Dynamics 365 Business Central Features

Discover how Dynamics 365 Business Central Features helps improve business financials, sales, service and supply chain.


Dynamics 365 Business Central Functionalities

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an enterprise-grade solution built to manage and drive the entire business practices from the operational part to resourcing, warehousing, project & service management to manufacturing, inventory, supply chain, and more. Leveraging Business Central features can strengthen the businesses to drive their operational effectiveness and uplift their growth potentials.

Since it comes with high-end customization capability and flexibility to configure according to the specific business model, enterprises can implement Business Central and can get it configured demonstrating their specific processes. It enables firms to monitor, manage, and control their entire operational efficiency with data automation and real-time reporting analytics along with vast integration capability with the existing system or third-party applications.

What's Included In
Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Business Central Essential

With Business Central Essential plan, you can leverage financial management, customer management, project automation, warehousing, supply chain, and human resources.

Business Central Premium

Premium licensing comes with all the modules covered by the essential plan along with manufacturing and service management modules.


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Dynamics 365 Business Central Capabilities


Finance Management Features

Finance management could be quite complex for any enterprise today. Utilizing Dynamics 365 Business Central features can help to support your financial management and uplift your entire financial flow. It enables enterprises to focus more on growth and expansion rather than being concerned about managing the financial part.

Business Central comes with a power-packed finance module to access financial data in real-time, manage sales & invoices, plan & control budget, etc. It also helps to improve access into your analytics part to ensure accurate forecasting, manage seamless accounting, and ensure investment in profitable projects.

If your focus part is reporting, analytics, and real-time key metrics, you can avail of seamless integration with Power BI - a high-end reporting & analytics tool to gain in-depth and visual reports, graphical data, etc. to support your accurate decision-making.

Customer Relation Management Features

Managing customers and serving them a quality deal with instant efficiency can lead your business towards profitability. Taking advantage of Dynamics 365 Business Central features can help businesses to ensure so. It allows you to track, control, and serve your customers in real-time with the help of in-built business intelligence and instant key insights.

By making effective use of the customer service management module of Business Central, you can enable smoother navigation from sales to the service department, manage customer returns, and serve your customers in real-time with the help of seamless work order assignment. Enterprises can provide timely support to their customers and make accurate decisions in real-time by taking recourse of key insights into service tasks, customer queries, etc. in real-time.

If your requirement goes for an advanced level of CRM functionality, you can configure your Business Central plan by integrating it with Dynamics 365 Sales.


Supply Chain Management

To bring smoother flow across your supply chain along with real-time visibility requires additional system configuration. Business Central comes with adequate features designed for a supply chain module to maintain the right inventory flow, manage seamless operational flow, and support logistics operations with real-time tracking, controlling, and managing efficiency.

Business Central also simplifies your resource utilization, operational optimization, and more with improved visibility across the Supply chain and logistics practices. With its high-end capability, you can track your inventory levels, improve your logistics flow, and control your entire operational practices wrapped with real-time decision-making, improved predictions, and accurate forecasting features.

Business Central comes with a high-end Supply Chain module to optimize your inventory levels, track logistics flow, and monitor the end-to-end operational practices in real-time combined with informed decision-making capability to roll out efficiency and maximize profitability.

Human Resource Management

Having the right resources at the right time matters a lot, especially when your organization is continuously growing. This is the time when you cannot deny the advanced system configuration to control, manage, and utilize your resources. Business Central simplifies your way in terms of Human Resource capabilities

As there could be several things for being managed from employee training to expense management, tracking & managing employee performance to reporting & analytics part. Dynamics 365 Business Central helps to manage your entire human resourcing part including managing employees' databases, employee reporting, simplifying expense management, reimbursement, tracking employee performance along with attendance, and more.


Warehouse Management

If your warehousing practices are managed and simplified, you get focused on your growth and expansion part. To drive smoother flow across your warehousing management, you need to adopt and implement your system with advanced warehousing management capabilities. Business Central offers the high-end capability to effectively manage and drive your warehousing wrapped with transparency and real-time efficiency across the entire process.

Business Central simplifies the way you manage your warehousing practices from ensuring the right inventory levels at the right time to timely shipment and fulfillment. Utilizing Dynamics 365 Business Central functionalities, you can seamlessly track & manage shipment, record & manage bin-wise inventories, ensure seamless purchase order creation, and even can switch between different languages as per suitability.

It enables to automate data, drive real-time synchronization, and gain real-time decision-making insights to ensure seamless flow across the warehousing practices and maintain seamless yet real-time communication with other departments to maximize profitability.

Service Management

To ensure customer success and drive efficiency, you are required to proactively serve your customers. This involves adequate planning, dispatching, cost estimation, contract management, etc. To effectively manage your service part, implementing Business Central could be a proven profitable deal for the service unit.

Business Central is designed that can be configured to uplift your warehousing capability, bring a smoother flow across your service levels, automate the projects, streamline the end-to-end service model, managing contracts, and ensuring accuracy in forecasting, cost estimation, project management while minimizing costs and maximizing the business returns.


Manufacturing Management

Bringing agility across your manufacturing unit can help to achieve success in your business. Simplifying and streamlining the manufacturing processes can also help to impact your other operation areas and to achieve overall success. There could be several manufacturing practices including planning, scheduling, production management, supply chain, distribution, etc. and this requires a specific or highly customized system configuration.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central functionalities, enterprises can improve their real-time visibility across their manufacturing or operational flow. Business Central Implementation can help you bring agility in your process flow, enable smarter capacity planning, and ensure a smoother production cycle. Leveraging AI-based insights, enterprises can allow their workforce to make instant decisions supporting the right production flow while reducing costs and enabling continuity.

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