Why Businesses Need to Invest in Power BI – A Business Intelligence Tool

If managing data has continuously been consuming most of your business hours and making timely decisions is a challenging deal for your business. Power BI can help to streamline your data with its business intelligence and data analytics capabilities.  

Now the question is - Why Power BI?  

Power BI is a complete suite of business intelligence for reporting, analytics, and key data visualization. Enterprises can make prompt and productive decisions to support the futuristic growth of their business by simply adopting Power BI services.  

When you drive numerous operational processes in your organization, it becomes difficult to manage data manually or by using basic system software. Thereby, you need an advanced software configuration to seamlessly manage & distribute your data across your organization over a secured network. Rather than spending hours while making valuable reports and analytics, you need to focus more on core business.  

Power BI comes with vast business transforming features that do not merely simplify your data-driven practices or even help you to lead your business toward the next level. Here we are unwrapping the compelling features of this business intelligence tool and such features can help you to uplift your business model:  

Customized Dashboards  

Power BI comes with interactive and customizable dashboards wherein users can choose the layout or personalize the dashboards as per their specific needs or preference. Again, it can be customized according to specific user roles or needs. For instance, a sales manager would love to view sales analytics whereas a project manager would love to represent the data that represents the project insights.  

Visual Reports & Analytics  

Visualization helps us to understand things more quickly and seamlessly. Power BI has powerful capability wherein users can access the reports and analytics in an interactive visualization. Users can choose the layout they feel comfortable with. One can also create their reporting visuals and can share the same with other users across their organization by leveraging R language or JavaScript Library.  

Seamless Integration & Customization  

We understand your existing system setup and your concern about adopting a new system. Power BI is a quite comfortable platform designed while considering Excel-like features. Moreover, businesses can integrate the Power BI with their existing system and can drive like a pro.  

If your current system comprises other Microsoft applications or products, Power BI can be configured accordingly to drive parallel data efficiency. Further seamless and secured data integration can be performed with your existing system. For instance, it can be integrated with your existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software like Salesforce, accounting software like QuickBooks, web analytics like Google Analytics, and more.  

On-Premise & Cloud Flexibility  

Power BI provides the flexibility of keeping and driving data defining your business requirements and values. With a cloud-based implementation, you synchronize and automate your data across your systems, platforms, and devices. If you want to drive your data intelligence implemented for the on-premises system, Power BI is embedded to be configured accordingly. 

Data Intelligence with Machine Learning  

To get predictive analysis, Power BI is powered by Machine Learning algorithms. Users can create insightful visual reports and different data analyses serving a specific business need. Such reports can be leveraged to support and accelerate the decision-making process.  

Often, it takes hours or even sometimes months to generate reports and this delays your decisions too. With Power BI, everyone in your firm can make decisions quickly and in real-time. For instance, such analytics can prevent you not to invest more in a project which is no longer a profitable deal for your business.  

Flexible Implementation  

Considering your specific business needs, Power BI can be implemented to support your organizational practices and values. You can avail yourself of Microsoft Business Intelligence:  

Power BI Desktop: To drive data efficiently on your desktop. Create immersive and interactive visual reports and key analytics to discover the hidden insights helping users in your workspace to make productive decisions.  

Power BI Service: Power BI Services is a SaaS-based model that is hosted on Azure – Microsoft’s cloud platform. Through this, organizations can automatically synchronize their data across devices, systems, and platforms. Thereby, everyone in your organization can access, share, and utilize the visual reports and key metrics to make business-supportive decisions quickly using any device from anywhere.  

Power BI Mobile: Power BI for business intelligence solutions can also be configured in terms of mobile apps. These apps can be integrated with your available data resources to be analyzed to unfold actionable insights supporting strategic business decisions.  

Bottom Line  

Microsoft Power BI helps brands with powerful visual reports, data analytics, and predictive analysis that enable everyone in your organization to make instant smarter decisions. Thus, you can see how the Microsoft Business Intelligence solution can ease your reporting and data analysis tasks while saving time and efforts. To know more about how it can be customized and implemented for your distinct business, Dynamics Square can help. Connect with us today.

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