Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation

With Dynamics 365 Sales, connect salespeople, optimize workflows, and simplify all your sales practices to drive new leads, sales orders, and accounts while reducing efforts and increasing sales team efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation

Your Trusted Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation Partner

Dynamics Square follows smooth and personalized Dynamics 365 Sales implementation processes for any company size or industry. Our core functional expertise is to provide you with a highly customized, scalable, and flexible Dynamics 365 Sales solution that understands your business and helps you grow at pace.

Drive smoother customer engagement. Improve sales by truly understanding your customers. Enabling seamless collaboration between your sales team and the customers helps you build long-term relationships.

Boost the morale of your salespeople with Dynamics 365 Sales' Streamlined data intelligence, enabling your sales team to quickly respond to customer queries, and track, manage, and return orders.

Improve the performance of your entire sales by delivering a 360-degree sales experience to your customers with Dynamics 365 Sales implementation. Provide customer-centric sales engagements, leading you to earn lifetime loyalty and higher revenue.

Boost your sales by implementing Dynamics 365 Sales and get real-time notifications on your customer engagements to stay updated. Better manage to upsell and cross-sell scenarios along with improved cash flow management.

Increase your ROI by setting up SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) and well-defined ROI-goals with the intelligence of Dynamics 365 Sales.

Make your sales organization more effective by allowing them to spend more time engaging with customers and developing relationships. For example, by providing a unified customer view for better understanding, Dynamics 365 Sales enables you to streamline and automate critical sales processes and empower your sales team with intelligent recommendations based on actionable insights.

Additional Sales Apps to Boost Your Sales

Sales Hub App

You can get started quickly with Dynamics 365 Sales with this free and preinstalled app that has several core and premium features from Microsoft. And complete tasks on the go with the sales Hub app's modern, seamless, and intuitive user interface (UI). The app is available for desktops as well as mobile devices.

Sales Professional App

By easily customizing tables, dashboards, forms, views, charts, and business processes without writing any code, the sales professional app is a modular app designed by Microsoft for your sales professionals and sales managers to perform administration-related tasks seamlessly.

Implement Dynamics 365 Sales & Close Deals Faster

Dynamics 365 Sales is your one-stop sales solution. Let's talk and discuss your business needs so that we can implement the best Dynamics 365 solution for you.


Our Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation Methodology

Microsoft's Sure Step Methodology is the cornerstone of our custom approach to streamline your business processes and guarantee maximum security and transparency.

Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation: Our Step-By-Step Process


This final step involves end-user training and technical support whenever necessary, ensuring your system works as intended.


Following an in-depth analysis of your project idea and requirements, we have created a plan mirroring your specific business practices.


Developing your customization, configuration, and integration requirements follow the project analysis step.


As part of this step, we develop your project, which includes custom coding, interface design, system integration, data migration, and other related tasks.


This step ensures the final deployment of your project, including essential training and user acceptance testing (UAT).


This final step involves end-user training and technical support whenever necessary, ensuring your system works as intended.


Following an in-depth analysis of your project idea and requirements, we have created a plan mirroring your specific business practices.


Why should Dynamics Square be Your Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation Partner?

Being a certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner and having years of industry experience, our team can help improve your operational flow, simplify processes, and drive efficient results through our stress-free Dynamics 365 Sales implementation process and additional support.


Authorized Microsoft
Gold Partner

We are an authorized Gold Microsoft Partner that offers business-specific solutions that are based on a standard approach, agile practices, and modern-embedded strategies.



We are a group of highly skilled and experienced Dynamics 365 consultants, certified by Microsoft, and have years of experience implementing the platform.



From the planning & analysis phase to user training and post-implementation, we offer a dedicated support model that helps our clients maintain continuity.


Lower Implementation Cost
and Exclusive Offers

In comparison to other Microsoft implementation partners, we offer a 40% discount on high-end and custom-configured implementations.



Our domain-specific solutions can support revenue-generating campaigns based on your current process flow and business goals.



Understanding the time constraints of your project, we ensure and deliver your project within the committed deadline.

Why should Dynamics Square be Your Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation Partner?

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D365 Sales is built on intelligent capabilities, allowing sales managers to easily improve forecast accuracy, identify at-risk opportunities, and increase win rates within just a few clicks using its dynamic and user-friendly user interface that provides recommendations accordingly.

Bring your data from Dynamics 365, Office 365, and LinkedIn together and share additional insights with your sales team and managers.

Inbuilt AI capabilities in D365 Sales can help your sales teams in the:

  • Focusing on the organic deals - Meaning the deals that get converted to real customers.

  • Connecting with potential buyers - This AI feature in D365 Sales shows your sales teams the colleagues who are in interaction with a prospect and can put out effective info based on data from Office 365.

  • Keeping track of customer relationships - Using AI for Sales in Dynamics 365 Sales, salespeople can better engage with high-priority customers based on the data from various sources that reveal relationship health and risks in real-time.

  • Personalize customer engagement - Intelligent capabilities in D365 for Sales empower your sales team to deliver personalized and relevant information or recommend talking points for the next actions to take with customers.

  • Sales Execution Automation - Enhance sales teams' productivity based on contextual insights that accurately suggest when and how to create new records. For example, creating new contacts and activities using info gleaned from notes entered by salespeople.

  • Understand sales performance and lead proactively - This allows your sales managers to grasp how sales are performing and coach themselves effectively on sales engagement and key productivity metrics.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales professional is a cloud-based sales management and customer relationship management (CRM) app that effectively helps you identify customer insights that you can act on by unifying critical data.

Embedded conversation intelligence based on sales insights enables your sales team for real-time exploration of the customer journey through each stage of the sales pipeline.

Additionally, intuitive visualizations can provide crucial insights into the purchase experience and identify and proactively resolve sales performance problems.

If you are looking for a robust system that can help you zero in on the right leads, contacts, and opportunities, help you nurture your sales from leads, and build your team's sales pipeline, there's no software other than Dynamics 365 Sales that can do it all proactively.

And if you believe Salesforce or SAP Sales Cloud has a leg up on Dynamics 365 Sales, you're probably misinformed since Gartner Magic Quadrant research done in 2021 for Sales Force Automation concluded that Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is “the best bet” for CRM.

So, without a doubt, here is what you can achieve seamlessly with D365 sales:

  • Client management, order management, and competitors' management.
  • Insight-based sales acceleration, engagement platform, and proactive activity information.
  • Forecasting and pipeline intelligence, facilitating digital selling, and pipeline manager workspace.
  • Proposal management, lead management, and product information management.
  • Process manufacturing support, Microsoft Relationship Sales integration, and process automation.
  • Visual insights, simplified opportunity-to-invoice process, and pipeline management.
  • Customer 360-degree views, relationship intelligence, and business process flow.
  • Document management, Outlook add-in, and Microsoft Teams collaboration.

B2B selling is becoming more challenging, and leading businesses are supporting sales teams in achieving improvements by offering prescriptive recommendations for opportunity progression.

D365 Sales' guided selling capability delivers insight-based sales acceleration through an engagement platform, which is an intelligent framework that helps your salespeople comprehend and respond to client inquiries with an interactive and value-driven approach inspired by real-time data.

Yes, organizations can use D365 Sales' dynamic planning capabilities to cut costs and increase inventory efficiency, accurate scheduling, and routing. Embedded forecasting and pipeline intelligence combine real-time and historical data to improve sales and inventories in real-time.

The cost of Dynamics 365 Sales depends on the size of your organization or the number of salespeople and the number of purchased licenses. But for your understanding, clients generally spend $5,000 to $10,000 for an annual subscription, while $15,000 for merely the installation of the D365 Sales project.

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