Power BI for Mac : Everything you need to know

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Microsoft Power BI is an all-in-one business intelligence tool to create, access, and publish end-to-end reports, visual analytics, and other key metrics to support and strengthen your decision-making. Currently, Microsoft is offering Power BI for Windows users only and Power BI for Mac is still a question. However, enterprises are still utilizing Power BI for Mac devices.  

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With Power BI, businesses can create powerful reports, visual analytics, interactive actionable data, etc. and can enable everyone in their organization to make instant yet productive decisions. Power BI allows businesses to create, access, and share reports in real-time and can be configured whether on-premises or on-cloud facilitation.  

So, let’s uncover the possible ways wherein you can prepare your system to run Power BI on Mac devices. Before revealing the potential ways of leveraging this business intelligence solution for Mac systems, let us reveal what Power BI is and its vital features first.  

What is Power BI?  

Power BI is referred to as a smart business intelligence software designed to create, publish, and distribute reports instantly and effortlessly across your organization. These reports can be demonstrated on dashboards can be accessed seamlessly to enable people in your organization to make necessary decisions in real-time and support their process flow or continuity.  

With Power BI, users can ensure on-premises reporting using desktops with Power BI Report Server and can publish the same later on-cloud whenever need generates. These reports can be shared anytime and from anywhere using any device.  To get a detailed Power Bi overview, check out our blog on What is Power BI?

Features of Power BI for Mac  

Self Service Reports 

With Power BI, users can create powerful reports itself without lying any dependency on the development team. Power BI enables users to create and access advanced semantic models, ALM, toolkit, pixel-paginated reports, etc. 

Actionable Insights 

Power BI is designed to seamlessly convert your data into actionable reports and analytics. When you integrate your Power BI system with Microsoft Azure IOT, it allows you to seamlessly connect your data to analyze for reporting and to gain powerful visual insights, custom analytics, and other key graphical metrics.  

Business Intelligence  

With built-in business intelligence, Power BI helps to create data analytics, create & deploy ML models, and gain strategic insights in real-time. These business analytics are served in terms of text or images to create accurate custom reports, efficient analytics, and actionable graphics to faster the operational flow.  

Custom Reports  

Power BI simplifies the way of reporting & analytics wherein enterprises can build custom reports, prepare analytics for a specific process or practice area, etc. It ensures that you can create instant reports and analytics with accuracy and reliability when configured in your Windows system.  

Accuracy in Business Intelligence  

The more your analytics is accurate, the more you can make strategic and productive decisions. Microsoft’s Business Intelligence helps and enables the capability whereby businesses can diagnose differences and can smoothly navigate the data from development to testing to the production phase.   

Leverage Excel  

If you are handy with Excel features and navigations, using Power BI could be a sound deal for you from the very initial day. Enterprises can seamlessly connect with Excel queries, reports, data models, and more with Power BI dashboards as well as can share or publish the Excel data instantly.  

Turn Insights into Action  

By leveraging Power Platform, you can avail of reliable and result-driven insights. All you need to integrate your Power BI and Power Automate to transform your data into powerful decision-making insights to progressively impact the entire operational cycle and production flow.  

Automate Reports & Analytics  

Forget the traditional ways of reporting. It is time to drive streamlined reporting and analytics to support the modernized practices in your organization. Power BI helps to understand overall activities and business flow across the organization and can be utilized to improve your warehousing flow to social campaigns to customer fulfillment, and more.  

Since you have gained a Power BI features overview, it is time to navigate the flow of this blog toward – how to use Power BI for Mac Devices?  

Potential Ways of Using Power BI for Mac Devices  

Power BI is a highly embedded business intelligence solution designed for Windows users but not for Mac users. Here are the ways to run Power BI on Mac devices:  

Power BI on Virtual Machines  

To run Power BI on Virtual Machines, you need to set up an extra physical system configured with Windows Virtual Machine with cloud facilitation. Once your system is ready for such configurations, you can now install the Power BI to utilize at Virtual Machine.  

Now, it’s time to install Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac to those systems wherein you are willing to ensure access to that Virtual Machine.  

Power BI on Remote  

Another way to enable Power BI for Mac users, you can consider ‘Power BI on Remote’. Again, you need to set up a physical system facilitated with Windows PC. Once your system is ready, install Power BI on that system.  

When early preparations of your system are made, you are required to install and run remote applications to enable remote access to that system. Such remote apps include AnyDesk, TeamViewer, and Microsoft Remote Desktop. All you need to provide access to these Mac device users through these remote applications to start using the Power BĪ on Mac.  

Using Boot Camp Assistant  

Boot Camp Assistant is given by Apple Inc. that enables users to install and run Microsoft Windows Operating Systems using Mac Systems.   

Considering your customized requirement, you can now switch between your Windows and macOS. This switching can be made possible whenever you restart your system.  

Summing Up!  

Power BI is an extensive business intelligence solution that enables enterprises to make instant decisions with the help of self-created instant reports, custom analytics, and other key visualizations.

Since Power BI is still not designed for Mac users, we have revealed possible ways to enable Power BI for Mac users to start creating, publishing, and sharing powerful visual reports and analytics in real-time.