Leading Distributor of Mexican Products in USA

Case Study

Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premises


After upgrading from NAV 2009 to Dynamics 365 Business Central, the company experienced significant improvements in inventory management, supply chain efficiency, and manufacturing processes. As a result, they streamlined their operations, reduced costs, and increased revenue. This also led the company to support business continuity at par.

Business Challenges Faced by The Company


The company faced productivity issues with Dynamics NAV, hindering their performance and desire for improvement.

They were looking to implement an on-premises ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution to manage finance, supply chain, inventory, and manufacturing departments.

Their NAV 2009 version was losing its power and they struggled with basic tasks, such as reporting and data sharing.

They aimed to expand their business, but NAV'09 could not handle the growth.

The organization met challenges with warehouse management processes, prompting the need for an add-on solution.

They sought an ERP solution to ease the expansion of their business processes and operations.

Business Solution Delivered

See How Upgrading NAV to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premises Benefitted the Organization


Dynamics Square supported the leading distributor of Mexican products to upgrade its NAV-2009 ERP to Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premises.


Our team provided the employees of this organization with the required assistance to manage the entire business from the unified dashboard of Business Central that incorporates total data security (as the servers were on-premises).


The legacy ERP system (Dynamics NAV) was not able to cope with current business requirements. But with Business Central, the employees are happy, and the company is scaling its operations by each day!


Business Central experts from Dynamics Square helped people close to business operations understand the working of this cloud ERP, and how to generate data insights for real-time reporting.

Benefits of This Upgrade

The company's new ERP is now performing well without any delays or errors, and Dynamics Square has resolved the slow processing issues for simple tasks.

They can now use Business Central's Business Intelligence (BI) and superior performance to complete complex tasks without any delays.

Our team also assisted the company in implementing the InsightWorks Warehouse Insights add-on to streamline warehouse management processes.

Data reporting and sharing are now prompt and straightforward.

The integration and customization of the company's Business Central enabled them to integrate with other Microsoft apps, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Dynamics Square, as a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, provided help to the organization's admin employees in learning about Business Central and its apps to help employees adapt this software at a faster pace for projected growth and scalability.


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