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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance helps monitor and control your finances, and maximize profitability and financial visibility with advanced analytics and embedded financial intelligence. Want D365 Finance in action?


What is Dynamics 365 Finance?

Dynamics 365 Finance (earlier; Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations) is a cloud-based ERP system that helps small to medium-sized businesses, or medium and large or diversified enterprises unify and automate complex business processes to drive agility and ensure profitable growth.

Dynamics 365 Finance goes beyond conventional financial management and enables you to leverage fluid operations and help simplify financial operations for greater agility and decision-making.

Assess the health of your business using D365 Finance's advanced financial reporting capabilities, embedded analytics, and AI-driven insights that help you ensure profitability, protect revenue, mitigate risks, and reduce costs.

Dynamics Square is a trusted and authorized Microsoft Gold Partner and has years of industry experience in implementing Microsoft's business apps. Our experts strive to empower your businesses with digital transformation by automating all your financial practices. We deliver highly customized, process-integrated, and profitability-driven Dynamics 365 Finance implementation so that from day one, you can start leveraging the smarter connected experience using any device with real-time efficiency anytime, anywhere.


Benefits of Implementing
Dynamics 365 Finance

Leverage accessible insights from D365 Finance for role-based workspaces, intelligent budgeting and forecasting, and holistic reporting and analytics. Utilize augmented processes for automated credit and collections, streamlined revenue recognition, and touchless vendor invoicing by implementing Microsoft's Dynamics D365 Finance. With our D365 Finance implementation, we empower your organization with simplified and cost-effective compliance, expansive localizations, and extensive regulatory services.

Power up your global expansion goal by minimizing costs and optimizing spending across business geographies through automating business processes, controlling budgets, and financial planning and analysis. Moreover, Dynamics 365 Finance supports evolving business models, always keeping your business ahead of the curve. Dynamics Square can assist you in achieving your goal faster by implementing D365 Finance, which allows you to maximize resource utilization and have a strategic impact at a lower cost.

Dynamics 365 Finance helps you integrate all your financials into primary business processes and automates all the repetitive tasks and time-consuming work to boost productivity and maximize financial performance. If you are looking for a platform with a more dynamic and intuitive user interface (UI) to help transform your financial operations, choosing Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Finance can consolidate your disparate systems and provide your employees with a unified and modern platform with automated services.

With guided and rules-based accounts charts and low-code/no-code configuration services in Dynamics 365 Finance, you can empower your organization to simplify regulatory reporting, seamless global payments, and electronic invoicing. Dynamics Square can help you implement D365 Finance at your premises so that you can maximize your business outcomes by reducing financial risks and global business complexities.

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Dynamics 365 Finance
Step-by-Step Implementation Process

Post Go-Live Support

The final step of the D365 Finance implementation process involves ensuring your system works as you expected, followed by end-user training and dedicated technical support.

Analysis Phase

A project plan is crafted based on your business practices and process flow, based on a thorough analysis of your project idea.

Designing Phase

Post your project's analysis, our team enters developing functional requirements that describe how your customizations, configurations, and integrations can be accomplished.

Development Phase

As part of the development step, we start coding your project, designing your interface, integrating the system, and migrating your data.

Deployment Phase

In this step, we complete the final deployment of your project, which includes key user training, user acceptance testing, and other components related to app deployment.

Post Go-Live Support

The final step of the D365 Finance implementation process involves ensuring your system works as you expected, followed by end-user training and dedicated technical support.

Analysis Phase

A project plan is crafted based on your business practices and process flow, based on a thorough analysis of your project idea.


Why Choose Dynamics Square as your Dynamics 365 Finance implementation partner?

Having spent years in the ERP field, we're experienced at understanding your complex business requirements and tackling the challenges involved with implementing the right ERP system for you.


A Reliable Partner

By partnering with Dynamics Square as your D365 Finance Implementation partner, you will gain seamless access to this powerful ERP system's capabilities that unify your business intelligence experience and transform the ways to deal with finances.


Data Security Concerns

The Dynamics 365 Finance software incorporates advanced security features. In addition to implementing business apps under Microsoft's guidance, we enable you to easily govern your organization without having to worry about security, compliance, or regulations.


Collaborative and Supportive

At every stage of D365 Finance implementation, Dynamics Square IT experts can help you avoid common pitfalls and increase efficiency and effectiveness of your business. With our implementation approach, we help you leverage this business application's full potential by automating and integrating it with a simplified process to streamline global communication, payment, and tax management.


Quality Assurance

By integrating D365 Finance with Power BI and other Microsoft Business Apps, our team of experienced developers can enable advanced features that will improve your business's financial health and streamline your processes.


Industry Experience

As an experienced and knowledgeable Dynamics 365 finance partner, we ensure your business embraces the data culture effectively, so your business can reach new heights without sacrificing productivity.


Very Responsive and Easy to Work With

The benefits of automating processes with Dynamics Square are cost-effective and memorable. With our delightful approach to working with organizations, we can understand your problems and provide the desired solutions immediately. Moreover, we take your problems as if they were ours. So, you don't need to look any further. Let's talk!

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A cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Dynamics 365 Finance (formerly known as D365 F&O or Dynamics AX) is well-suited for large, diversified companies. Accounting, inventory, and finances can all be tracked through it.

You can customize an application by using extensions.


  • Creating new model elements.
  • Extending existing model elements.
  • Extending source code using class extensions.
  • Customizing business logic.

Ways to customize business logic include Creating event handlers to respond to framework events, such as data events.

Dynamics AX and D365 Finance and Operations have different costs based on numerous factors. Unlike Dynamics AX, Dynamics 365 F&O does not require infrastructure costs for servers. Consequently, Dynamics AX users spend an average of $25000 per server, whether they are hosted in-house or by third parties.

Azure cloud hosting eliminates server costs for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations users. Instead of paying user license costs, F&O users pay user license costs. Each user of the F&O full license has a monthly fee of $210 per month.

Dynamics 365 can update the entire environment remotely, unlike AX, which necessitates manual updates for each machine and SQL server. Companies frequently put off updating their application for years because AX updates are laborious. Organizations can skip up to three updates with Dynamics 365, which makes updating simpler.

Dynamics 365 applications are well suited for cybersecurity under the umbrella of Microsoft's Azure security features.Microsoft's Azure platform's cybersecurity capabilities are excellent for use with Dynamics 365 applications. One of the many steps Dynamics 365 Finance customers must complete to gain access is multi-factor authentication, which is applied to tenants.

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