMR Tanzania, a nonprofit advisory organization that underwent significant growth, faced challenges due to the lack of integration among its finance and operations systems. MSH (Management Sciences for Health) partnered with AccTech Systems to review NIMR's financial management system requirements, and brought onboard Dynamics Square (a leading Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider in the USA) to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 On-premises version (Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, now Dynamics 365 Finance) to address NIMR's grant management, project budgeting, time tracking, financial reporting, and other finance related challenges.

By implementing a modern financial solution like Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, NIMR Tanzania is efficiently managing its operations, and providing a better experience globally. This nonprofit has made a significant impact on millions of lives and continues to do so.

Business Challenges NIMR Tanzania Faced


Lack of integration among current systems supporting operations.

Manual processing, maintenance of parallel systems, and extensive reconciliation efforts.

Producing reports and satisfying information requests is a labor-intensive process.

Current processes are structured around constraints of the current systems or are the result of "organic" adjustments.

Need to review NIMR's financial management system requirements.

Require an independent, objective third party perspective to take a fresh look at how work is performed from a best practices perspective.

The need to streamline grant management, project budgeting, time tracking by project and location, and financial reporting from research centers.

Implemented Solution

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Dynamics Square implemented Dynamics AX 2012 On-premises to address NIMR's challenges in grant management, project budgeting, time tracking, and financial reporting.


Dynamics AX 2012 streamlined NIMR Tanzania's operations, reducing manual processing, reconciliation efforts, and improving workflow efficiency.


The new finance management system integrated existing systems, reducing manual processing and reconciliation, making report generation effortless.


Implementation of Dynamics AX 2012 enabled NIMR to streamline workflow and reduce input costs by 78%, allowing finance people to focus on critical tasks.

Benefits of Dynamics AX Implementation

NIMR is utilizing the following functionalities from the Dynamics AX 2012 system to report accurate figures to MSH:

Financial Management and Accounting: The system provides financial management and accounting tools to help NIMR manage their finances and ensure accurate financial reporting.

Human Resource Management: Dynamics AX's HR management tools enable NIMR to manage employee data, including payroll, benefits, and other HR-related tasks.

Fixed Assets Accounting: This finance system allows NIMR to manage and track their fixed assets, including depreciation and asset acquisition.

Procurement/Purchase Order System: The procurement/purchase order system provides the nonprofit with a streamlined process for managing purchases, from requisitions to purchase orders and invoicing.

Grant Management System: The new finance system enables NIMR to manage and track grants, including proposal development, budgeting, and reporting.

Simplified Workflow: The system's simplified workflow helps the organization streamline their processes and increase efficiency by automating tasks and reducing manual efforts.

Document Management: Document management tools in Dynamics AX enable NIMR Tanzania to store, manage, and retrieve documents, ensuring that the organization's critical documents are easily accessible and secure.


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