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For NonProfit

Boost Your Nonprofit Operational Flow And Strategically Manage Your Donors And Volunteers With Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Nonprofits.


Drive Seamless Nonprofit Operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Engage and manage your donors and volunteers to drive an efficient and sustainable approach. Maximize your operational excellence and effortlessly fulfill your nonprofit goals with Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator.

Seamlessly drive your customers, vendors, donors, volunteers, and workforce with Dynamics 365 for Nonprofits. With this all-in-one integrated solution, nonprofit units can manage their entire organizational practices and can focus more on their core non-profit activities, events, or engagement programs. With automation, they can automate their projects, field service, and more.

Why Implement Dynamics 365 for Nonprofits

Considering your entire Non-profit practices and desired goals, Dynamics 365 can be implemented and configured to support your day-to-day operational processes. To drive omnichannel efficiency and carry out your non-profit aims effectively, Dynamics 365 Not for profit solution can be configured accordingly.

Maximize your resource utilization, enable real-time data efficiency into every process optimization, allow process automation, streamline financial flow and analytics, and make informed decisions. To experience in-depth or visual reporting & analytics experience, integrate your Dynamics 365 account with Power BI.

Strengthen your fundraising campaigns, build sustainable customer relationships, automate your event & social activities management, and bring a smoother and uninterrupted flow across your non-profit operations.

Connect and manage your donors, customers, vendors, and volunteers all through a single yet highly integrated Dynamics 365 Nonprofit accelerator. Make informed decisions with AI-based insights.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Nonprofits Features


Constituent Management

Manage your people and their profiles effortlessly including their biographical information, communication ways, relationships, etc.

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Donation & Awards Management

Leverage a centralized view of your donations, awards, and more. Stay tuned and keep track of your fund-raising data through Microsoft's Dynamics 365 solution for the non-profit industry.


Fundraising & Membership Management

Track and manage your fund-raising activities with Microsoft's non-profit solution. Create and manage membership levels seamlessly with a 360-degree view.


Program Delivery

Organize, manage, and control your mission data. Drive mission-critical practices, measure results, demonstrate the stats on the resulting dashboard.


IATI Processes

Uncover transparency and integrity while driving your global fundraising campaigns or managing social events along with aid money insights.

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Finance & CRM Data Integrator

To impact and drive a smoother operational flow, integrate your non-profit constituents with awards, donations, social events, finances, and more.


Case & Assessment Management

Track & manage clients, cases, and assessments for a specific project, event, or program to support process acceleration and drive mission success.


Project Management & Program Design

Monitor and control your social events, project activities, current progress status, and more to drive mission objectives, manage budgets, and attain results.

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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Charities can Boost Your Non-profit Flow?

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