A Detailed Guide to Microsoft Power Automate Pricing Plans

Want to crack Power Automate pricing? If your answer is a nod, then you are in the right place. 

Here, in this post, you will get insights into MS Power Automate pricing and more. Keep reading to learn about them.

Let’s begin with an introduction to Power Automate.

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

We are living in a world where things have gone digital. Businesses are making all possible efforts to stay on top of their game. For that, they are adopting advanced digital solutions like Microsoft Power Automate.

Microsoft Power Automate is a cloud-based workflow automation platform that empowers organizations to streamline repetitive tasks and complex processes. It allows businesses to connect their favorite apps and services, automate data transfer, and improve overall efficiency.

Microsoft 365 Power Automate shines with its ability to connect to virtually any app thanks to hundreds of built-in connectors and support for third-party APIs. This lets you automate tasks across your entire business ecosystem, including D365 Business Central and other Microsoft 365 apps. By creating intelligent workflows, you can streamline processes and dramatically boost productivity.

Power Automate goes beyond basic automation. It offers features like process mining to help you identify opportunities for improvement, Copilot for creating workflows with natural language, and robotic process automation (RPA) for automating repetitive tasks on your desktop. These features are available in various pricing plans to fit your specific needs.

Microsoft Power Automate Pricing Plans

For businesses, it is crucial to learn about pricing details before signing up for any software solution. Microsoft Power Automate pricing plans are broadly categorized into two categories: 

  1. Power Automate Premium 
  2. Power Automate Process

Besides, you can even sign up for a trial to explore its capabilities and features.

The prices mentioned below are indicative and thus should not be considered exact as they are dependent on various factors such as organization, region, currency, country, and so on. Plus, there are Microsoft 365 Power Automate add-on licensing options available as well that can impact the final pricing.

Now, let’s explore Power Automate pricing plans, one by one:

1. Power Automate Premium 

Power Automate premium pricing is available at USD 15 per user/month. It lets users handle both new and legacy apps by letting them create and run unlimited cloud flows with digital process automating (DPA), plus work on legacy apps with desktop flows through robotic process automation (RPA) in attended mode. 

Microsoft Power Automate desktop pricing includes full Process Mining on desktops and a limited amount of Process Mining data space (50 MB that can be shared up to 100GB per tenant).

Also, Power Automate Premium gives access to AI tools to help with tasks like form processing, object detection, making predictions, classification, and recognition of text and lets a user run an attended RPA bot on a computer.

Remember, to run an RPA bot in an unattended mode, you need to add an extra Power Automate Hosted Process license.

2. Power Automate Process 

Power Automate premium pricing is available at USD 150 per bot/month. It lets you use an autonomous or self-running bot for tasks that don't need a person, or for a critical task that everyone in the company can use without each person needing their own license.

This license also allows you to use AI Builder for things like form processing, object detection, making predictions, sorting texts, and spotting details.

When setting up autonomous or self-running bots, keep the following points in mind:

  • If you want the same task to run at the same time in different places, you need an additional unattended bot for each one.
  • These bots can work on your own computer, a remote desktop, or in a virtual environment or cloud setup. However, this license doesn't cover the cost of those setups. The Microsoft 365 Power Automate Hosted Process license does include a virtual machine by Microsoft for this.

When setting up business processes, keep the following points in mind:

  • Each top-level main task flow needs its own license. But, if one task triggers another, you don't need extra licenses for those follow-up tasks.
  • You can set tasks to start every minute, no matter the license type. There's no limit to how often tasks can run, as long as the connector tool you're using allows it.

Power Automate Add-ons

There are three main Power Automate Add-ons:

  • Hosted RPA: It is priced at USD 215 per bot/month and is available as an add-on for Power Automate Premium.
  • AI Builder: This add-on of AI Builder Power Automate is available at the pricing of USD 500 per unit/month. It is available for existing Power Automate, Power Apps, or paid subscription plans for Dynamics 365.
  • Process Mining: It is priced at USD 5000 per tenant/month and is available for Power Automate Premium.

For what all these add-ons cover, take a glance at the following table:

Source: Microsoft

Impact of Connectors Integration on Power Automate Pricing Plans

Speaking of Microsoft Power Automate premium connectors pricing, users can use them under both plans. However, the only difference would be the database capacity and file capacity of Microsoft Dataverse for these plans.

In the case of Power Automate Premium, you will have 250 MB database capacity and 2 GB file capacity, whereas the Power Automate Process plan will offer 50 MB database capacity and 200 MB file capacity.

Pre-built connectors that come with Microsoft 365 Power Automate are hugely powerful. Users can integrate these connectors with multiple Microsoft and third-party software programs. Hence, you can use connectors to perform specific operations in one application and still follow a certain trigger in other applications.

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Are Power Automate Pricing Plans Worth Considering?

Every business requires automation today to thrive and remain competitive. Whenever an organization decides to invest in such automation tools, it thinks about ROI. But it can only be discovered if organizations look closely into it. Talking to certified Microsoft Power Automate consultants can clear all your doubts and help you make a major decision for the benefit of your business in the long run. 

By utilizing Power Automate, several organizations are getting great ROI. After going through the pricing plans and features mentioned above, you can choose the ideal plans that can cater to your specific organizational automation needs.

If you want to leverage Microsoft Power Automate to make your daily operations more efficient, just let us know. We, Dynamics Square, are a Microsoft Solutions Partner that helps organizations automate manual processes to save time and let them focus on what is more important for their business.

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